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SMS Marketing Tips for Creative Professionals

SMS Marketing Tips for Creative Professionals

A while back we made a few suggestions of SMS marketing ideas for creative professionals like musicians and bands, writers, painters, and studio owners. But it’s a big creative world out there and more than a few creative types were left out of the original post. Consider this a “sequel” of sorts, covering other careers that might not have the marketing firepower of Fortune 500 companies but can still make their mark via SMS.


The beauty of the Internet is that it makes self-publishing much easier for those who create their own graphic novels and comic strips. Gaining fans who will read your work, however, is still a challenge. Start by opening an opt-in bulk SMS account and getting cozy with basic SMS service API concepts. As an illustrator, your use of links to promote visual media is not just accepted but expected. Show previews of your work, develop sketches of new characters with your audience and greet them every morning with a “one panel” comic. In fact, an exclusive comic series only for subscribers to your SMS group (akin to a “webisode” for popular TV series) is a great perk for joining your group.

Fashion Designers

Looking good is an art. And for many, picking out the right clothes to do that is akin to witchcraft. Feel free to use your SMS Provider account not only to promote your own collection but also to promote your knowledge of fashion and design. Help your subscribers create great looks from the stuff they already have in their closets. What goes with what? What should be donated? What needs to be incorporated more often? Your industry has a lot of questions customers are too busy or afraid to ask. Put the answers right on their cell phones.

Graphic Designers

For the artist with the technical acumen to take their talents to a graphic or digital medium, Voice Call Marketing is a great way to boost business. Target your account toward small business owners and treat them to tips and examples of what great, creative graphic design (like, say, the kind you provide) can do for them. As a graphic designer, you know how something as simple as a logo could make all the difference between an iconic brand and an also-ran. Explain this to potential clients via SMS and you stand to earn new business at the rates you deserve.

Chefs and caterers

Even if the restaurant you work for doesn’t do any SMS marketing, you still can. In this foodie-crazed society, chefs have become the new working-class celebrities. Just a photo of your culinary offerings can dazzle the eye and stimulate the imagination. And the chef who can help folks replicate their work in their own home will gain fans for life. Much like your illustrators, your group SMS account will benefit from a healthy dose of MMS and like designers, it will also benefit from you sharing key knowledge and experience with members.

Most creative professionals work independently as freelancers or as part of a very small firm of other professionals. If you are one of those professionals, you are your own marketing department. It’s a big job, but one made easier with group SMS service Addon . Take advantage of SMS marketing now so you can focus the rest of your energy on what you do best.

Bulk SMS Service for Event Managers

Bulk SMS Service for Event Managers 

Utilizing Bulk SMS Service provider for Event Managers can soar the achievement of your event. As there is a tremendous interest in event managers, it is needed to have an appropriate wanting to administer an event effectively. Dealing with an event is definitely not a basic assignment. It requires arranging at every single step with the goal that the event works out positively. Gone are where event directors depend on messages, hoardings, flyers for advancement. Today if an event management organization needs to develop and succeed it needs to think imaginatively. SMS Marketing has gotten a move the manner in which event advancements are made. With the assistance of text messaging, you can make the right procedure, set up a communication with your intended interest group, and attract the correct group. Let us discover how to do it. 

How Bulk SMS Services are helpful for Event Managers? 

Simple advancement

You can advance your event by sending messages to your customers through SMS. You can even link PDFs of handouts, pamphlets, page links, and so forth in the attachment. Hence it spares time and data will get conveyed in an issue-free way. 

Send updates

Send updates educating your clients about the date, time, scene of the event. Rather than calling or sending OTP SMS for Service Providers, sending updates through SMS is a superior method to connect with your customers. 

Generally moderate

Promoting an event through text messaging is more reasonable than spending a tremendous measure of cash on the conventional marketing apparatuses which don't ensure any outcomes. 

Send tickets by means of SMS

Nobody needs to remain in a long line to gather a ticket. Spare paper and time by sending tickets to the event in the SMS. This will likewise add to your image worth and lift advancement. 

Direct reach 

The customary types of marketing like print media, radio ads, hoardings, and so on don't give any assurance whether the message which was planned for the client is perused or not. These things regularly go unnoticed and furthermore include weighty use. While in instant message promoting as it is conveyed on cell phone there is a 100% guarantee that it is perused by our crowd. This makes it the best type of advertising. 

Arrive at millions in a moment or two

Bulk SMS is the unrivaled device that can reach a large number of individuals at a single click. You can send messages to every one of your customers immediately. 

Sell more tickets

If your tickets are not getting sold, you can send bulk SMS with discounted rates to your customers. You can present choices like "Carry a companion with you and get 25% off in general sum." This will positively build the rate at which the tickets are sold and it will urge individuals to go to the event. 

Connect with your customers

People react better when they are kept drawn in and eager to go to the event. You can make reference to some fascinating features of the event with regards to the SMS. On the off chance that the scene is excessively far, at that point you can likewise incorporate an area map in the SMS for greater clearness. Likewise, remember to incorporate thank you toward the finish of your message. 

Bulk SMS Example for Event Managers 

Transactional SMS Examples 

Dear Guest "Your pass to the musical show is confirmed. It would be ideal if you show up on schedule." 

Dear Guest "This is to advise you that you have booked tickets for the 'New Year Party' at Hotel Sayaji. The event will begin at 9 PM. It would be ideal if you show up on schedule." 

Promotional SMS Examples 

Dear Guest "Keep your children glad this late spring with Free entrance to the Child Museum. Call us for additional subtleties." 

Dear Guest "It is safe to say that you are prepared for the greatest web-based media event of the year? Look at the total subtleties at our website and register now." 

Because of the requesting nature and serious competition in the event management business, appropriate measures ought to be incorporated to make it a triumph. Subsequently, to make due in the field of relentless competition, it is crucial to thoroughly consider the case and be inventive with our marketing systems. For this reason, bulk SMS is the best medium. As it is a sensible technique, gives direct availability to our customers, and compasses in a small number of seconds, it is broadly acknowledged and used by well-known organizations everywhere in the world. Bulk SMS Services for event managers will enable this industry to develop and flourish. Pick Msgclub as your Bulk SMS provider and begin communicating with your customers quickly. We put forth every conceivable attempt to give you the best SMS service at totally moderate rates. Join presently to profit from the advantages.