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DLT Registration is Mandatory Now For SMS industry

Telecom Regulatory Of India(TRAI) has mandated the DLT registration System from 5th March 2020. It will help consumers to get rid of pesky and fraudulent calls & SMS. TRAI registration to prevent consumers from Unsolicited Commercial Communication(UCC) after a big number of cases filed by consumers against UCC last year. Enterprise & Sender Id registration is mandatory on the DLT platform to all who are using SMS and Voice Services.  Post 5th of March 2020, SMS services of only registered entities will be allowed by operators.

Why TRAI Introduced DLT registration

TRAI introduced this system to bring transparency in the telecom sector. Frauds were fooling customers and spammers were annoying them repeatedly and even after many complaints from the customers’ side, there were negligible actions against those spammers. Many of them remain untraceable because of different or irrelevant sender IDs. The method of resolution of those cases is excessively delayed as it takes seven days to consider a single case for relevant actions which are viewed as a notable time. These Fraud calls and SMS were expanding significantly even after the disconnection of telecom assets which was irritating clients over and over. Instances of exploitation were expanding and there was a long procedure for registration and de-registration.

Benefits for Different Entities

DLT registration will not only benefit the customers but it will benefit telemarketers and resellers as well in a better and effective way. Customers will come to know that every message they are receiving is genuine and they will at least give it a sort of attention that can benefit businesses throughout.

For Operators

It will assist with staying away from loss of business chances to them as it mitigates odds of exploitation of its clients because of bogus protests, Provide the capacity to follow any misrepresentation element if there should arise an occurrence of non-enrollment, Increase business opportunity by smoothening the procedures by means of computerization and empowering to rapidly locally available the telemarketers and will help in building client's trust.

For Telemarketers

It will give ease in working together, Avoids odds of loss of business of chances to UTMs due to snappy recognition of misrepresentation exercises, lower forthright expense while beginning a telemarketing business, Reduce chance as dangers of spurning of regulatory understandings would be less.

For Customers

It will engage them to know the degree and motivation behind the assent and legitimate confirmation, Customers will have more control to oversee assent and inclinations, they will dispose of constant spam SMS and annoying calls, Fewer odds of their exploitation.

DLT Registration Is Mandatory As Per TRAI’S New Regulations

Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India has mandated the Blockchain-based Distribution Ledger Transaction(DLT) System as Consumers Filed many complaints of Unsolicited Commercial Communications(UCC) last year. DLT is mandated to prevent consumers from UCC which is annoying them repeatedly from a long period of time.

As per the new regulations of TRAI DLT registration is mandatory from 5th February 2020. DLT system is a Blockchain with unique identification keys and specific time stamps. It will help Telcos to get rid of pesky or fraudulent calls and spam SMS. This is the first time in the world that any country is using Blockchain for Unsolicited Commercial communication(UCC). 


TRAI chairman RS Sharma told the news outlets that ”We will take it to other areas also after completion of this trial and after gaining enough knowledge. He also added “That Telemarketers are doing good work on UCC by using open source technologies, which means the absence of silos even if they are using different operators”. “This is a completely new ball game which is happening at a huge scale. Consent framework has been made absolutely explicit and more granular, such that you can give consent but can't have deemed consent,” he said.

In 2019, TRAI made a request to the operators and service providers to address this issue of unwanted calls and spam messages which are annoying their customers continuously. TRAI has also imposed penalties that vary from INR1000 to INR 50 Lakh for the telcos in case of violation of any guideline. They are also working to impose a protocol in which a particular number of messages can be sent out; For Example:- Let’s say 30 messages a day.


Assessments from some analysts state that this could become the world’s largest Blockchain system use in the telecom sector. Besides UCC this system can also be used in areas including Interconnecting settlements, Supply Chain Streamlining and Content partner settlements. DLT system will benefit mature and organized telemarketers who want to follow the law and want to work in accordance with TRAI regulations. To make this initiative successful, it is necessary for all stakeholders to come together and to ensure sound governance and enforcement of the technology.

During July-September 2019 consumers filed around 326,000 cases of unsolicited telemarketing calls and SMS. That is why the Telecom Regulatory of India mandated the Blockchain and DLT system that allows only registered users to participate in Telemarketing. It will help in Maintaining UCC hygiene and will prevent the end-users from fraudulent calls.

Aniket Goyal, Founder of Msgclub stated that “DLT registration is a dynamic step taken by TRAI to stop Unsolicited Commercial Communication. There are many frauds existing in market who sell services in the name of big organizations and fool the customers but now DLT will work as an impenetrable wall to pass through for these spammers and it will bring a sort of vibe of security among the telecom users but the registration process of DLT is a bit complicated because customers are not aware of it that is why our company Msgclub is all set to guide our customers during the whole registration process”.


It will benefit Telcos by Enabling capabilities in the system to define categories for preferences in a more granular manner and thus allowing them to precisely convey their interest areas. Empowering to know the scope and purpose of the consent and proper verification. Empowering customers to have more control to manage consent and Preferences. Implements choices to come very quickly into force. Enables faster resolution of UCC related complaints inconvenience to the customer because of UCC from UTMs. Avoid chances of their victimization because of false complaints and protect them from the disconnection of their telecom resources.

TRAI is Ready to Tackle Frauds and Spammers Through DLT

Telecom Regulatory Of India(TRAI) is mandating a Blockchain-based Distributed Ledger Transaction(DLT) System. It will help consumers to get rid of pesky and fraudulent calls & SMS. TRAI regulated this DLT system to prevent consumers from Unsolicited Commercial Communication(UCC) after a big number of cases filed by consumers against UCC last year. Enterprise & Sender Id registration is mandatory on the DLT platform to all who are using SMS and Voice Services. SMS services of only registered entities will be allowed by operators.

But DLT as a procedure is not that easy to understand as it looks as it raises many questions in mind like:-

  1. What is DLT?

  2. What is the need of DLT?

  3. Whom it will benefit and how? 

  4. Who required DLT Registration?

  5. Where to Register for DLT? - What is the Step of DLT Registration?

  6. Facing problem In DLT registration? 

What Is DLT?

      Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT) is a Blockchain-based registration system. This Ledger keeps track of all the records of transactions made by network participants. Every record consists of cryptographic signatures and a specific timestamp that helps in auditing and prevents fraudulent transactions.

    In simple words “Under the DLT registration system Telemarketers has to register themselves with the operator as a unique entity. We can also say that it is a type of entity registered under the DLT system. Registration is mandatory for every Telemarketer with the operator and also for the resellers &users With the Operator through Telemarketer”.

What is the need of DLT?

     During July-September In 2019, Customers filed 326,000 cases of spam and frauds which is a huge number and the procedure of resolution of those cases is too slow as it takes seven days for any resolution which is considered a long period. These Fraud calls & SMS were increasing even after the disconnection of telecom resources which was bothering customers repeatedly.

     Even after disconnection Senders of UCC were non-traceable. Robocalls and Silent calls were increasing and that was annoying customers repeatedly. Cases of victimization were increasing and there was a long process for registration and de-registration.

     So, TRAI introduced this Blockchain-based DLT system due to which only registered users can send any commercial communication and all the telecom services of unregistered users will be stopped. Which will prevent customers from unwanted calls and SMS.

Whom it will benefit and how? 

           It will benefit Everyone Operators, Telemarketers, and Customers by bringing transparency in the registration system and by bringing Automation.

          For Operators, it will help to avoid loss of business opportunities to them as it mitigates chances of victimization of its customers on account of false complaints, Provide the capability to trace any fraud entity in case of non-registration, Increase business opportunity by smoothening the processes via automation and enabling to quickly onboard the telemarketers and will help in building customer’s trust.

         For Telemarketers, It will provide ease in doing business, Avoids chances of loss of business opportunities to UTMs because of quick detection of fraud activities, lower upfront cost while starting a telemarketing business, Reduce risk as risks of spurning of administrative agreements would be less.

        For Customers, It will empower them to know the scope and purpose of the consent and proper verification, Customers will have more control to manage consent and preferences, they will get rid of continuous spam SMS and pesky calls, Fewer chances of their victimization.

Who required DLT Registration?

          DLT registration is required for Telemarketers, Resellers, and Users with the operators. As per TRAI guidelines if any entity left unregistered then it will result in the stoppage of all telecom services.

         Telemarketers can directly register with operators and for users and resellers, they also have to register with the operator but through Telemarketers.

Where to Register for DLT? 

       For DLT registration Telecom operators Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Jio, TATA, and Videocon are conducting DLT registration on their respective portals.

We need you to proactively engage in this and register through the following link. We are here to guide you on the registration process.



Airtel :-

Vodafone :-

What are the Steps of DLT Registration?

Registration Process:

To comply with the new regulation, all enterprises need to be registered on the DLT system along with other details like Headers, Templates, and Consents:

Step 1: Entity/Enterprise registration includes details of KYC (Know Your Customer) documents like PAN, GST, TAN, CIN, etc. The process has been designed for easy and quick completion. Your organization will get a unique Entity ID.

Below are the required documents for registration and you can find the full registration manual here.

Business identity - PAN

Business entity Address proof - GST / TAN

Letter of Authorization - Co. authorizing the individual (format is available on the portal)


Step 2. Header (Sender ID) registration: Messages are classified into Promotional, Transactional, Service Explicit, and Service Implicit. Entities need to register all their headers on the platform. Every header gets a unique Header ID that is shared across other DLT platforms seamlessly.


  • SMS Header: 6-digit header for Promotional. 6-alpha header for Transactional/ Service

  • Voice Header: 140XX series for Promotional. Fixed-line number series (like 040, 044, 022) for Transactional/ Services

Step 3. Content Template Registration: Entities are required to register all their templates on the DLT system. Once a template is created, the entity retains the template ownership across all platforms. Every template gets a unique Template ID that is shared across other DLT platforms seamlessly.

Facing problem In DLT registration?


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