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Reasons Why You Should Invest In Cloud Telephony Solutions

Reasons Why You Should Invest In Cloud Telephony Solutions

How about we help your business to the most extreme top with our Cloud Telephony Solutions. We furnish you with an assortment of computerized promoting services in our Cloud Telephony entries like Bulk SMS services, Voice Broadcasting, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Missed Call Services, and Toll-Free Number

There are a limitless number of reasons why you should utilize our Cloud Telephony Solutions to get new allure your business, below we are expressing somewhere in the range of nine significant reasons: 

Cloud Telephony System: 

Is it true that you are as yet sticking on to an out-dated phone framework for communication in your organization? Get some serious communication services with our Cloud Telephony System to draw in more new clients, while at the same time assembling your repo on the lookout. 

Coordinate a voice in your business: 

Make an enchantment in the initial introduction itself with our voice coordinating services. Voice SMS is only one of numerous methods of conveying in this day and age. Our cloud-based communication services disentangle the trading of data progressively and permit coordinated effort over the entirety of your organizations. Have you an excessive number of organizations? Try not to stress, we will deal with all the approaches in one framework and one spot. 

Adaptable and Scalable: 

Cloud Telephony Services get the straightforwardness of your business with the goal that you could watch out for all your business communications through call logs and accounts. Try not to botch a chance to pull in a lead with us. 

From High-End Security to High-End Voice Quality: 

Your phone framework sits in the cloud, so the entirety of your information is securely vaulted away from our workers. Cloud-based phone frameworks are entirely solid and their call quality normally surpasses that of a usual phone framework. 

24X7 Availability: 

Regardless of where you are or how regularly you travel. We won't let it influence your business with our 24X7 expert help. In this way, make the most of your unreservedly with your family because your business is never going to get influenced by your nonappearance. 


The old telephonic framework requires a tremendous measure of time and cash separated from customary support. Utilizing our Cloud Telephony Solutions, you don't require costly hardware, an assistant, a call center, or gigantic upkeep cost. 

Easy to understand: 

Cloud phone frameworks are anything but difficult to work and anybody can oversee cloud-based communication services without requiring a lot of innovative information. This makes a cloud-based communication framework alluring for huge associations as well as particularly for little and moderate-sized organizations that don't have a multitude of professionals to deal with the calls. 

Undertaking yourself as a major organization: 

A solid brand personality is fundamental to take your business to new achievement statues. Assemble a brand image and generosity of your organization with us by utilizing our Cloud Telephony Solutions which depicts a picture of a decent organization with colossal market esteem. 

No modules required: 

Since all our work is in the cloud, you don't need to stress over any equipment or programming establishment. You can undoubtedly and right away introduce our Cloud Telephony Solutions which are helpful and adaptable to utilize.

How Pharmacists can utilize Bulk SMS Service?

How Pharmacists can utilize Bulk SMS Service?

The pharmaceutical Business is considered an evergreen business in India and has huge growth potential in the coming future. According to the reports from The Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 3000,000 pharmacists worked in pharmacies in 2020, including traditional pharmacies, pharmacies in hospitals, online pharmacies, and pharmaceutical wholesalers. The Pharmacy Industry in India has grown at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 15% over the past 5 years. Also, competition in this field is increasing like never before, hence there is an emerging need for a tool that can convey vital information to the clients and communicate with them speedily. SMS Service for Pharmacists is a direct channel to establish connectivity with the target audience at the lowest possible cost. If you have a pharmaceutical company and are looking for a channel for transmitting required information to your clients then Bulk SMS is the best tool for you. In this article, we will delve into how you can use Bulk SMS Service for Pharmacies.

Why Bulk SMS Service provider is Important for Pharmacists?

Bulk SMS Service serves as a powerful and affordable tool to communicate with your target audience in just a fraction of seconds. A large number of pharmaceutical companies are implementing SMS Service as the traditional channels of conversing with the clients are quite expensive, and does not guarantee immediate results. Also, these conventional tools are not as effective and personalized as Bulk SMS. SMS is the only medium that allows you to connect with your clients instantly in the most personalized way. Pharmacists can benefit immensely by incorporating a Bulk SMS Service. It can help in sending notifications, payment reminders, order updates, etc. to your clients with just a click of a button. Texting ensures that your message is read as it provides a whopping open rate of 98% which is the highest among all the marketing tools available in one’s arsenal. Some of the major reasons which make SMS Service the best among the rest are:

  • SMS has the highest open rate of 98%.

  • SMS is the only channel that enables us to deliver information in the fastest possible way.

  • SMS campaigns can be monitored and tracked from time to time to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign.

  • It is the most affordable tool to build instant connectivity with our clients.

Ways by which Pharmacists can use Bulk SMS Add-on

1. Dosage Reminder Updates

Sending texts for reminding the clients to take their dosage on time can help in increasing the engagement rates thereby resulting in building a deeper bond with the target audience. Medication reminders though appear simple but are capable of producing great results in no time. Texting is a powerful tool to ignite a personal touch with patients.

2. Create health awareness among patients

Bulk Messaging can be deployed to create awareness about health and the prevention of diseases. Patients feel a sense of connectivity with the brand they are using, and nothing could be more gratifying than receiving health tips from them. SMS API works best to bridge the gap between the pharmacy brand and the clients thereby adding value to the service.

3. Send SMS for repeated prescriptions

Commonly, a large number of medical prescriptions get repeated where the same patients regularly purchase the same medicines on a long term basis. The problem occurs when the patients do not collect their order as soon it gets ready resulting in occupying the valuable shelf space of the store. SMS can help in eliminating this problem by sending alert messages as soon as their medicine orders are prepared for collection.


4. Order collection SMS

With the help of Bulk SMS Service, you can easily notify your patients when their medicine order is ready to be picked up by them. This way it makes the task of a pharmacist easy and well-coordinated.

5. Send special offers, discounts via SMS

Bulk SMS Service is the best tool to grab immediate attention from the target audience in a hassle-free way. Using this mode, you can send offers, discounts, notify about the timings of your medical shop, etc.

6. Product restock notifications

These kinds of messages can be sent informing the client that their product is back in stock. It might happen sometimes that at the time of placing an order, a product was not available, and calling is not always appropriate for these kinds of issues. Thus, SMS can also be used to send messages related to product restock.

7. Send SMS suggesting products

Recommending products is a great way to enhance your sales and deepen your bond with your target set of customers.

Incorporating Bulk SMS Service for Pharmacists will be the most lucrative way of attracting more clients and establishing long term relations with them. It is vital to establish trust in the customers to convert your leads into loyal customers. Hence, integrating Bulk SMS Service will not just increase your client database but also help in increasing your sales without investing a large sum of money. Msgclub offers Best Bulk SMS Service at the lowest rates and has innumerable features capable of taking your pharmacy business to another level. Using the quality-driven Bulk SMS Service of Msgclub, you can remain connected with your clients and patients anytime, anywhere.