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Uncertainties in Cloud Communication and Ways to Avoid Them

Uncertainties in Cloud Communication and Ways to Avoid Them

Call Tampering 

Call tampering really includes the tampering of a continuous Missed call. Generally, such assaults cause more disturbance than harm as assailants regularly ruin the sound quality by infusing the sound packages containing a lot of commotion. The hacker may cause trouble in the calls by infusing the bundles and even reason a quiet circumstance by holding the sound bundles. Regardless of whether it isn't as hazardous still it hurts the brand notoriety. 

Huge organizations frequently hold all numbers like their telephone numbers to check this issue. It is prescribed for little organizations to keep their customers on the up and be careful with any dubious exercises. 

Phreaking and Eavesdropping 

In phreaking, an attacker breaks into the cloud telephone lines and obtains the entrance of all services being conveyed by the Cloud Communication Provider. The telephone phreak, at that point, may utilize these services for ill-conceived utilization like settling on various decisions, adding augmentations, and routing the business calls wrongly. 

In eavesdropping, a hacker can take advantage of a continuous call and tune in to significant data like worker names, passwords, financial information like Visa or ledger data, telephone numbers, and other information. The hacker utilizes this data to get to charging data, the organization’s gateway, call plans, and others. 

Man-in-the-middle Attacks 

These Attacks are more complex than other cloud communication dangers like call tampering, phreaking, and listening in. In a MITM assault, a hacker (generally an individual) embeds itself as a transfer or intermediary between the worker machine and the caller. 

The hacker may show itself either as a genuine customer to the worker or as a worker to the customer. It catches all traffic between the situation and the customer, controls the information at whatever point required, and plays the pre-recorded messages. 

It turns out to be extremely hard to recognize a MITM attack or to eliminate it as immediate admittance to the switches.

Refusal of Services Attack 

In a DoS assault, hackers overpower the organization's frameworks with calls and flood the framework to debilitate the availability or the services advertised. The customers of the services in the then can't get to their information, this is finished by hindering the quantifiable assets like transmission capacity and processor power. 

Basically, it is utilized to impair the organization for a little length of time, to deal with the PC and organization frameworks, which further prompts requesting pay-off cash. Such assaults are normally executed from explicit IP addresses, so a believed firewall can assist with identifying and square them. DoS Attacks can likewise be distinguished on the IP PBX through Network Behavior Analysis. 

Malware and Viruses 

Generally, the customers need to introduce a product like a softphone in their PCs and programs to get to the services offered by the Cloud Communication Providers. These applications are inclined to virus and malware assaults like other PC programs. 

Having and keeping up antivirus programming or firewalls helps in fighting this danger. Organizations giving cloud services do guarantee that their customers gain admittance to bound together danger management programming which likewise gives them antivirus assurance.

Missed Call & SMS Marketing: A Modern Marketing Technique

Missed Call & SMS Marketing: A Modern Marketing Technique

There are a ton of new strategies and creative ways that organizations are giving their hands a shot to improve client support and assemble long haul connections. One such strategy is missed call advertising. Before we get into the different focal points that missed call marketing has for a business, let us initially comprehend what missed call marketing is and how it might be gainful. 

What is Missed Call Marketing? 

Missed call marketing is a technique that new organizations can use to advance their products and services. Organizations can deliver their phone number among the clients and approach them to give missed calls for any special or different purposes. The call is considered as a missed call because the call naturally gets disengaged after 2-3 rings in the wake of enlisting the clients' interest or reaction. 

What does Missed Call Marketing mean for Customers? 

For all the clients out there, missed call marketing can be a laid back and effectively open technique to connect with a business. Clients today don't have a lot of time because of their bustling ways of life and like to connect with organizations through snappy and advantageous strategies. This is advantageous for clients who don't approach the web consistently and are lacking in balance more often than not. 

Clients like the miss call service with regards to speedy question endings, for example, checking the bank balance, telephone bill, or making a choice. 

How is Missed Call Service Beneficial for Business? 

Missed call marketing can assist a business with developing satisfying different objectives or targets at the same time. These objectives or targets incorporate making and improving brand mindfulness, drawing in significant leads, and aiding in the analysis of campaigns. Missed call advertising is another age marketing strategy that gives a powerful and effective method of building brand advancement. 

Allow us to plunge further into how missed call marketing is helpful for organizations today. 

Time Optimization 

Time is a basic factor in this day and age. This is valid from both clients just as the organization viewpoint. Individuals today would prefer not to invest their energy in rounding out long enrollment structures to enlist themselves for any help. All things considered, a much easier technique would be for them to leave a missed call at the given organization phone number and let the experts connect them up sometime in the future. 

Missed Call service can assist with dodging the disgruntlement of numerous clients and guarantee that clients keep on putting stock in the organization. Additionally, on the off chance that you look from an alternate side, an organization adequately diminishes their expenses by effectively interfacing with the clients without utilizing the additional labour and equipment at various areas. 

Client Data & OTP Verification 

In 2018, research was directed which indicated that around 15.4 million customers turned into the victims of fraud. It’s a well-known fact that deceitful practices are uncontrolled everywhere on the web, and most of the time, the fraudsters act like specialists or agents of the organizations. This is a reason for worry for organizations as it can prompt terrible advertising with their crowd. Missed call services go about as a defensive hindrance for organizations against the awful picture that the fraudster activities cause. 

How it works is, clients are approached to give a missed call to the confirmed number and authority phone numbers given by the organization. When the client settles on the decision, the automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can check the number of the client. This component is exceptionally useful in sifting through phoney and spam calls. 

Numerous web-based business organizations, eateries, and other online specialist services can utilize missed call service to check the choices picked by their clients. For example, if their clients choose Cash-On-Delivery choice, at that point, it should be properly confirmed to keep away from any enormous misfortunes. Any such misfortune will be caused by the organization's end. 

High Flexibility 

Organizations can contact a more extensive segment across both metropolitan and country territories, as now clients from both metropolitan and rustic social orders have telephones. It empowers them to arrive at organizations utilizing their phones which is a period just as cost-effective technique. Aside from focusing on the people with cell phones, missed call service can likewise be utilized by the individuals’ fundamental phones or landlines. This adaptability causes the organizations to target a more extensive measure of individuals with their missed call service. 


This is something which needn't bother with a ton of clarification. It costs nothing for clients to give a missed call, aside from possibly a couple of moments. Missed call service satisfies the business reason without costing time and cash to the clients. This likewise helps in building great client relations. 


Reviews and surveys led through messages is an enormous weight on the two organizations and clients. What's more, clients don't lean toward this strategy for reviews as it requests them to contribute a great sum from time and exertion. 

Though, miss calls for votes and surveys save significantly additional time and cash. It focuses on all sorts of clients if they are mechanically knowledgeable. Indeed, even clients with landlines telephones can partake in such reviews which makes the range of the surveys more extensive.

How Industries in India Are Using Missed Call Service?

How Industries in India Are Using Missed Call Service?

India is no new to the idea of missed call services. Truth be told, with more than 1 billion mobile subscribers, India is where ​missed call service has been utilized to Bulk SMS market services​, and its latent capacity is simply expected to develop with time. Here is the statistical information which demonstrates India has immense potential for missed call service today. 

In this way, with every one of these telephones and cell phones being utilized all around by quite an enormous part of individuals, it's entrancing that missed call service is a gigantic tempest in the Indian market. Missed calls are helpful, less tedious, and cost-effective by any stretch of the imagination. Taking into account that a dominant part of the Indian people are followers of prepaid associations, the cost factor is a truly critical factor to why missed call service is a success. Thus, presently let us investigate a portion of the things that a straightforward missed call can get you in India. 

Get Your Account Information with a Miss Call 

The most widely recognized thing that clients of banks do each is to check their balance as often as possible to remain updated on their costs. Presently, this routine can get truly tedious if one needs to visit a bank to get this data. What's more, only one out of every odd client knows about net banking or can utilize this service to enquire about their balance, particularly mature age individuals or individuals with less education. Additionally, even the youthful middle class generally don't have the opportunity to go to the banks or ATMs to check their equilibrium. All in all, what does one do for this situation? 

Banks have begun their own local miss call services where the clients can get fundamental account data, including account adjusts by a miss call. The main verification needed in this cycle is your enrolled mobile number with the bank. 

Associate With Prime Minister 

In his residency since 2014, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has utilized the utilization of missed require the residents to associate better with him and different government officials. PM Modi tweeted on 24​th March 2015 that anybody with a telephone could contact his tweets by leaving a missed call 011 3006. When they leave a missed call, their mobile numbers would get enlisted in the information base, and the most recent tweets are shipped off over an SMS. 

One more utilized instance of Missed Call Service utilized by PM Modi has been in 'Mann ki Baat' public broadcast. He utilized missed call service to send a sound account to those individuals who couldn't tune in to the live broadcast because of any explanation. They can essentially leave a missed call at 1922 to tune in to the 'Man Ki Baat' recording. When done, their mobile number gets enlisted, and they get an approach to a similar number with a sound record of the most recent 'Mann Ki Baat' episode. Thus, in this way the individuals who missed the live broadcast and got up to speed. 

Pursuit of employment 

It's somewhat stunning for the individuals who are looking for occupations when they don't approach the web. Most opening and new positions are generally advised over the web as organizations and government associations are deciding to pick the advanced world for notifications and advancements and not choose printed media or extremely less of it. This causes a lot of issues for those who are watching out for occupations utilizing papers and other printed media. 

Missed call benefits in such a manner make things a lot simpler. extends to an employment opportunity posting service, which can be gotten to by anybody by leaving a missed call at +91 1800 1033 331. When a missed call has been enrolled, a specialist from Quikr gets back to the individual and takes their data to design a fundamental resume. When done, the individual is then informed about potential propositions for employment and openings according to their resume and prerequisites. 

Entertainment (Bollywood/Reality TV) 

Media outlets are additionally not given up with regards to using missed call service. Hindustan Unilever launched a missed call campaign trying to make diversion open to the remotest spots of the nation. Every one of the ones that need to do is give a missed call to the number +91 1800 3000 0123. When done, they before long get a call, which will at that point play on any entertainment channel.  Indian TV is home to a wide assortment of singing shows, moving shows, ability shows, and different sorts of unscripted TV dramas. Thus, if one is into unscripted television, at that point they can decide in favor of their #1 contenders on a specific show by leaving a missed call to a particular number. Subsequently, missed call considers acting a straightforward channel for individuals to associate with these shows, all the more explicitly to their number one competitors. 

Casting a ballot/Surveys 

Studies are regularly directed by open area associations, privately owned businesses, and the public authority of India to become more acquainted with the assessment of the individuals about the most recent products, services, laws, and other government plans. Mass studies and surveys are led over the objective segment, and individuals think that it is simple to participate by leaving their suppositions or votes through missed calls. One saves their time thus, and the leading associations can successfully draw out a sensible analysis by having a bigger number of individuals take an interest. 


Aside from the ones referenced above, individuals in India can profit different things through missed calls. On the off chance that you need to buy into offers, for example, from your mobile specialist organization or digital TV supplier, at that point you can do as such by leaving a missed call to the given numbers. 


The missed call has ended up being critical in connecting with the provincial just as the metropolitan crowd and has made it a significant piece of our ordinary exercises. From shoppers confronting MNCs to enormous corporates, everybody is utilizing it. Missed call service in either approach is saving their time and cost.

Generate Leads For Your Business With Msgclub ‘Missed Call Service’

Greetings from the MsgClub!

Missed calls have emerged long ago as a way of communication for people. Lately, It had a preconceived sense of understanding between two people like if one has reached home, pick me up now, call me etc, since then. Such conversations were complicated to carry out using missed calls.

Fortunately, we have come a long way in making sense with this ‘missed calls solution’. From a less sensible yet acceptable method for the people to communicate with each other, it has become a way, as comfortable as others, for businesses to get people interact with them.

The advent of missed call marketing has enabled businesses to gain an edge on their competition. To know more how MsgClub Missed call alert service benefits your business, read this till article the end.

Missed call marketing can generate you the lead in your business. To have a better understanding on this, let’s have a look at some real-life examples of missed call marketing campaigns,

‘Mann Ki Baat’ Campaign

What a clever way it is to marketize yourself! Though this campaign isn’t a business or organization, yet they’ve used this channel brilliantly. Give a missed call and hear Prime minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Nearly 10 lac people heard PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ on mobile by giving a missed call.

Financial organization

Nearly each of the financial organizations in India is using missed call services to provide information to its customers. Banks use missed call services to let their customers know about account balance, mini statement, last transaction etc., straight to their mobile phones.

Social media giants

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have jumped right in to generate more revenues by providing missed call services to their users. Twitter has recently invested a huge amount in availing this service just to identify where it has a bigger swath of target customers.

It is pretty clear from the aforementioned examples that missed call marketing comes handy every time. One can assuredly expect a lead generation from missed call marketing campaigns, as this has a greater market reach. So, think about it and start off with MsgClub’s ‘Missed call marketing’ service, and watch yourself generating huge leads.