Bulk SMS Service

Placement companies and Bulk SMS services

If you want to make your consultancy best in the services. This post will help you to know how consultancies can use Bulk SMS services in order to provide the world class services and to become leader in the industry.

Going through the word meaning and definition of consultancy - the  practice of  giving expert advice within a particular field.

Talking about placements and educational consultancy or any other consultancy services. They work as a mediator between the company, who requires candidate for work and the candidate,who seeks jobs in order to work. Basically these consultancies work to fulfill the gap between the two. As knowing the task is very tough and challenging to find the right candidate for the right job. We are here to minimise the task of the consultancy by providing them best SMS Services.

You must be thinking how SMS services can help the consultancy to find the right candidate? So before giving the answer of this question, we will talk about procedure followed by any consultancy where the SMS is the basic need -

  1. Send SMS of Job openings as per candidates profile or send updates to job seekers.

  2. Inform them about Interview confirmation (with venue, date and time) via SMS.

  3. Broadcast Testimonials of successful candidates to all registered users via SMS.

  4. To send automated SMS alerts, integrate SMS services with company’s website.

  5. Send CV writing and interview tips as a value added service to registered candidates via SMS.

  6. Collect feedback from all the aspirants through SMS.

Msgclub Bulk SMS Service provider, which can understand that consultancy needs  quick and prompt communication at various stages and SMS is the only way, which saves lot of time and money of the consultancy companies and ensure effective communication.

Our bulk sms services ensures quickest and fastest mode to disseminate accurate information in real time to the right candidates. We offer cost effective and highly interactive bulk sms services.

We provide best  SMS service and Bulk SMS API for placement and recruitment  companies to both consultancy and end users. Take advantage of our Best Bulk SMS Services.

Integrate our Bulk SMS API into your any of the recruitment software like Zoho Recruit, Greenhouse, Talentpool, Fast Collab, CATS, Kortivity and send SMS flawlessly and start using it to make your world class consultancy. For more details click here to Contact us.

SMS is the Best Medicine for communication in health care Industry

Well Said by our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi -

“ It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”.

Health is the only wealth and to maintain your good health, health care institutes plays a vital role. For these institutes, to be in the global world and to mark their presence, communication is very essential. Though the various and vital ways of communication has discovered but still the traditional and smartest way of communication is Short SMS Services. Also - “SMS proves to be the best medicine for communication in Healthcare Industry”.

As a research says - “Text messages improved attendance more than 2x at a hospital in India.” It is found that an SMS reminder, is helpful in improving patient’s attendance.

You can Send reminders for appointments, medication reminders, annual check ups reminders, communicate results of diagnostic test, run SMS campaigns about health issues, Send sms messages for good health, Send diet and health tips via SMS

to your patients.

This will helps you to improve your services and build your image. SMS seems to be the obvious way for communication and to send information to your patients. As it -

  1. Improves communication.

  2. Decreases long queues.

  3. Increases efficiency.

  4. Reduces costs.

  5. Saves time.

To increase the efficiency in the healthcare industry uses bulk SMS services and  get all you want.

We are the best bulk sms service providers in the industry. By using our SMS services in Health institutes you can procure number of advantage. You can reach more people, present in various geographical locations in real time. You can educate your patients by sending them health tips. You can encourage your patients for Self care management. With this you can send critical information, reminders to your patients, staff, employees and partners. As you can also use our SMS services to manage your in house activities.

Overall SMS is the only and best way to inform, to remind, to advertise your services directly to your patients. Use our fast, reliable, affordable, real time Bulk SMS services and bulk SMS API for health care industry to make your world class health institute.

Use Bulk SMS API for health care software, just integrate our Bulk SMS API into your best hospital management software or healthcare software or any other software your are using to manage your healthcare centres and start sending bulk SMS in minutes.

For More details about Bulk SMS gateway for healthcare and Bulk SMS API for Health care softwares  Click here to contact us.      

SMS services for Courier and logistic Industry

Send Letters, gifts, official documents, personal documents and online orders to your dear ones, friends, relatives through courier and logistics services.

Dealer, supplier and users all are depending on the courier services and courier service are also depends on SMS services, which help them to deliver their consignment.

Bulk SMS services for courier and logistic industry helps to  -

  1. Helps to track the courier's or consignment location.

  2. Helps to communicate to direct suppliers.

  3. Helps to send the consignment delivery status.

  4. Send out alerts and important updates.

  5. Get the confirmation on the SMS on receiving the consignment.

  6. Send them thank you SMS, for choosing your services.

  7. Send SMS notifications, reminders, alerts, delivery details.

Logistics companies can make use of Bulk SMS messaging services in a smartest way. This will help to reduce the communication cost and will make the work much easier.

For the logistics and courier company the service of sending text SMS has made the communication very easy as it is necessary to inform clients about all the details of the consignment.

Quick and instant messages can be delivered to target audience. One of the simplest and cost effective measures is one and only bulk messaging.

You can also send sms via logistics and courier tracking software, best courier software, online courier software or whatever software you are using.One can easily integrate our Bulk SMS API for courirer and logistic services and start sending SMS in minutes.

Use our world best Bulk SMS services and bulk SMS API for courier and logistics industry and software and start sending SMS. For more details click here to contact us.

All Problems One Solution, Start today it’s easy

In today’s world, communication plays major and important role. Good communication is the best tool to maintain strong working relationships  and achieve productivity. Effective communication is a basic prerequisite for the attainment of any type of Goal.

Importance of communication -       

1. Helps in Controlling process.

2. Helps in socializing.

3. Source of information.

4. Helps to increase the sales.

5. Helps in retaining the clients.

6. Helps to implement strategies.

7. Helps in corporate branding.

8. Helps in crisis management as it increases managerial efficiency.

9. Establishes effective leadership.

10. Act as the basis of decision making.

Few Problems are here, we are facing because the lack of communication →

1. The communication process between parents and schools has been debated for a number of years, problem in informing parents regarding children activities.

2. Bank needs to inform their customers about each and every transactions, to stop hacking and stop misuse of customer’s account.

3. Facing difficulty in inviting all group members together regarding party and problem in informing friends about party venue and time.

4. Offers and schemes to customers.

5. Advertise and Marketize the products and services to target audience.

These are the few problems in communication process.

Solution of the problem -

All Problem one solution is Msgclub BULK SMS Services i.e Short message service.  

Why is SMS the solution ?

For years now, we have been requesting for a more effective communication channel. In case of an emergency, we need to be contacted immediately.The fastest, most reliable, inexpensive and personalisable way of achieving this is by sending Bulk SMS.These alerts can be sent in bulk or can be customised to send. In case of an emergency, an SMS can be sent within seconds.

By using Bulk SMS services, School can communicate with parents well. Through automatic generated SMS banks can inform their customers about each and every transactions and this will help to stop hacking.

Banks can send SMS to inform their customers about transactions.

Through SMS, invite your friends for party. Send SMS to them regarding party venue and time. Invite group Members and Friends for party and Inform them about venue and timing through Transactional SMS.