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Free Yourself From The Hassle - Send SMS API Remove Non-Printable Character From Message Content On Hit

If you deal with bulk SMS marketing, and also if you use SMS APIs for your SMS marketing campaigns, then you must have faced a situation when you have hit the API with non-printable characters in it. It is generally seen that some special characters often happen to be non-printable when sent in an SMS, and by that, we mean that they do not appear.

Now you need not give it a single thought, as we at the MsgClub are here to do that for you. We have resolved this issue of yours by introducing a new implementation.

Let us see how this new implementation is going to help our users.

  • Saves Credits

The non-printable and special characters are never printed in an SMS, but they still consume SMS credits as they actually are present there. With the removal of these characters, you’ll be able to save your SMS credits.

  • Saves Money

Removal of non-printable and special characters results in saved SMS credits, and that in turn saves us a lot of money, that could have got wasted otherwise.

In our old implementation, when a user uses SMS gateway API to shoot SMSes with normal textual message content, its entry will be done in the API log, but, when a user hits an API with one or more non-printable and/or special characters like emojis, its entry will not be shown in the API log. This created a lot of problems for users and it became way too difficult for them to find its entry in the API log.

This problem has been resolved now with our new implementation. What we do is that we promptly remove all the non-printable and/or special character from the bunch of API log processor whenever the user hits API with non-printable character(s) in the message content.This way the message with removed special character content is displayed in API log entry.

Free yourself from all the hassle. Meet the all-new MsgClub interface and experience a new way of SMS marketing.

Simple Integration of MsgClub bulk SMS API

Extend your bulk messaging needs with the provided set of MsgClub SMS API. Our aim is to make SMS marketing easy and therefore we provide various bulk SMS programming API so that user need not get stuck in any situation and can send SMS from anytime, anywhere. However, businesses can use our SMS API's for each & every purpose i.e single SMS API, personalize bulk SMS API, send SMS API etc.

Our developer team provides a wide range of bulk SMS API's to their users which helps them to avoid unnecessary coding and effort during setup. Our powerful APIs serve the purpose of bulk messaging for your customers. So what are you waiting for? Discover appropriate bulk SMS API for your needs and utilize our services to its best.

We provide bulk SMS API to send billions of messages directly from your own system or third-party application. You can integrate our send bulk SMS API in JSON and XML post. Read below to see our APIs and their essential parameters.

Send Bulk SMS API 1&mobileNos=9999999999,9999999999&smsContentType=english

Parameters name with description

Bulk SMS JSON API 1&mobileNos=9999999999,9999999999&smsContentType=english

Parameters with description

Bulk Single SMS XML API =1&mobileNos=9999999999,9999999999&smsContentType=english

Parameters name with description

So, integrate it today your all needs are answered on one platform. Our team provides bulk SMS gateway API for each and every purpose. You can also integrate our sample codes as per your choice of programming language. You can send SMS using PHP, Java,, VB 6.0 and more. Moreover, if you wish to send SMS in high volume than you can use our XML API.

Bulk SMS API with sample code in C#

To make your task easier. We provide you Bulk SMS API with Sample code in C# so that, you do not need to develop the API and source code and with this, you can directly integrate our ready to use Bulk SMS API and Source Code in your software (developed in C# language).     

These codes will help a developer to understand and implement SMS gateway API into their own software, Windows or Web application. Whether your Software serves the purpose of Customer relationship management (CRM), Billing, accounting, Reports /content management, HR management, Marketing, Order management, Product life cycle (PLC) management, warehouse management or any other. The developed API and ready made scripts in C# by the technical team of Msgclub are making API Integration easy.

Here we too provide various Bulk SMS C# API for various different functions.

Send SMS API - If you want to send SMS from your software to your customers just integrate our Send SMS API and start sending SMS in few seconds.

Scheduled Sending API - If you want to Schedule your SMS, you can use our Scheduled SMS API.


smsContentType=english&scheduleddate=26/08/2015 17:00

Get Balance API - If you want to get the balance information, then you can use our Get Balance API  

Add Balance API -  If you need to add balance in your client’s account,you can use our Add Balance API.

Source Code in C#→

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Linq;

using System.Text;

namespace ConsoleApplication8


   class Program


       static void Main(string[] args)


           string serverURL1 = "";//eg IP or Domain     

           string authkey1 = "sample auth key" // "Sample Auth key" 'eg -- 16 digits alphanumeric;

           string message1 = "Sample message"; //eg "message hello ";

           string senderId1 = "Sample sender id";//eg -- Testin 6 Alphabet'

           string routeId1 = "sample route id";// eg 1;

           string mobileNos1 = "Samplemobile no1, Samplemobile no2";//eg '99999999xx,99999998xx

           string smsContentType1 = "english";//or Unicode

           string groupId1 = "Sample Group";// eg 1

            string scheduledate1 = ""; //optional if(scheduledate  eg “26/08/2015 17:00”);

            string signature1 =""; //optional if(signature available  eg “1”);

            string groupName ="";//optional if(groupName available eg “1”);

           Sendsms.HitApi hitAPI = new Sendsms.HitApi();

           Console.WriteLine("GetAPI Return Value ::"+hitAPI.hitGetApi(serverURL1,authkey1, message1, senderId1, routeId1, mobileNos1, smsContentType1, groupId1, scheduleddate1, signature1, groupName));    





These are the easily Integratable API and source code. If you have any query regarding API, feel free to ask. Click here to Contact us.