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How to edit signature in SMS description ???

If you’re using MsgClub gateway you might have a question in your mind what does SMS signature means? SMS signature means is useful when you want to send your name, contact number or website name by default in each and every SMS content. All you need to put your signature in the given box at the end of send SMS window. And don’t forget to click on the ‘Signature Enable’ box. If you forget and sent your messages your signature will not be shown on recipient’s mobile.

Moreover, if you wish to save Signatures we do have an option too. Just click save button your signature will be saved as a draft and it gets shown on the right corner when you create any messages for your campaign. Within a single click, you can add that signature into your current SMS content.

Or if you wish to edit them in future, select that particular signature from the draft and edit it if needed.

At MsgClub platform you can easily search for signatures from the top. In case, if there is no requirement of a particular signature, delete it.

If you have any more doubts or queries feel free to contact our team executives at 8878601181 or drop them an email at They will assist you shortly!

What is long code services?

Long code is also known as a 10-digit virtual mobile number, which is used by several kinds of businesses to send and receive messages. In the SMS long code services, businesses have their own virtual number rather than short codes which are generally shared across a lot of brands.

However, it is primarily used for lead generation or getting feedback from people who have bought a product or service from you. At MsgClub platform you will get easy to remember 10-digit long code number and have good recall value. In case, if you wish to have your own dedicated long code then you can choose any premium number and use that as your SMS long code number. This service will help you to establish 2-way SMS campaign. For every keyword and sub-keywords, you can manage your auto-reply messages.

Our web-based control panel is fully featured which helps businesses to reach out to their potential customers irrespective of time & place. It is also easy to use one can get information like sender’s mobile number, message, date & time of the message.

Features we provide in our long code SMS service-

Auto Reply SMS

Auto reply can be set on every incoming SMS received from the sender’s mobile number which can be editable as per the need of a user.


A complete hub of API with amazing features like secured, fully controlled and managed webhook API which is available in the panel.

Unlimited Sub Keywords

Easy create unlimited sub-keywords for your messages and manage different auto-reply SMS for every sub keyword. For example, your main keyword is DISCOUNT, then you can create sub keywords like 50 DISCOUNT, 30 DISCOUNT etc.

Email and SMS Alert

Email and SMS alert immediately on your registered email and mobile number helps you to interact with your customers from anywhere. Our alerts contain a complete report about subscriber like mobile number, a message of subscriber, date & time so that you can contact user immediately.

Live Report

Real-time reports for all clients and for webhook users so that can they can also see their campaign status. Easily export reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in excel format. Separate download reports for main keywords as well as sub keywords.

If you want to learn more about long code services contact MsgClub team members at 8878601181 or drop an email at

How to send SMS in Hindi using excel?

If you’re using SMS marketing service than you might have the wish to reach out to your audience in their regional language. Well, with the evolvement of new technologies in bulk SMS industry, many of the providers like MsgClub have started offering Unicode feature that enables business owners and marketers to send out notifications, reminders & alerts in multiple languages.

At our robust and user-friendly interface sending text messages in other languages is very simple. Some of our client’s have query regarding how to send text SMS messages in Hindi using excel sheet.

In this blog, I am sharing easy steps to send your SMS in Hindi or in any other regional language from MsgClub bulk SMS gateway.

1. Go to our panel at

2. Click on the send SMS option, select route, sender ID, add a mobile number and then select the drop-down button ‘English’ to Unicode. If you have your customers mobile number in excel file then upload your Excel sheet in CSV format. Make sure your sheet matches with our given sample format, otherwise our system will show you an error while uploading the excel file.

3. We provide Hindi language default in Unicode feature. Once you type your SMS content in English our automated system will convert your English text into Hindi.

4. Then, click on the send button to send your messages immediately. If you wish to send out messages on a later date & time than go to ‘Schedule’ button select your date and time. Our system will automatically send it to your selected group of an audience.

For more information about us contact our sales team executives at or if you want to know about our other services rather than bulk SMS then visit our website

MsgClub DND Filter- Check up to thousands of number in a single click

DND stands for Do-not-disturb. As per the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), companies are not allowed to send promotional information to telecom users. Any user who has registered his/her number under DND service will not receive any unwanted marketing calls and text messages from commercials. If they receive such kind of SMS or calls they can file a complaint against sender to TRAI.

To avoid big penalties we have launched smart DND filter for our clients who’re running SMS marketing campaign for their business. Well, the most amazing is thing is that we offer DND scrubber service on the same panel from where you can also send bulk SMS messages to your audience. Moreover, we enable our clients to filter out mobile numbers in two different ways:

1. Via Copy Paste

2. Via Upload CSV

Via Copy Paste

If you have your customers database into one place, simply copy those numbers whom you want to send promotional messages and paste it in the given box. Click Filter button, our system will automatically download CSV file that clearly shows the status by the name NDNC and DNC.

Filter via Upload CSV

Among 90% of the small and big organizations maintains their thousands of client or customers data on excel sheet. So, via uploading those excel sheet in CSV format, they can be filtered out which mobile numbers are registered under DND service.

So, this is how you can simply take the advantage of our DND filter while doing bulk SMS marketing for business. You can also check the NDNC report at our interface to get the details of transactions, how many numbers go filtered, deducted SMS credit etc.

But before moving ahead with this DND number check read out some important points:

1 SMS credit will be deducted for each request or 100 numbers/credit.

- If a request for the filter is less than 100 numbers then 1 credit will be deducted.

- If a request for the filter is more than 100 number then for each 100 number 1 credit will deduct. For Example, 2340 number is filtered then 24 credit will be deducted.

The balance will be deducted from any of the routes.

How to use android application of MsgClub?

We have launched our mobile application to make the task of sending SMS more easier when you’re unavailable at the system. If you wish to install it on your android mobile phones either go to our panel and then click Android APK option, type your mobile number or email address to get a link for download.

-Once you download an APK file, go to your download folder in the file manager. Open the file and install it.

We have also given an option to download it for the desktop.

Or you can download it simply from Google Play Store. Search  ‘’MsgClub’’ and install it.

If you have an account login with the credentials and if not, sign in for a new account.

Once you sign-in to our android application you’ll see the features as same we provided at our cloud-based interface.

At our home of mobile application you will get options like:

New Message-

You can send transactional SMS and promotional SMS to any of your recipient from this option. All you need to select the route, sender ID and mobile numbers. Our robust system will send your text messages instantly.


Voice Calls- If you want to run bulk voice call campaign for your business, then within three steps you can create it. At our platform, you can upload mp3 or wav file of a pre-recorded voice message or link of the voice SMS.


Best way to send a text message to your mobile contacts. Choose the contacts you wish to share any information, reminder or alert and then click send msg button.


If you have created any group on our panel then it will be shown here. If you want to make a new group than that option is also given. Type a group name and start adding contacts.

Text DLR-

Analyse your campaign success through this feature. We will provide you default 7 days DLR and last one month DLR in graphical and chart representation with whole details like real-time status, route name, SMS credits deduction etc.

Voice DLR-

Get the delivery status of your all sent voice SMS campaign from here. Your balance will be deducted only on answered calls.

Manage Client-

This option is useful for our bulk SMS resellers. A reseller can manage their clients by searching their name. He/she can disable/enable their account, change a password, add funds, and extend expiry date.

In case of a new client, the reseller can go to add client option to make that person a user or his/her sub-reseller.

So, this how you can enjoy SMS marketing features on your mobile phone. For any assistance or query feel to contact our sales team representatives or customer support executives at or 8878601181

How to check balance in my account?

We have designed our bulk SMS panel that is very easy to use and understandable. We have over 35,000+ clients who’re already using our SMS gateway to send SMS campaigns. Recently we have got some questions regarding the balance of the account, some new clients are unable to find the total balance of their account at our panel so we decided to guide them with this blog.

Below I am sharing simple steps to check SMS credits balance in user account:

You can check balance either from the check balance API or from the panel.

*In the developer API option, we have given More/Resellers API option for clients who are already using our bulk SMS gateway API and wants to see balance into their own software application.

*Simply scroll down the window you’ll see ‘’Get client balance API’’ along with the parameters. For its integration contact our team members.

On the other hand, on our bulk SMS panel, you can get a balance of all the routes at the front.

1. First login to our interface at with registered username and password.

2. Go to the send SMS option at the left corner of the panel.

3. At the top, you’ll get all SMS routes like Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS, where you can see the remaining balance of your account in each and every route.

So, this is how you can check the balance of MsgClub account. If you want to buy some more bulk SMS service credits contact our team members and know which package is best for your requirement. For customer support add a support ticket from the request wall or drop an email at

To know more about other marketing solutions like voice SMS, missed call alert, URL Shortener visit our website

How to use personalize SMS?

Personalizing your text messages allows you to send bulk SMS messages with unique information for each recipient in your database.

You can create a single custom SMS for all your contacts by selecting relevant personal information. This means marketers, educational institutes or business owners can add the name of a customer, account number, meeting time, students marks, ticket ID to the same messages and the information relevant to that recipient will be added into the SMS.

For example, School management may need to send attendance percentage of students to parents, but they need to personalize it according to first name and the overall percentage in the current session.

They can take the advantage of ‘’Custom SMS’’ feature at MsgClub interface to fulfill their requirement. All they need to just select the column simultaneously while typing the SMS content. However, they can create SMS in a more personalized manner like;

Hello Mr.  ##COL2$$ Your daughter  ##COL1$$ has ##COL5$$ of attendance in the 2018 session. We don’t allow students to appear in the final examination if they have 75% below attendance in the class.

SMS Preview will be like-

Hello, Mr. Rajeev Jain! Your daughter Sonakshi has 65.00% of attendance in the 2018 session. We don’t allow students to appear in the final examination if they have 75% below attendance in the class.

Hello, Mr. Narsing Neema! Your daughter Ashri has 52.00% of attendance in the 2018 session. We don’t allow students to appear in the final examination if they have 75% below attendance in the class.

So, in this way banks, entrepreneurs, education institutes, insurance companies, e-commerce stores & a lot more businesses can send reminders, promotional offers, alerts to the targeted audience.

At MsgClub sending personalized SMS is a very easy task. We have launched three ways to send custom SMS from our platform.

1. Upload File

If you have customer database in CSV file format into your system than upload it instantly under this option.

2. Draft Uploaded

In case if you have previously uploaded CSV database of audiences into our panel than from action menu bar click the sheet to active and start sending personalize SMS from existing excel sheet.

3. Phonebook Group

If you have already created any group of your contacts to whom you want to targeted personally than those group names and contacts will be shown here. Once you click on the action the group will be uploaded.

So, this is how any business owner or marketer can run their text SMS campaign in a personal way. This makes their customers happier and customers are likely to feel that, you take care of them because you’re giving updates individually.

How to add a contact in the phone book

Are you planning to run your bulk SMS marketing campaign from MsgClub platform? Then don’t worry we have made our panel user-friendly within seconds you can reach out to your target audience through about robust connectivity.

At MsgClub you can easily upload your thousands or billions of customer database. You need not have to add it manually because we have given some best ways to add contacts in your Phonebook.

First, go into our panel PHONEBOOK option where you will see an option ‘Add contact’’ at the top.

Click on that option then there are three ways available to add the contact into Phonebook.

1. Add Manually

2. Import in Group

3. Import in Multiple Groups

  • Add manually is useful when you have a small database i.e of 5-10 numbers. Moreover, you can use it to add a contact in the existing group. Fill out mandatory details like mobile number, group name, name and select add contact.

  • Import in Group feature is highly beneficial for those businesses who have billions of recipient database in CSV file. In a click of a button, you can upload your CSV file to send messages.

Note: Your CSV file should be in the format given by us. If needed download sample.

  • Import in Multiple Group, In case when you have all database of different segmentation in one excel sheet, use this feature to add contacts automatically into particular groups.

For example You have people on your list that should be added into different groups like Group 1, Group 2 or Group 3. But you have all contacts number in one excel sheet. In this feature, you have to create a sheet according to our format, once you upload it; your contacts of Group 1 or Group 2 or Group 3 will be segmented automatically as given in the image.

If you have any more queries feel free to contact us via call or email at 8878601181, Our team will assist you 24*7.

How to manage user account under the reseller panel?

We have made a managing user account for our SMS resellers easier. Our resellers are key to success and to offer them 100% satisfaction is our big motive. With the new advanced features at MsgClub interface, resellers can easily manage the SMS business. One can start their own business with MsgClub White Label Reseller Program. Branding is also possible with our reseller solution, create your own identity by using mono, logo or any symbol of your company to hide the admin panel identity.

If you’re a reseller and thinking to see your user account status for any purpose than don’t worry we have made it simpler for you. Under your reseller panel account, you can keep an eye on each and every activity of client with Manage Client feature given at the left of your system screen.

Features we provide at our reseller panel-

Client details- If you wish to see the account of particular user you need to first search that user after that, go to the option ‘Client Details’ to see or change details like name, expiry date, user type, alloted services, email id, occupation etc. Within a few clicks, you can update those details.

Add/Deduct Client balance- If you want to add some extra SMS credits to your customer or sub-reseller account than this option is very simple to use. Just select the service type, SMS route, transfer type normal, SMS quantity, price, amount and description.  You can add fund into user account within minutes. Moreover, the last 5 transactions details will be shown on the right side.

Change Password- Update a new password for your user directly from this option. This option is useful when your user forgets his/her password.

Extend Expiry- Select the date, month and year to change the expiry date of any user account. We have also given you an alert option through which you can set a reminder on your email or mobile number before the user account gets expired.

Configure your client’s account by own- This feature is one of our best features. If a reseller wants to login their user account for any purpose or issue in a click of a button at ‘Login As’ button they can redirect on user account without any id or password.

So, this is how bulk SMS reseller in India can manage their clients account easily at our platform. In case of any more doubts and issues, we are here to help you anywhere, anytime. Just feel free to call our experts at 8878601181 or raise a support ticket from request wall window.

How to send SMS in other languages from our interface???

At MsgClub gateway sending bulk SMS to a large number of audience in their own regional language is now easier than before. Our team has developed a special feature that is ‘unicode’ through which users can create their SMS content in the language they wish to run their campaign.

With our Unicode regional language message service, one can send SMS in Indian languages (Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Hindi, Urdu etc) listed over the panel. The major benefit of this is; you can properly target your audience and create better reach among your potential customers.

Moreover, if you don’t found your preferable language at our interface, we have given an option to convert your text through ‘’Google and Quillpad’’.

Let’s understand some best features of this Unicode option-

  • No additional charges for a different language.

  • 70 Character limit per SMS is applicable.

  • Sender ID should be in English.

  • Text automatically gets converted into the language you have select.

Steps to send bulk SMS in any other regional language of India-

1. First, log in to the user account of MsgClub panel at

2. Go to ‘Send SMS’ option at the left side of your window.

3. Select your SMS route, add your sender ID, upload your contacts and then select the Unicode option under the drop down.

For example- You have selected the Hindi language our automated system will convert your English text to the Hindi language immediately.

4. Add your signature if needed otherwise click on the ‘Send Now’ button to push your information or any other promotional offer on recipient’s mobile number.

We have also given an option to send your SMS at a later date & time. Directly from Schedule button at the end, you can choose at what time and date you need to send messages to your targeted people.

In case if you have any query regarding this feature or facing difficulties in sending regional messages, contact our experts at 8878601181 or directly add a support ticket from the panel. Our customer support team will assist you shortly.