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SMS gateway India for complete scheduling of Business Greetings

SMS gateway India for complete scheduling of Business Greetings

Establishing business associations with your customers is the most ideal way to promote your investment and all the while extending your client base. In the process to do as such, the combination of Bulk SMS gateway India with a good bulk SMS reseller will end up being surprisingly efficacious. With these services, without a doubt, you can not just speak with customers in a day whenever you want but in addition, you will guard their secrecy also. This is reasonably unrealistic while using phone advertising. 

Let us examine how might you use bulk SMS services for sending clients greeting messages.

Send business greetings through bulk SMS gateway

Who doesn't consider receiving uncommon welcome and consideration? With SMS services you are highlighted to give your customers the equivalent. State, for example, you need to send your clients happy or regular welcome, you can just compose a message and send it to the dedicated interest group. To make the method significantly easier, Bulk SMS Resellers offer impelled SMS application interfaces. These interfaces are framework programming that can be incorporated inside your business perspective and afterward used for sending/accepting mass messages with easy to use web/windows assistance. 

These APIs furthermore accompany pre-introduced SMS arrangements. These setups are the predefined content examples or models that can be hastily utilized by you. In spite of the fact that predefined, the layouts are totally versatile and in this way can be changed to suffice your business needs. MsgClub offers an assortment of ready to-utilize formats. Plunging into the design library, you can get setups for birthday welcome, value-based updates, season welcome, happy messages and limits, commemoration SMS, and so on. Whatever might be your need, there is a layout to legitimize your need. 

On the off chance that you are believing that sending bulk messages requires incredible manual endeavors, at that point, you would be entirely astonished to realize that mass messaging is a known advertising system for the least manual endeavors. When you characterize the assignment that should be performed, bulk SMS interfaces take consideration for rest. 

To clarify the equivalent, let us state you wish to send your clients an extraordinary birthday welcome. Like most of the business database, you are probably going to have the birth dates of clients put away in business applications. With an appropriate mix of API with this application, you can expend a typical birthday SMS format from MsgClub and set the errand. Day by day, the API will check for records and send customized birthday welcome to clients having a birthday on that day. 


Today, a large number of business units require SMS services that are standard as well as fit their business needs. While a few establishments accentuate the utilization of value-based bulk messages, some need SMS services with improved special informing efforts. 

Any affiliate who can give it's business customers adaptability to pick a standard service that coordinates their prerequisites makes certain to hold the customers for long and in this manner manufacture a solid, unwavering customer base.

Use of Google Spreadsheet SMS Add-on for Schools

Bulk SMS for schools is an innovative notification system that allows them to make quick & hassle free communication between parents or guardians or students. However, most professional use spreadsheet to maintain data. Likewise, the use of sheet to maintain students data is so high!

So, we’re back again with another amazing Google spreadsheet to send instant SMS from it.

Msgclub incredible bulk SMS Google spreadsheet add-on makes the task of sending bulk text messages very easy for schools. This incredible feature of our bulk SMS software allows you to directly send thousands of messages to mobile phones across the world related to your organization in a single click.

Although, this add-on offers unmatched convenience by allowing authorities to send personally customized messages to the students or parents and don’t worry you’re getting the same functionalities that you get on the panel.

Now it’s time to go through the example to understand the use of bulk SMS via spreadsheet add-on.

For example- If a school management wants to remind its students about the presentation day, they have students data of the same section in one excel sheet and afterward, they can select to which group they want to inform presentation date & time.

If school authority wishes to send messages about presentation day in a personalized form they can do it simply with our ‘Custom SMS’ feature available at Google spreadsheet add-on. You can draft personalize SMS in this way-

Hello Shubham...Hope you’re doing well! The seminar presentation of ‘’Group A’’ will be at 8th September and be present at 8:30 am sharp in 15 no. classroom.

On the other hand, MsgClub providers another advantage where schools can even use SMS add-on for Google spreadsheet in their PC to schedule SMS when they’re busy in other work. If they want to remind parents about the last date of due fees they can just directly schedule message of a particular date/time in the extension box of our panel, automatically the SMS will get shoot on selected parents contact number without any delay.

Why is Bulk SMS important for schools?

  • To send a notification to parents & guardian about school closure due to bad weather condition.

  • To reduce telephone bill cost and also saves time because calling to every single student or parent is impossible.

  • To remind parents about the upcoming fest, special announcement or parents teacher meeting.

  • To send attendance of students.

  • To reach each parent privately within a 5 second.

  • To send due fees reminders.

So, don’t wait for the right time? Integrate our Google Spreadsheet add-on in your PC’s and start sending bulk sms to different people sitting across the globe. If you want to install it, read our blog to know how to install spreadsheet addon into your system.

What are the Utilisation of Google Spreadsheet add-on via

Google Spreadsheets More Useful Than You Thought

Every industry has its own set of tools and extremely talented marketers have spreadsheets. The use of Google Spreadsheets isn't just for accountants; it is much more than math. A well-designed spreadsheet will help you to organize a team, clarify goals and even map out complex tasks.

As many of the companies manage their customers and client database in the spreadsheet itself, so for this reason, MsgClub has launched bulk SMS Google spreadsheet addon. However, industries are now able to send thousands of text messages along with the detailed delivery reports right from their database. They need not switch back and forth to the panel for SMS marketing. This add-on is specially introduced to save you time, efforts and help you to send SMS efficiently to all your contacts from the sheet itself.

Now, let's look at some example how different industries can take benefits of Google Spreadsheet Add-On.

Educational Institutes

When it comes to sending SMS directly from your existing student's spreadsheet where information is managed in various columns like Name, Class, Age, Contact Number, Marks obtained and more. MsgClub spreadsheet add-on has made schools, colleges, and universities job easy. You can send personalized messages to each student even same SMS to multiple parents also.

You can draft you personalize messages in this way:

Example 1 -

Hello  ##COL1$$ You have scored ##COL4$$ in your first internal examination. Good luck to you for your future goals!

Preview Message

Hello Ashavi Jain! Congratulations, You have scored 80% on your First Internal Examination. Good luck to you for your future goals!

Hello Ashrav Patidar! Congratulations, You have scored 78% on your First Internal Examination. Good luck to you for your future goals!

Example 2 -

Hello,  ##COL5$$ We congratulate your son  ##COL1$$, he has been awarded as 'Star of the month' in the ##COL3$$.

Preview Message

Hello Mr. Jay Somani, We congratulate your son Chirag Somani, he has been awarded as the ‘Star of the month’ in the 5th Semester.

Hello Mr. Pradeep Agrawal, We congratulate your daughter Chitranshi Agarwal, he has been awarded as the ‘Star of the month’ in the 5th Semester.

Bulk SMS for parents and students

Dear Parents,

We would like to inform you that, there will be a national holiday on 26th January on the occasion of republic day. Fifth To Twelve Standard classes will begin from 27th January itself.

Hello Everyone,

Our institute is organizing an ‘Annual Fest’ from 5th November to 7th November those who’re interested to participate kindly contact to your club coordinators.

Human Resource Department

Every small and large company hired HR executives for the smooth functioning of their management. The use of Google Spreadsheet is likely to be higher here. Although, 90% of the management executives fill their employee's data in a google spreadsheet. So, if they need to send SMS regarding salary credit, any notification about the holiday or anything else HR can send messages Bulk SMS Google Sheets Plugin directly from the employee's database without any hassle.

You can draft you to personalize messages in this way:

Good Morning  #COL1$$# Your monthly salary of ##COL6$$ for the post of  ##COL3$$ has been credited to your  ##COL7$$ account. Kindly give me confirmation on mail for the same.

Preview Message

Good Morning Shalvi, Your monthly salary of 15000/- for the post of a content writer has been credited to your Uco bank account. Kindly give me confirmation on mail for the same.

Examples of bulk SMS for employees

Dear All,

Sorry for your inconvenience. We would like to inform you all that we have postponed employee of the month celebration. It will be held tomorrow, Saturday, 10th February 2018.

Good Morning All,

Our company is going to organize a cultural event for all of their employees. So, I request you to kindly give your names for activities to team leader.

Well, the utilization of bulk SMS Google Spreadsheet add-on not gets end here. As every business organization has its own set of SMS marketing strategies so, we made their text messages task easier for them. Now they are able to send SMS directly from the sheet without switching back the window.