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SMS API VB 6.0 (GET API) codes and parameters

To make your task easier. We provide you Bulk SMS API with Sample code of SMS API VB 6.0 so that, you do not need to develop the API and source code and with this, you can directly integrate our ready to use Bulk SMS API and Source Code in your software (developed in VB 6.0 language).    

These codes will help a developer to understand and implement SMS gateway API into their own software, Windows or Web application. Whether your Software serves the purpose of Customer relationship management (CRM), Billing, accounting, Reports /content management, HR management, Marketing, Order management, Product life cycle (PLC) management, warehouse management or any other. The developed API and ready-made scripts in VB 6.0 by the technical team of Msgclub are making API Integration easy.

Sample code of SMS API VB 6.0 is mentioned below ( GET API)-

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim authKey, URL, mobiles, senderId, smsContentType, message, groupId, signature, routeId As String
   Dim V_signature, V_groupId, scheduleddate, V_scheduleddate As String
   Dim objXML As Object
   Dim getDataString As String
   authKey = "Sample Auth key" 'eg -- 16 digits alphanumeric
   URL = "Sample"  'eg--
   mobiles = "Sample" '99999999xx,99999998xx
   smsContentType = "english" 'eg - english or unicode  
   message = "Hello this is test"
   senderId = "Sample" 'eg -- Testin'
   routeId = “Sample" 'eg 1'
scheduleddate = "" ‘optional if(scheduledate  eg “26/08/2015 17:00”)
signature ="" ‘optional if(signature available  eg “1”)
groupId ="" ‘optional if(groupId available eg “1”)
   If (Len(signature) > 0) Then
       V_signature = "&signature=" & signature
   End If
   If (Len(groupId) > 0) Then
       V_groupId = "&groupId=" & groupId
   End If
   If (Len(scheduleddate) > 0) Then
       V_scheduleddate = "&scheduleddate=" & scheduleddate
   End If
   URL = "Sample"
   'use for API Reference
   Set objXML = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
   'creating data for url
   getDataString = URL + "AUTH_KEY=" + authKey + "&smsContent=" + message + "&mobileNos=" + mobiles + "&senderId=" + senderId + "&routeId=" + routeId + "&smsContentType=" + smsContentType + V_scheduleddate + V_groupId + V_signature
   objXML.Open "GET", getDataString, False
    If Len(objXML.ResponseText) > 0 Then
           MsgBox objXML.ResponseText
    End If
End Sub
Function URLEncode(ByVal Text As String) As String
   Dim i As Integer
   Dim acode As Integer
   Dim char As String
   URLEncode = Text
   For i = Len(URLEncode) To 1 Step -1
       acode = Asc(Mid$(URLEncode, i, 1))
       Select Case acode
           Case 48 To 57, 65 To 90, 97 To 122
               ' don't touch alphanumeric chars
           Case 32
               ' replace space with "+"
               Mid$(URLEncode, i, 1) = "+"
           Case Else
               ' replace punctuation chars with "%hex"
               URLEncode = Left$(URLEncode, i - 1) & "%" & Hex$(acode) & Mid$ _
                   (URLEncode, i + 1)
       End Select
End Function

Parameter Name with Description

Parameter Name

Data Type




Login Authentication Key(This key is unique for every user)

message *


Enter your message

Sender Id *


Enter sender Id it should be less then 6 character

routeId *


Which route you want use for sending sms enter routeId for particular route.use given Id for route. Transactional Route=1, Promotional=2, Promotional Sender Id=3

mobileNos *


Mobile number can be entered with country code or without country code Multiple mobile no. should be separated by comma

groupId *


To send sms to particular group enter group name created in MsgClub phone book.

SMS ContentType*


"English" for text sms and "Unicode" for Unicode sms

Parameters with (*) are mandatory.

Start using Msgclub mobile messaging software for bulk SMS API VB 6.0 as your preferred communication and marketing method.

Easily integrable Bulk SMS VB 6.0 (GET API) API and its source code are here. For more details, you can contact us.

Most Powerful - The SMPP Server at Unparalleled Prices

SMPP server plays important role in sending a plethora of SMS. Without SMPP connectivity clients are unable to connect with operators like Airtel, BSNL, Idea, etc. The SMPP server provides the invisible connectivity to their clients with the operators..The SMPP Server Panel helps in sending lakhs and crores of SMS in seconds which we called as sessions. And we count it on the basis of transaction per second i.e. TPS.

Generally, small clients are unable to connect with operators directly that's the reason they opt SMPP server panel so that they will easily connect with them. They can avail the services of Tx or Rx.

Tx services are the transmission services and Rx is receiving services (Rx represents delivery report). It is automatically enabled in the server like if traffic is more it will get the SMS more and send fewer delivery reports or it can b sent after some time.

The SMPP server provides various facilities like:-

  • Route management

  • Load Balancing

  • Admin panel

  • White label services, etc

Get the most unique SMPP server panel connectivity and elevate your Bulk SMS business to the next level at affordable prices. Don't miss the chance else you will lose exclusive smpp server panel at lowest rates.

How to add a user in reseller account?

MsgClub has especially designed a new reseller solution for the people who want to start a business without investment. We are giving an opportunity to resell SMS credits to their customers for individual and business purposes. For our bulk SMS resellers we have designed a cloud-based reseller panel to manage all activities like manage client, manage website i.e usually known as white-label SMS program.

In our white-label program resellers can start their business by their own branding. You can replace our MsgClub logo and other identity things with yours so that your customers won’t know you’re using any providers interface for sending bulk SMS messages.

Let’s come to the point, one of our clients wants to add the user under his reseller account. So, that a customer will able to run his/her SMS or voice SMS marketing campaign.

Well, it’s quite simple to do on our cloud-based interface First, you have to log in to your reseller account!

1. On the left corner, you will get an option called

‘’Manage client’’. Click on that, a new window will open.

2. Click on ‘Add’ button to create a new user under your account.

3. In the add client option, fill mandatory (*) information like username, first name, last name, mobile number, the expiry date of the account, email id, user type- user and then allot services like text, voice, long code, missed call, campaign management, IVR, email etc.

4. After this, select ‘Add client; button. Once you add that user, a text SMS will be sent on your user mobile number that shows the login details- URL, username & password. So, that your user can log in with this credentials in future.

Moreover, if you wish to manage their account you need to select ‘Manage client’ option. For more, you can read our next blog post that tells you about ‘’how you can manage user account under the reseller panel’’.

How to send SMS by their name manually?

Searching for a way to send bulk SMS messages to your customers by adding their name into the content? Then you’re at the right platform because MsgClub team members are offering you ‘Personalize SMS’ so that you can send notifications or reminders to your recipients along with their name & other personal details like account balance, EMI payment due, percentage, student’s attendance etc.

With our ‘Personalize SMS’ feature you can shoot your SMS marketing campaigns just by adding contact numbers of thousands of recipient through CSV sheet. However, this feature is useful to attract audience attention more personally. When you send text messages with their name, they’re more happy to read that and they feel that you’re personally taking care of them.

To enjoy the benefits of this amazing & unique feature you need to create an account at our web-based interface i.e or if already an existing user then sign-in with your username & password.

1. Once you sign-up, go to text SMS service where you will see ‘Personalize SMS’ option at the left corner of your screen.

2. We have given three ways to send personalized SMS-

Draft uploaded file- If you’ve previously uploaded CSV file of customer’s database in your account then choose it and start sending.

Upload file- Create a database with the necessary details like name and other personal information as per your requirement into Google spreadsheet and upload it in a click of a button from your desktop.

Phonebook group- If you have any groups created in the Phonebook than choose the group name whom you want to send text messages personally.

3. If you select ‘Upload file’ option your uploaded CSV will be shown at the top of the screen. Like, the given image below-

Choose route either transactional SMS or promotional SMS. Add approved sender Id, select mobile number column as per your sheet, type your SMS content and add personal data from the sheet. You can create personalize SMS like-

Hey Pallavi! It’s happy hours especially for you get Extra 15% off from 2 pm to 5 pm. Happy Shopping!

Hello Shubham! Your attendance for 5th Semester is 65%. Kindly, come to college regularly otherwise we will not allow you to seat in the internal examination.

Thanks & Regards

Prestige management team

If you want to preview SMS click ‘Preview SMS’ option at the end. On the right side, you will get a preview of your each and every custom SMS.

So, in this way you can draft your messages in a custom way for each and every recipient. If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to contact our team members at

How to schedule SMS for 3-4 times in a day in a single click?

We are glad to announce the new development at our interface. On our user-friendly platform now you’re able to send your text SMS campaigns on future date & time. This amazing feature is perfect when you know you’re not going to be available at the desk when you want messages to go out. You can schedule your all messages or bulk voice SMS for the upcoming date up to a year into the future.

It is widely used to set up a reminder the day before a meeting or appointment or event. You can also use this feature to remind yourself about any event, meeting or anything you need to pick up at the end of the day.

At MsgClub ‘ Bulk SMS Scheduling’ and ‘Voice SMS Scheduling’ can be done with a single click of a mouse. Need to know how to schedule it for 3-4 times in a day? Read out our below-given steps you need to follow to take advantage of this new development by our team-

1. Go to our panel at and choose either you want to schedule your SMS content or voice SMS for customers.

For SMS you need to go in send SMS option where you have to choose a route, mobile numbers, sender ID that flashes on receiver mobile phone and SMS content.

2. Once you have completed this, click on the Schedule button.

3. Select date and time from the calendar up to one year and click Schedule SMS option.

4. A new popup will open that shows the detail of your Scheduled campaign. Click I understand.

Our system will automatically send your messages on a given date and time. The same process you can follow in bulk voice SMS service.

To preview it’s whole detail go to Delivery Report than Scheduled DLR where you will get SMS content, SMS status, Scheduled date/time, Route name, SMS credits, Balance deduction, and Action if you need to ‘Reschedule SMS’ that same SMS or voice SMS again.

Our feature is also useful for those clients who want to send same SMS content in 3-4 times in a day. All you need to just edit your subscribers or recipient mobile numbers.

For further queries and issues, you can contact our team at

How to set an auto-reply in missed call service

With the cloud-based missed call service of MsgClub, you can generate leads and enable you to easily engage with your targeted customers. At our platform, you can select a unique 10-digit mobile number for your business or company from the list given by our technical team experts. Once you have selected it you will see its detail on your account (

You can publish your unique missed call number in print media, website, app or text SMS marketing campaign. Moreover, it’s process includes:

  • A person gives a missed call the number.

  • In a single ring, our system will disconnect the call and add the caller data in the real-time database.

  • A caller will receive an auto-reply via SMS with thank you a message.

  • Now you and your agent can call back to this number and make the conversion further.

Your auto-reply can be easily editable at MsgClub interface. You can draft an auto-reply SMS of any kind we have no restrictions. But make sure, you have to pay for SMS credits.

To set an auto-reply SMS on your caller mobile number, follow this simple steps:

1. First, go to your account at our interface than click ‘’Miss Call’’ service from the top of the window. If your default service is Missed Call than that window will open automatically once you log in.

2. In ‘misscall’ setting you can view the details of your particular provided missed call mobile number along with other important details like auto-reply, forward to, webhook URL, auto-reply status, content type, expiry date, date of allotment and action.

If you wish to edit pre-drafted auto-reply of that particular number then click on the edit button given in Action.

3. Once you click that, a new window will open that gives various editable option apart from auto-reply.

In the text, SMS box selects the language (Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi etc) in which you want to send your message to the caller. If you want content in the Hindi language than select Unicode.

Our system will automatically convert your typed reply SMS into the Hindi language.

Also, don’t forget the character limit of SMS i.e 160. If you have written more than this, 2 SMS credits will be deducted from your account.

How to upload CSV file?

Uploading database of thousands of customers, employees, suppliers, clients, dealers are now easier at MsgClub platform. Being a marketer you need to reach out to your audiences at the same time when you need. For businesses who’re making the use of bulk SMS service for customer engagement, business leads and for a lot more reasons, our team has developed a smart solution that helps clients to upload their data in CSV file for sending bulk SMS messages.

Below listed are the two-ways through you can send text messages to your targeted set of audience.

1. Transactional SMS or Promotional SMS via CSV upload

2. Personalize SMS via CSV upload.

Send SMS

Step 1

Once you buy SMS credits, go to our panel ‘send SMS’ option and select your route, sender ID and SMS description.

Step 2

In the mobile number box, you will get ‘Import CSV’ option at the right of your screen. Go there, download its sample, make your customer database sheet according to the downloaded format and then upload it within a click.

Your uploaded contacts will be shown as per the given image.

Personalize SMS

Step 1

At our platform, you can add the name of your recipient and other personal details like percentage, account balance etc.

Step 2

In personalize SMS drop-down you will get an option ‘Upload File’ where you can choose your CSV file of any format from a desktop.

Once, you upload our robust system will automatically save it as a draft. In future you need not have to upload that same database again.

So, make your bulk SMS marketing simpler at our platform. Also, make sure you have created your database in the proper format (as per our given sample).

If not our system will you show an error. We support only CSV format so always try to save your recipient or subscribers mobile number sheet in Comma Separated Value format.

For other queries & concerns, you can contact our experts at 8878601181, 9993089777. If you want to know more about services you can visit our website

What are API SMS and OTP SMS? Let’s learn

These days, bulk SMS is in trend to ensure a great number of conversions from people sitting across the globe. Mainly, there are two-type of SMS services that fall under the category of text SMS marketing and one can easily enable the best promotions of their brand in the best possible manner.

However, there are two kinds of sources through which business owners can spread information in the most convenient and secure manner.



Application programming interface (API) is a set of rules and regulations that are properly followed in the manner of generating the information as well as business communication among the public that enables developers to achieve positive outcomes. These APIs are available in various programming languages like SMS API Asp, Java, etc and it is helpful in software or website integration at the same time.

With the integration of SMS API gateway businesses can bring delight on the face of potential customers in order to get the best reliable sources. Through the seamless way of promotion, one can have great ROI and goof customer’s lead.

Some key features of API SMS gateway:

Real-time DND filtration of mobile numbers that ensures great results in a short span of time.

  • Various kinds of API available like Schedule SMS API, DLR API, select the best one and make your business operations smoother.

  • Proper authentic delivery reports available to get good SMS mechanism to ensure great SMS delivery mechanism.

  • Get free asp SMS API of MsgClub and set up bulk SMS services in no-time. Our API is available easily on the interface along with the ready-to-access sample codes.


OTP’s have now become an important part of any business. For extra customer security, or for mobile number verification banks, e-commerce stores or any other organization who deal in online services are making use of OTPs. These SMS have an instant delivery option of 3-5 seconds so that a user may not face any problem in making digital payments.

Some key features of OTP SMS:

  • Easy integration of the channels for higher advantages such that businesses could ensure to have a proper network.

  • Fastest, dedicated and smart route for one-time-password SMS delivery on users mobile number.

  • Live delivery report of all SMS sent through the server.

How to export ‘’Delivery Report’’ of your text messages???

At MsgClub you can measure the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns easily through our authentic delivery reports. On our interface clients can get the real-time status of all sent campaign. It describes the brief status of the transactional, promotional SMS or OTP messages sent by you.

Because understanding the different status in DLR is very important to realize the ROI you might have gained from that SMS campaign. Moreover, we also provide delivery reports of other things like SMPP DLR, Scheduled DLR, Send SMS Outbox, Failed API all under the same option.

Even, you can export each and every DLR on your desktop into CSV format. Given-below I am sharing simple steps that you need to follow before downloading reports of 7 Days and more.

1. Sign-in to your account at, go to ‘Delivery report’.

2. Under this, by default, you will get 7 days DLR of your text messages. If you wish to export or download a single report that you can move your cursor on the Action option and then click button highlighted in the below-given image.

3. In case, if you have a requirement to view more than 7 days delivery report than go to ‘More DLR’.

4. Select the start date and end date to get reports of messages between the selected dates. For example, You have selected start date of 1st August and end date of 20th August all 20 days SMS delivery reports will get automatically exported into your system.

Note: You will get last 1-month delivery only at our interface.

5. Just open it and get each and every detail like request ID, mobile number, sender ID, status, route name, sent date/time, delivered date/time & username.

If you’re working as our bulk SMS reseller you can even view the reports of your client also. In the ‘’Delivery Report’’ option you will get a drop down showing ‘’self’’ in which you can select client.

Search your customer username, select start/end date and click show button to get 7 Days DLR and last 1 month DLR.

What is actually sender Id in bulk SMS marketing

SMS is a part of telecom, which is regulated by the government of India. A few years back, the price of was as low as 1 paise per SMS. Every small and big business marketer latched onto this cost-effective marketing tool. With lots of text messages into subscribers inbox, they started feeling discomfort. So, to avoid telemarketing unwanted calls and messages TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has given guidelines to regulate text messaging for commercial purpose. With several amendments following the regulations, SMS is now classified as Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS.

Transactional SMS

There are certain guidelines given by TRAI regarding transactional SMS. An enterprise can give information to their customers, employees, clients regarding their business. It can be a reminder for a meeting or any transaction made on the bank account. Below I am sharing broad categories which can be treated as transactional SMS category-

Education Institutes: Information regarding attendance, parents teacher meetings, cultural events can be shared with parents or guardians or students.

Airlines/Railways: Information given by airlines or Indian railways to its passengers regarding travel schedules, flight delays, ticket booking, and reservation.

E-commerce Stores: Information sent by online shopping stores in response to transactions made by their buyers, shipping status, refund updates etc.

Banks & Insurance Agencies: Banks can give alert to their account holders regarding any debit/credit transaction. For net banking, OTPs can be sent for mobile number verification. Insurance companies can update their clients regarding any new policy and can send timely reminders regarding due payment etc.

Promotional SMS

As the term indicates, any SMS which is sent for the marketing purpose is known as a promotional SMS. Mobile subscribers can register under NDNC into following categories:

  • Banking / Insurance / Financial products / credit cards

  • Real Estate

  • Education

  • Health

  • Consumer goods and automobiles

  • Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT

  • Tourism and Leisure

If none of the above categories

As a business, you can only send Promotional SMS messages between 9 AM and 9 PM. All the text messages will have a 6 digit numeric sender id prefixed with operator code like VK123456

Coming to the point, business organizations and enterprises have to create their own sender ID on the bulk SMS service provider interface. They can also send text messages with the sender id of their brand name/company name/product name.

At MsgClub interface, run your bulk SMS campaign with an ease because at our platform sender ID approval is much simpler. Just create a simple request within 1 hour your request will get approved by our team experts.