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Send SMS via Bulk SMS VB.NET API and Sample Code

Do you want to Send SMS from your software/application?

Are you searching for Bulk SMS VB.NET API with source code in VB.NET?

And You don’t want to spend time and money in writing codes.

Then you are at right place, Use our ready to use scripts, in order to send SMS from your own software or application.Yes, we provide you Send SMS API and source code in VB.NET, so you can send SMS by doing API integration into your software or application and start sending SMS in minutes.

We also provide you schedule SMS API, Get balance API and Add balance API with the source code in VB.NET and much more.  

Bulk SMS  API -

Scheduled Bulk SMS VB.NET API -


english&scheduleddate=26/08/2015 17:00

Get Balance VB.NET API -   

Add balance VB.NET API -  

Sample / Source Code for VB.NET →

Module Module1

Sub Main()


   Dim sendsmscall As New SendSMSVBDotNet.SendSms

   Dim url As String

   Dim url1 As String

   Dim yourAuthKey As String

   Dim message As String

   Dim senderid As String

   Dim routeid As String

   Dim mobileNo As String

   Dim smsType As String

   Dim scheduleTime As String

   Dim signature As String

   Dim groupName As String

   Dim builder As New StringBuilder

      url = "Sample URL for Post and Get"    ' URL = "Sample"  'eg--       

      yourAuthKey = "Sample Auth key" 'eg -- 16 digits alphanumeric

      message = "Sample message to sent" '"Hello this is test"

      senderid = "Sample Sender Id" '"Sample" 'eg -- Testin'

      routeid = "Sampe route Id" 'eg 1

      mobileNo = "Sample Mobile No" 'eg-- '99999999xx,99999998xx

      smsType = "english" 'eg - english or unicode  

      scheduleTime = "Sample Schedule time"

      signature = "Sample Signature"

      groupName = "Sample Group Name"

      sendsmscall.sendSmsGet(url, yourAuthKey, message, senderid, routeid, mobileNo, smsType, scheduleTime, signature, groupName)




   End Sub

End Module

Easily integrable Bulk SMS VB.NET API and its source code are here. For more details, you can contact us.    

Bulk SMS API with sample code in C#

To make your task easier. We provide you Bulk SMS API with Sample code in C# so that, you do not need to develop the API and source code and with this, you can directly integrate our ready to use Bulk SMS API and Source Code in your software (developed in C# language).     

These codes will help a developer to understand and implement SMS gateway API into their own software, Windows or Web application. Whether your Software serves the purpose of Customer relationship management (CRM), Billing, accounting, Reports /content management, HR management, Marketing, Order management, Product life cycle (PLC) management, warehouse management or any other. The developed API and ready made scripts in C# by the technical team of Msgclub are making API Integration easy.

Here we too provide various Bulk SMS C# API for various different functions.

Send SMS API - If you want to send SMS from your software to your customers just integrate our Send SMS API and start sending SMS in few seconds.

Scheduled Sending API - If you want to Schedule your SMS, you can use our Scheduled SMS API.


smsContentType=english&scheduleddate=26/08/2015 17:00

Get Balance API - If you want to get the balance information, then you can use our Get Balance API  

Add Balance API -  If you need to add balance in your client’s account,you can use our Add Balance API.

Source Code in C#→

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Linq;

using System.Text;

namespace ConsoleApplication8


   class Program


       static void Main(string[] args)


           string serverURL1 = "";//eg IP or Domain     

           string authkey1 = "sample auth key" // "Sample Auth key" 'eg -- 16 digits alphanumeric;

           string message1 = "Sample message"; //eg "message hello ";

           string senderId1 = "Sample sender id";//eg -- Testin 6 Alphabet'

           string routeId1 = "sample route id";// eg 1;

           string mobileNos1 = "Samplemobile no1, Samplemobile no2";//eg '99999999xx,99999998xx

           string smsContentType1 = "english";//or Unicode

           string groupId1 = "Sample Group";// eg 1

            string scheduledate1 = ""; //optional if(scheduledate  eg “26/08/2015 17:00”);

            string signature1 =""; //optional if(signature available  eg “1”);

            string groupName ="";//optional if(groupName available eg “1”);

           Sendsms.HitApi hitAPI = new Sendsms.HitApi();

           Console.WriteLine("GetAPI Return Value ::"+hitAPI.hitGetApi(serverURL1,authkey1, message1, senderId1, routeId1, mobileNos1, smsContentType1, groupId1, scheduleddate1, signature1, groupName));    





These are the easily Integratable API and source code. If you have any query regarding API, feel free to ask. Click here to Contact us.