Bulk SMS Service

What Makes Bulk SMS A Crucial Platform For Industries?

Many of us know text messaging is a simple tool for communication that allows us to send messages quickly. But as per our research in last few weeks, SMS is more than just a way to chat. Many of the marketers and businesses rely on the bulk SMS services as it allows companies to deliver information about a new promotional content or a new product to their customers or target market with SMS.

Almost 24 billion of text messages are sent per day from different sources thus industries use this surest way to reach people. Furthermore, unlike email campaigns, SMS has an incredible open rate of 97% within three minutes of being received. Many small, medium and large sectors have realized it. Here are some of the industries who're using SMS as their new marketing & communication tool.


  • Send SMS related greetings and wishes to doctors and chemists on their birthday/anniversary.

  • Create product awareness among various doctors and field representatives using text messages.

  • Set reminders and alerts for participants regarding the meeting or any event.

  • Automate your system to send reports of turnover, yearly revenue, targets, MIS etc via SMS.

Tours & Travels

  • Inform about your packages, schemes, and discounts to prospective customers and members using bulk SMS.

  • Send reminders to tourists before their departure from the city.

  • Integrate SMS API into your website to send an automated response to inquiries or logins.

  • Wish your customers and interested customers for birthday, anniversary and festival.

Hotel, Clubs & Resorts

  • Invite your members and customers to events at your place and take feedbacks.

  • Send information to interested and potential visitors about your new packages, deals and offers through SMS on their registered number.

  • Built customer relationship via catching their attention through sending new discounts and wishes on birthday, anniversary and festival.

  • Share room details and location when they went for a holiday from our packages.

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Bulk SMS Services and E-commerce industry

Today's world is revolving around Internet. People are using Internet for surfing, any kind of information like to access emails, for bank transactions, to buy movie tickets, for online shopping,  for ordering food, to get connected with friends via social networking sites for all these they are using internet.

Bulk SMS Services seem to be the best platform for ecommerce companies and industry. Bulk SMS are instant, quick, reliable, user-friendly, cost-effective and secured form of communication. With the use of Bulk SMS Services for E-Commerce Industry, one can send out messages to wider customer base at a single click of a button. Sending out SMS regarding product launches, special offers, Information about sales, send warm greetings, delivery status, signup details, password reset, payment confirmation and many more. Though SMS helps to save lots of time and money for people in the e-Commerce business, it adds value to their customer satisfaction.

With the help of Bulk SMS messaging for e-commerce industry, you can boost sales and improvise your customer service for your website. One can smartly use Bulk SMS in E- commerce websites for various purpose like -

  1. Send SMS for Customer Service - In the E-commerce industry, customer service can be improved with the use of Bulk SMS Services. Customer can easily and directly communicate their queries, comments & feedbacks on your service via SMS. This helps to improves customer services.
  2. Send SMS for Payment Security - Increase your ecommerce portal, payment security process with the help of SMS services.Send them two factors of Authentication i.e  one time password (OTP) before through transaction.
  3. Send SMS for Shopping Cart - Send SMS alerts  to registered customers, inform them about delivery status, update confirmation etc. Regular update service via SMS encourage customer for repeat purchase.

  4. Send Special discount via SMS - Reward your loyal customer by sending special discounts to special customers on their special day.

  5. Send SMS to retain your customers - Bulk SMS services help to encourage customer to buy more. Send special discounts & offers to encourage customer for repeat purchase.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Services are -

  1. It helps to fill the gap between customer and owner.

  2. It is a very cheapest and reliable way to promote your website and services.

  3. You can send SMS alert to your customer regarding the delivery process of their order.

  4. You can send special SMS to new and existing customer regarding special discounts and offers.

  5. It helps to improve your security system by sending OTP to your customer.

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