Bulk SMS Service

Why use SMPP application software in the E-commerce Industry

May it is a promotional text message or transactional bulk SMS, timely delivery is very crucial. Such message deliveries are accomplished easily by employing the SMPP protocol and SMPP application software. In easy words, SMPP protocol is a messaging protocol designed for sending and receiving large volumes of short messages across the globe quickly and effectively. 

Corresponding to the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry in the past decade, bulk SMS services via SMPP protocol are being widely employed in this domain. Taking a bird's eye view, one can easily spot the potential of e-commerce across the globe. With easy access to the internet and smart devices, customers can access e-commerce platforms from any part of the globe. In other words, the customer is given complete liberty to shop using this platform without taking into account the geographic distances. With such a wide business spectrum, e-commerce businesses need to employ an effective communication system that can be used to communicate effortlessly across the globe. SMPP service proves to be effective here. 

Sending e-commerce SMS with SMPP application software …

SMS marketing is regarded as one of the best modes of business marketing in the 21st century. Various SMPP server providers across the globe offer business units the tools for performing such marketing effectively and effortlessly. 

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As an e-commerce venture, you might wish to update your target audiences about the latest products and services offered by your venture. You might also wish to offer them on-going offers and seasonal discounts, etc. Sending promotional bulk SMS via SMPP services can be highly worthy in these situations. SMPP application can be regarded as an SMPP extension that connects business software to the world of bulk messaging. 

Generating organic traffic …

Distinctive to its nature, the e-commerce venture is completely digital. Unlike conventional stores, they do not own physical outlets and therefore, the only way customers can visit them is by browsing their websites on smart devices such as smartphones. By sending dedicated SMS and directive links to the website/offers, you can channel your audience directly to the products/categories you wish to tell your customers about. This method solely generates organic traffic for your e-commerce venture. 

Know the client-side Entity …

The combination of SMPP application and business software is technically regarded as ESME or an external short messaging entity. Simply put, this combination works as the client-side entity in SMPP server-client architecture. This entity is then forth linked with the SMPP gateway provided by reliable SMPP server provider such as MsgClub. Here, it is worth mentioning that the above-stated setup is extremely simple and often takes just a couple of minutes. Once the SMPP application is integrated into the business application, you can send/receive SMS from tens of thousands of business audiences with just a few clicks. 

MsgClub: A reliable SMPP service provider …

Talking specifically about e-commerce venture, the business needs to interact with millions of audience timely and effectively. Compromising on either of these standards cannot be entertained. MsgClub is a well-known SMPP service provider that proves to be a one-stop marketing solution for all e-commerce business and online portals. Apart from providing instant services and smooth messaging experience, the institution also offers its e-commerce clients ready-to-use SMPP application software and SMPP servers. Not to mention the added economic factor. Along with being highly effective and effortless, these SMPP services by MsgClub are certainly economic and yield high ROI. 

SMPP Service For Sending Messages to Any Part of the Country

Who doesn’t love text messaging? It’s fast, convenient and so simple form. SMPP services are launched by providers only to offer high-class delivery on large volume SMS marketing campaigns. is serving SMS services through short message peer-to-peer latest version protocol over many years. Aggregators are our focused clientele because this makes their SMS business more successful and effective than before. In the SMS Industry success comes only with high delivery rate and the launch of SMPP service has made it possible now, if incorporated into the right way.

Reasons to choose our SMPP solutions

  • Easy integration with any software or third-party system through API via HTTP, SMPP, and XML.

  • Sending SMS messages like verification SMS, event details, SMS promo campaigns in personalized and group SMS to any country is the game of few clicks.

  • Friendly user interface with detailed delivery reports, import/export of databases, mailing scheduler and more.

  • Connect to your robust SMPP server gateway via API and start sending large volume at special prices.

  • 24*7 technical support by experts about the SMS service work, assistance with the connection, SMS failure etc.

SMS marketing services help enterprises and large organizations to connect with their customers, no matter where they’re in the world. There are few reasons to use bulk SMS service-

Customer satisfaction

Potential customers are the need of any business. It is important for every business owner to give a security for a better retention rate. Safeguarding them via SMS on registered mobile number increases loyalty towards your business.

Get valuable insights

Use the SMPP server provider services for gathering customer feedback from a lot of people at the same time. You can run polling campaigns and surveys to know their opinion. The best thing about SMS is users usually respond within five minutes. It means companies can quickly gain marketing research results using powerful text messaging gateway.

Simplification of responses via long code

Long code via SMPP makes easy for the customers to respond back on SMS. All you need to provide SMS keywords for different campaigns. You can even play around with those keywords in other marketing tools like print media, advertisements etc. Simplify your promotional campaigns with different responses via long code virtual number.

SMPP is just like the normal SMS gateway but the only difference is it is more powerful. It has a throughput capacity of sending 200 messages per second, this means your thousands of messages can get send within a minute. If you purchase our SMPP server you will get-

  1. Reasonable price

  2. Comprehensive features like manage SMPP users

  3. High server uptime

  4. SMS sending via GSM terminal or any other gateway

  5. System test for free

  6. Easy setup

  7. Detailed reporting, viewing online statistics

In case of any technical issues while using our server panel or SMPP client application feel free to contact our team on 8349217770.