Bulk SMS Service

Effortlessly use Bulk SMS Services in Media and Entertainment Industry

Media and entertainment Industry has came up with new mantra known as “Mediatainment”. It has attracted a huge amount of audience and increase revenue growth for the industry.

In Today’s era, the Indian entertainment segment has largely focused on digitization and internet resources to promote their work and services. Though the industry revolves around creativity and innovations, it becomes necessary to promote businesses in right sense. As there has been increase in mobile penetration and every other individual owns a cell phone, SMS service seems to be an effective mode of marketing communication for media and entertainment industry.

If you want to send SMS in media and entertainment industry -

  1. Promote of a new song or a movie.

  2. Want to announce of movie release date.

  3. Information on latest premier shows.

  4. Launch of new TV Channel.

  5. Launch of new music video or anything else.

You can easily communicate via Bulk Messaging Services. Media and entertainment companies are using these Bulk SMS services effortlessly and finding these services to be very effective, economical and more customers centric while disseminating information.

Our SMS services will assure you to promote a show or a project by transmitting SMS polling, SMS campaigns, SMS contest, SMS voting and many more services.

  1. Online booking of seats.

  2. Send SMS to new and existing customers.

  3. Advertise for industrial event.

  4. Send gift offers, discount offers, seasonal offers, festival offers time to time for better output.

  5. Send good wishes, daily inspiring quotes to your regular customers.

SMS is an Instant, effective & modern communication system. Use our Bulk SMS services and start sending Bulk SMS, to attract your audience and to achieve your targets.

Msgclub Bulk SMS API also allows you to send Bulk SMS from your media and entertainment software. All you have to integrate Bulk SMS API in media and entertainment software to send sms from your software.

Our easily integrable Bulk SMS API is easy to use. You can integrate our Bulk SMS API into media and entertainment software with the help of our excellent technical support team.  

We provide Bulk SMS API for TAGETIK CLOUD, Bulk SMS API for Data Art, Integrable Bulk SMS API for SAP, Bulk SMS API for oracle media and entertainment,

The software for media and entertainment management you can easily integrate our bulk SMS API into any  of your media and entertainment software.

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Bulk SMS Services and E-commerce industry

Today's world is revolving around Internet. People are using Internet for surfing, any kind of information like to access emails, for bank transactions, to buy movie tickets, for online shopping,  for ordering food, to get connected with friends via social networking sites for all these they are using internet.

Bulk SMS Services seem to be the best platform for ecommerce companies and industry. Bulk SMS are instant, quick, reliable, user-friendly, cost-effective and secured form of communication. With the use of Bulk SMS Services for E-Commerce Industry, one can send out messages to wider customer base at a single click of a button. Sending out SMS regarding product launches, special offers, Information about sales, send warm greetings, delivery status, signup details, password reset, payment confirmation and many more. Though SMS helps to save lots of time and money for people in the e-Commerce business, it adds value to their customer satisfaction.

With the help of Bulk SMS messaging for e-commerce industry, you can boost sales and improvise your customer service for your website. One can smartly use Bulk SMS in E- commerce websites for various purpose like -

  1. Send SMS for Customer Service - In the E-commerce industry, customer service can be improved with the use of Bulk SMS Services. Customer can easily and directly communicate their queries, comments & feedbacks on your service via SMS. This helps to improves customer services.
  2. Send SMS for Payment Security - Increase your ecommerce portal, payment security process with the help of SMS services.Send them two factors of Authentication i.e  one time password (OTP) before through transaction.
  3. Send SMS for Shopping Cart - Send SMS alerts  to registered customers, inform them about delivery status, update confirmation etc. Regular update service via SMS encourage customer for repeat purchase.

  4. Send Special discount via SMS - Reward your loyal customer by sending special discounts to special customers on their special day.

  5. Send SMS to retain your customers - Bulk SMS services help to encourage customer to buy more. Send special discounts & offers to encourage customer for repeat purchase.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Services are -

  1. It helps to fill the gap between customer and owner.

  2. It is a very cheapest and reliable way to promote your website and services.

  3. You can send SMS alert to your customer regarding the delivery process of their order.

  4. You can send special SMS to new and existing customer regarding special discounts and offers.

  5. It helps to improve your security system by sending OTP to your customer.

Use our world's best Bulk SMS services and start sending Bulk SMS in minutes. You can also integrate our Bulk SMS API into your ecommerce websites for send SMS automatically from your website. For more details about Bulk SMS services and Bulk SMS API for E Commerce,  click here to contact us directly.  

Be the Best FMCG dealer with Bulk SMS Service

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) are also known as Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Products that are sold quickly at relatively low cost or we can say  these goods are quite popular goods that are consumed on daily basis.

FMCG industry needs to communicate with lot many people (especially with those who are involved in the process). One of the biggest task of a FMCG dealer is to manage the communication with the dealers, wholesalers, retailers, customers, staff, managers, transporters, drivers, suppliers, purchasers, buyers in order to inform, advertize, marketize product and services. FMCG dealers can use bulk SMS services in order to communicate more effectively and to become best in the FMCG dealership.

FMCG dealers/companies  are using Bulk SMS messaging for various purposes  -

1. Send SMS to various agents, clients, dealers, retailers, wholesalers, employees, manufacturers, industries, storekeepers to run their business smoothly.

2. Integrate Bulk SMS API in FMCG websites to make it more interactive and dynamic, which helps to send SMS automatically.

3. Send good wishes, informations to users directly via SMS.

4. Send SMS for Marketing and Advertising products and services through Bulk SMS.

5. Send them online coupons and online shopping discount codes by SMS.

SMS services help customer interaction in the right sense. By availing Bulk SMS services, FMCG companies can get regular feedbacks on their services and product  from the customers and clients.

Inform your customers about new offers, launches, products and many other promotional activities can be easily disseminated via text SMS service.

SMS plays an indispensable role for all FMCG companies to improve business. It is the best information delivery system, which is easily affordable too.

Msgclub offers our FMCG clients an end to end SMS solution to reach out timely information related to FMCG products and services to large section of audience. With our Bulk SMS Services you can easily achieve your targets and can become Best FMCG dealer. Understanding the needs of FMCG companies and the need of SMS for marketing, msgclub provides best Bulk SMS services.

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HRM works become easy with Bulk SMS services

Take the advantages of SMS technology in the field of Human resources. With the wise utilisation of SMS services in HR,  multiple task of HRM can be relieved and fastened. Use Bulk SMS services in HR to manage several operations such as administration, recruiting, payroll and training, securing employee's details, performance supervision and many other HR related areas. Being an HR, you can use Bulk SMS Technology in Human Resources to alert them -

  1. Send Notifications via SMS - Send SMS in order to notify applicants and employees.

  2. Send Reminders via SMS - Send reminders to employees and applicants regarding meetings and interviews.

  3. Send Alerts via SMS - Send alerts to your customers.

  4. For Communication with applicants - Communicate directly with applicants via bulk SMS services.

  5. Declare results via SMS - Send results related to interviews to applicants.

  6. Improve your in house communication with the existing employees.

  7. Inform your employees regarding Holidays, attendance etc.

  8. Greet your employee through SMS - Greet your employee on their Special days via SMS.

  9. Send SMS to encourage your employees.

  10. Send information regarding joining and training period of the new employees.

  11. Send SMS to appreciate your employee for good work.

  12. Take feedback from employees via SMS.

To ensure the efficiency of recruitment and relieve the workload of HR department, utilise Bulk SMS Services smartly. Use SMS messaging to establish an effective communication with applicants and employees. SMS helps to save your time and money both.  

You can also integrate our Bulk SMS API in HRM software to send SMS directly from your HR software.

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