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Let's Configure MsgClub Services into Chatra SMS add-on

In today's online world many industries have started using the live chat feature on their website to communicate visitors online. Sometimes they need to send important updates and notifications to them so for their SMS marketing needs MsgClub has introduced bulk SMS Chatra add-on for those enterprises who use Chatra software for a live chat.

We have not only introduced for text messaging but we also want our clients should earn profits through a sale. We are offering some incredible features of our new SMS add-on for Chatra that can be quite beneficial to you!

Send SMS- Reach out to your hundreds of customers send bulk SMS via Chatra about new events, product launch, promotional offers etc. Our simple configuration of this service will automatically send your messages to desired website visitors after configuring its auth key into Chatra software.

For example: Use code SCF 50 and get 50% off up to Rs.50 on 2 Micro/Mini rides. Valid until 18 Feb.

Send Personalized SMS- Sending custom information to customers is much important for all kinds of industries. So, we offer personalization of SMS content on our interface. You can draft a unique information for each website visitor in your contact list to send SMS from Chatra and notify them personally. With this, your customer can’t trash your SMS in spam and they would read it as soon as possible.

For example: Hi Janhvi, We have successfully placed the order cancellation request of Adidas sneakers. Your refund of Rs.3250 will be initiated within 4-5 business days. Thanks for visiting Myntra.

Add contacts to Phone Book- Just add your online visitor's contact details like Name, Email, and Phone Book into MsgClub Phonebook as a safe. In case, if you need to SMS to them in future you can directly send them from the panel. It will reduce your effort and time of being uploading contacts again and again. We also allow easy management of your client’s database.

Add contacts to Slick CRM- Grow your business with an ease! Slick CRM is the best lead management software for your company. You can easily import your contact details of people into Slick CRM to generate a real-time lead for high sales from prospective customers.

Apart from this, if you want to make your task easier than we do provide two different options that work together.

1.Send SMS and Add Contact To Phone Book

2. Send Personalised SMS and Add Contact To Phone Book

How To Integrate Msgclub Chatra SMS add-on

Like other integrations of bulk SMS services, you need to be an admin in order to set up the bulk SMS Chatra add-on integration of MsgClub.

The Chatra software allows you to live chat with your website visitors directly from the window to increase revenue and collect their information for SMS marketing purpose.

Moreover, People are more likely to see, read and respond SMS from their mobile phones only. Even the cheapest and old mobile phone can receive your text messages and that is why it is a simple, effective and direct form of communication between you and visitors.

You can enable text messaging solutions into your Chatra software panel via integrating our robust add-on.

Make sure you're using Chatra to communicate online with people. Without it, you're unable to use our Chatra add-on of MsgClub services.

Steps to follow-

1. Sign in or Sign up your MsgClub account at to use it.

2. Click on the add-ons button at the top of the window to see Chatra add-on.

3. Create a new configuration of MsgClub services as per your requirement. For example, if you wish to configure personalize SMS services into Chatra Live Chat software than draft your attractive SMS to get an 'auth key' of this function.

4. Login your Chatra account, click on the integrations and paste that auth key in the box of Chat Transcript, Chat started and Chat Fragment.

5. Enable it's integration and seat calmly.

Once your Chatra SMS Integrations with msgclub is done in a proper manner our robust system will automatically send your drafted message to visitors. You must not hesitate to do it! In case, if you find any difficulty to configure SMS services for Chatra add-on, freely contact our team experts via ticket, phone and live chat.

How to use Bulk SMS services to Engage your website visitors

When you hear about Chatra software for live chat, you're probably thinking that it is an online medium for customers when they have a query. That's true but that's just a part of it. A Chatra can be used by us in a more proactive way. The way in which you write a message to a customer and resolve query while they're browsing your website pages. You can simultaneously use SMS services to promote your new services and products in future.

Many of the small and large enterprises are using SMS addon for Chatra. So, in this blog, I am sharing How some industries are taking benefits of Chatra SMS add-on for their visitors? Make sure you're using Chatra Live Chat installation on your website or application!

Tour & Travel Agency-

People love to go out for holidays once in a year. So, they always visit tourism websites in a search for new places and affordable packages. Sometimes they ask a question on Live Chat window (Chatra ) and sometimes just switch it back.

So, to let them know about your company best services you need an SMS marketing tool for better communication and promotion. We suggest tour & tourism agencies to use our bulk SMS Chatra add-on for all text messaging requirements like personalizing SMS.

A tourism agent can send out special offers, holiday deals and discounted packages as per the tourist interest. If you want to promote any holiday package to all your visitors you can send it like;

  • Enjoy a holiday at GOA just in Rs. 15000/- We offered best services; Air ticketing services, Car rental services, Cruise holidays, Hotel Reservation, Breakfast and more. Hurry up.....

In case, if you want to assist them personally you can send personalized SMS to him/her.

  • Hello Mrs. Rita. Top Darjeeling tour packages are waiting for you! We offer you this tour at Rs.25000 per head along with all accommodation. For more information contact Yash Agrawal at 9863652222.

Call Center-

BPO and customer support representatives are often busy to solve visitors query in-hand. So, they try to provide better assistance via SMS on their mobile number. As text messaging is quite faster than exchanging emails and it can be used in more ways rather than the support.

They can use Chatra add-on of msgclub for bulk SMS to reach out their website visitors and clients without any hassle. Our powerful add-on not only offers Bulk SMS interface but it also offers to personalize SMS service to develop a sense of personal touch between customers and BPO companies.

For example

  • Hello Vijay, Thanks for showcasing your interest on our website. We really love to assist you!

  • Your request for a ticket has been successfully resolved by our team. Check your email for more information!

In such ways, enterprises and different industries like Schools, Stock market, government agencies, media & entertainment etc will enjoy the advantages of SMS marketing services for high ROI and established goodwill.

How to Integrate Zapier Apps with MsgClub in an easy manner

Over many years, Zapier is used by companies for an automation to connect your favorite apps like Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, Instagram, Dropbox, Twitter, Evernote, Slick CRM and more. With the help of Zapier, you can connect two or more application at the same time.

On the other hand, our bulk SMS Zapier add-on help clients to send different SMS to customers on any triggers and actions occurred on the integrated application.

Well, MsgClub provides an easy integration of Zapier addon of msgclub into your system. You need have to be an expert to install it. Just follow our given steps and start sending SMS to thousands of people with a single click.

1. Login your account on MsgClub with username and password.

2. Go to the add-ons, select 'ZAPIER' to generate configuration for our different services (Send SMS, Send Personalized SMS, Add contacts to CRM etc).

3. Copy that auth keys from our panel to begin Zapier integration with MsgClub.

4. Sign in your Zapier account in the other tab, Make a ZAP between any Zapier applications and MsgClub.

5. Once you have selected the application you can send out your messages to that customers on predefined actions.

For example: If you want to integrate Google Spreadsheet database into Zapier then select Google Spreadsheet to define it's trigger when you want to send SMS. For action select MsgClub if you want to send SMS, ''choose account'' in the next step, paste that generated auth key of the MsgClub panel to configure our SMS services like personalize SMS, add contacts to phonebook and more.

You need to set up a template with some important details like Name, Email, Mobile Number*, Occupation, Address, City and a lot more to send SMS in multiple numbers.

In case, if you have any query regarding SMS add-on for Zapier of MsgClub than feel free to contact our developers. They will guide you and resolve your problem at the moment.1

How You Can Easily Configure MsgClub Zapier Add-on Services

Text messaging marketing is the most popular form of marketing that is employed by various corporations and enterprises to promote their services and products. On the other hand, this form of advertising is less costly and smooth than other traditional methods.

Recently, our team has developed an add-on for all Zapier users. This SMS addon for Zapier helps them to do SMS marketing easier than before. According to the surveys, Zapier is one of the most on-growing integration platforms that allows integration of two or more apps under one roof. On the other hand, currently, Zapier have integrated 1500+ leading apps that are a quite beneficial tool for business owners & marketers.

Due to its high utilization, we enable you to integrate our Zapier addon of msgclub if you wish to start bulk messaging services for your business. Before getting started, take a look at its configuration so you can generate different configuration as per your marketing need.

1. Send SMS- You can draft, multilingual SMS for your thousands of contacts without any difficulty on our portal. And even get an instant delivery report of your sent SMS in a single click. This saves your valuable time, money and strength because your messages have been delivered to targeted audience from just a single place.

2. Send Personalized SMS- Personalize SMS is the most crucial way to attract your customers, employees, shareholders, buyers, and others. Here, a marketer can easily compose unique text message for every people in their application database.

Our bulk SMS gateway will automatically send custom SMS with a unique set of information/details like salary, account no., percentage.

3. Add contacts to Phonebook- Our company is providing a safe & secure option to upload your Zapier application customers database into MsgClub Phonebook. In case, if you wish to send any reminder, notification or alert to those customers you can use this option.

Moreover, you can create unlimited groups to make your task easy. This feature will save a lot of time & effort of adding thousands of contacts from different sources.

4. Add contacts to Slick CRM- We made your task of uploading single-single contacts to CRM easy. Just generate a simple configuration on our platform to utilize this service into our bulk SMS Zapier SMS add-on.

Your all contacts will automatically get imported into Slick CRM software where you can manage your essential leads to boost sale.

Apart from these four configurations of Zapier bulk SMS plugin, we have two more configuration that allows you to perform given services together.

  • Send Personalized SMS & Add contacts to Phone Book

  • Send SMS & Add contacts to Phonebook

Use Case of Zapier Add-on For Businesses SMS marketing

You can do a lot more with MsgClub by Zapier by connecting it to the other popular apps you use in daily lives like Facebook Lead leads, Gmail, Twitter, Google Spreadsheet & Slack to automate the tedious tasks in your busy schedule.

Using our Zapier Addon, you can send an unlimited number of SMS to your old & new customers. However, Zapier gives you the power to add MsgClub by Zapier with thousands of other applications to automate your work.

Let's look more how different industries utilize Zapier Plugin for various SMS marketing campaigns:

Use of Zapier SMS add-on for Retail Industries:

The business of Retail shops totally depends on sales, marketing, and billing teams. A retail industry owner can use business CRM software to organize, track and manage prospects through the entire sales lifecycle.

However, they are also in need of SMS marketing services to engage their clients and customers for a long time. Our Zapier addon allows them to create ZAP between different CRM software like HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM, Vtiger CRM, Sugar CRM, Surefire CRM with MsgClub. They can send out various text SMS to their new & potential customers when any trigger or event is indicated by the customer.

Use of Zapier SMS add-on for Coaching Institutes:

Being a Director of Coaching class you always manage your student's data in Google Spreadsheet. Those sheets contain some important details like Name, Mobile Number, Course, Address, City and much more of each and every student.

With the help of Zapier, you can create a Zap between MsgClub and Google Spreadsheet. Moreover, coaching management are now able to see their students Google Spreadsheet database at Zapier with a click. On the other hand, integrating MsgClub configuration you are enabled to send thousands of SMS and personalize SMS to your all students. You can inform them about fees due, achievement, holiday and more.

Use of Zapier SMS add-on for Travel & Tourism:

Tour & Travel is one of the most-growing sectors in the country. Well, to stay in touch with their clients from different sources they require text messaging services. So, with the help of MsgClub Zapier plugin, they can integrate Gmail, MailChimp and other apps where a person shows interest in your holiday packages. Agents can add their all contact details to start promoting your new tour packages, discounts & deals via SMS.

Tour companies can also send notifications and other alerts when any trigger is made on app account like Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page.

Well, the utilization of our Zapier bulk SMS addon not gets end here! It has several more advantages for industries. A business owner can integrate 1000+ world's top apps with MsgClub for different SMS services.

Join us today!

Integration of Olark SMS Add-On For Text SMS Marketing

Grow your business with the world's simplest live chat software SMS add-on. The software is highly used by over 10,000 customers in different countries to provide online support for any customer query or issue.

However, our add-on for Olark helps clients to efficiently run different bulk SMS marketing campaigns for huge customers engagement and sales. This add-on is considered as an ideal tool to generate leads from prospective website visitors. We have introduced bulk SMS Olark Add-On especially for live chat users that helps them to send out notifications, reminders, alerts, and updates about event, transactions, products, and services.

Well, its utilization is vast for every industry all you need to find out the best out of it. You just need to simply integrate it into your Olark account for MsgClub SMS services.

Follow the below-given steps to integrate it:

1. First, create an account on to use this add-on.

2. Move your cursor on the add-on option and select Olark addon for its configuration.

3. Generate configuration of given services (send personalize SMS, add contacts to Slick CRM to integrate) for Olark live chat.

Note that, you have copied that generated URL to enjoy its advantages

4.  Login to your Olark account,


6.  Seat calmly and start sending SMS to your potential and new customers.

In case, if you have any doubt related to our SMS add-on for Olark please contact us freely. We are always ready to assist you with call, ticket a

Let's Make Thing Simpler with MsgClub Olark SMS Add-on

MsgClub is one of the well-known bulk SMS gateway provider in India because of it's high -class text messaging solutions and affordable plans. We have been trusted by over 3000+ satisfied users and resellers. However, our most unhappy customers are our greatest source of learning so we always in believe in offering best solutions for our clients.

Recently, we have launched our SMS addon for Olark especially for those clients who use Olark live chat for online support. As you already know, text SMS marketing is highly used by marketers to gain more and more customers. So, with this addon, you can also receive a lot of benefits like leads.

Today, I am sharing what type of bulk SMS services you can configure for your business through Olark bulk SMS add-on.

1. Send SMS- MsgClub allows you to send both transactional and promotional SMS without any hassle! With our smart routes in bulk SMS Olark addon, you can send billions of informative and promotional messages in multi-language to your targeted audience. However, we ensure you to provide the best delivery of sent SMS on our bulk SMS platform. So, don't worry about it, just be free and create huge customer's engagement by sending important text messages to customers, employees & stockholders.

2. Send Personalized SMS-Sometimes personalization is much needed to convey any unique information to your clients. Here, we provide an option to personalize your SMS content with name and other important details. Just send out unique SMS from Olark for each customer or client in an easy manner from our gateway!

3. Add contacts to slick CRM- Our company offers an easy way to add contacts to Slick CRM software. The software is widely used by businesses for lead management in order to grow their business with high sales. You can easily add your Olark live chat visitors contact details like Name, Email, and Phone number and more into Slick CRM that helps you to drive more and more leads from prospective clients or customers.

4. Add contacts to Phone Book- Save your time and effort of uploading Olark visitors contact details again and again. Our robust system will automatically save customer details once it gets uploaded by you!

However, this feature is quite useful for those companies who wish to send text messages to old or existing clients.

5. Send Personalized SMS and add contacts to Phone Book- As you already familiar with these terms; we do provide an option to use this both feature at the same time. This will help you to create personalize SMS from the window and simultaneously you can add those contacts into MsgClub phonebook.

Moreover, a marketer can also perform this same function with the bulk SMS. If he/she wants to send billions of SMS in a single click and wish to add those customers details at the same time then this service is most useful for them.

Simple Integration of UserLike Live Chat Software SMS Add-On

Simple Integration of UserLike Live Chat Software SMS Add-On

In an online world, speed is king. From overnight shipping to instant support on your order delivery, your customers want to know about everything. No, matter what kind of enterprise you're running, customers are always a key! And we always dream to offer them good products and services to earn a large chunk of profit. So, for better communication and business growth, we provide SMS addon for UserLike marketing services. A UserLike user can send promotional messages & transactional messages to their website/applications on predefined actions.

Your customers are the ones who spread your brand goodwill in the market to grow your customer base. Many e-commerce platforms are giving live chat support in order to assist people quickly. So in this blog, we also recommend you to integrate our bulk SMS UserLike add-on for text marketing needs! It is very simple, fast and reliable plugin for your business.

1. Create an account at to enjoy the benefits of our gateway interface.

2. Click on the add-ons and select 'USERLIKE' plugin then 'add new' for more.

3. Create a configuration of given services like Send bulk SMS, Add contacts into Slick CRM, Personalize SMS etc.

''Fill out the necessary credentials to generate its URL for text message marketing''.

4. Go into your UserLike dashboard and click on the ‘’configuration-Add-on Settings- API service action and paste URL in callback URL box.’’

Don't forget to enable the above-mentioned options like Chat events before updating your settings.

In case, if you have any issue in UserLike SMS plugin integration than free to contact our technical support team. They will guide you simply so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of SMS marketing!

Let's Configure UserLike SMS Add-on Services in Easy Way

In simple words, Userlike is an Enterprise Live Chat software, which can be easily incorporated into any website or software. Once it incorporated, a person can chat online with the available customer executive. In this software the important details like Name, Phone no. and Email address gets automatically saved into the dashboard to carry out text messaging services for future.

To make industries text marketing easy, MsgClub has launched their new Bulk SMS User Like add-on that is dedicated towards UserLike users. A company can configure different SMS services with an auth key or Url into their live chat dashboard.

Let's look what kind of configurations we provide in our SMS addon for UserLike  :

1. Send SMS to Multiple Contacts - In this fast-moving business world, communication is must be needed for entrepreneurs to promote new products over the market. You can send SMS notifications to a targeted group of people that may be up to thousands or lakhs via configuring our bulk SMS marketing services.

2. Send Personalized SMS- Calling a customer with his/her name in the text message will create a huge reputation for your business. Although, personalization is much needed for marketers to convey unique information to every customer for better communication. Your customer will not trash your customize SMS in spam box because personalized messages will be sent with a motive to spread his/her own information in hands.

3. Add Contacts to Phone Book- We allow a simple way to upload UserLike live chat visitors contact details into MsgClub's Phone Book. There is no boundation, you can add thousands of your customer's details in a click that can be used in future to send SMS to same numbers. Moreover, you can edit and delete their contact details if needed!

4. Add contacts in Slick CRM- Slick CRM is our in-house software for lead management activities. You can generate huge leads from customers via uploading send bulk SMS via UserLike live chat new and existing customers details. The Slick CRM is specially designed for people who want to generate more business from their targeted customer. You can get a right lead on your screen at right time!

5. Send SMS and Add Contacts to Phone Book- This is one of our best features to configure! You can reduce your task of sending bulk SMS and add contacts to MsgClub Phonebook with a single go. Start sending text messages to customers and simultaneously add their contact details into our interface.

Similarly, you can utilize this same function with personalizing SMS. We allow you to import contact details of customizing SMS receiver into our system for the future purpose.