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The sole purpose of marketing is to attract attention & create interest of the customers. Marketing can create a brand image. From the billboards & print ads, we’ve come a long way to bulk SMS marketing. Carrying out a bulk SMS marketing campaign is not at all a tough task these days, but, to carry it out smartly makes all the difference. Yes, we’re here once again just to elucidate you how crucial is Smart marketing.

You shoot thousands and millions of messages to your potential customers to grab their attention, and to connect with those who are interested in getting your service - that’s how bulk SMS marketing works. This is really an effective way to approach your customers. MsgClub short URL service assists you in carrying out your SMS marketing campaign smartly. With it, your SMS marketing campaign will be productive like never before. URL Shortener has some salient features for facilitating you in making the most out of your marketing campaign smartly, saving you costs and inputs in the same. Here are some ways you can use URL Shortener to help you smartly carry out your campaign.


Using conventional bulk SMS marketing, you weren’t able to figure out where your efforts lacked. But now, you can keep an eye on the whole campaign as short URL SMS campaign helps you segregate interested and uninterested customers, without making it convoluted.


In conventional bulk SMS marketing, you kept blasting messages to a huge crowd, but you have never been able to identify those unresponsive ones. Drip messaging is an ingenious technology which helps you recognize the interested ones using filters and allows you to incorporate them into your next SMS marketing campaigns, making it a brilliant way to optimize your campaigns by only targeting the interested customers.


Gone are the days of a mile long obfuscating URLs; It’s time to welcome the concise ones. URL shortener makes it happen for you. URL shortener trims long URLs and also incorporates them in the SMS, making it look unified yet so appealing. By adding URLs to your messages, not only you raise your chances of getting more customers, but also increase your brand reliability in customers’ mind.

With all these attributes, we can definitely conclude that URL Shortener is the boss when it comes to SMS marketing campaign, and using URL shortener you can definitely execute your SMS marketing campaign smartly with increased productivity.

Know what MsgClub Short URL SMS Marketing campaign software grants

Short URL SMS campaign is a form of marketing that permits to interact with your customers via bulk text SMS service along with the small link. It is faster and easier to create SMS marketing campaign with Msgclub. With SMS services you can directly interact with your customers. It has high open rate and aid to engage customers in a more better way in comparison with other modes of communication and it suits your pocket too. 

MsgClub Short URL Bulk SMS marketing campaign grants -

1. Create SMS campaigns quickly - Create as many many campaigns you want to run in no time. Make sure the name of every campaign should be unique. 

2. Send marketing campaigns timely - Design your campaign and schedule it as per the date and time you want to start your campaign or else immediately send marketing campaign according to your marketing strategy. With Msgclub Bulk SMS marketing campaign you can send SMS in a single click.  

3. Drip SMS campaign service - Create series of SMS based on predefined flow to run a campaign as per customers response, whose ultimate goal is one. Say for your want to increases sales then send marketing offers to clients, with MsgClub drip SMS campaign. Customers are going to receive the SMS as per their response to the last SMS sent by a campaigner at particular interval of time.This helps to grab their attention. 

4. Create multiple campaigns -  No limitations. Create to send as many as campaigns you want to create with Msgclub. 

5. Auto repeat campaign - The status you had selected while designing your short URL SMS campaign, you can repeat your campaign automatically. It makes your task easy.  

6. Generate and manage leads received from the campaign - Campaigns major purpose is to convert prospects into clients and clients into loyal customers. For this, you have to stay in touch with them. Drive attention, engage customers all this is easy with Msgclub SMS marketing system

7. Add clients in phone book group - MsgClub automatically distinguish the clients as per status, so you can create and add those clients in phone book groups as per their action/status. 

Say for - You had selected status - 'Click'. Those receivers who clicked on the URL will be automatically added in the phone book group in which you want to add the receiver's contact number and information. So a new phone book group is created with receiver's alike response to your campaign


MsgClub Short URL software - 

1.Create Short URL with ease - Mention the name of the of Short URL and add an original link to convert them into short URL.   

2. Add Multiple URL - Generate as many as short URL you need and add multiple short URL in SMS campaign to send more information to customers in less space. 

3. Dynamic URL - Advance feature helps to create URL which provides better customer experience while seeing the URL on the device.

4. Tracking beyond delivered - Get the campaign analysis report beyond SMS delivery. Know who received or opened the SMS, who clicked on the URL. Know about customers in detail their geographical location, response time, device, operating system and browser used.  

Get much more than you have ever expect from a campaign Software. MsgClub Short URL SMS marketing campaign is not just a software it is a magic box. 

MsgClub Drip SMS Marketing campaign to nurture your leads

Being a sales representative you have to stay in touch with customers and establish communication with potential customers and MsgClub drip SMS marketing campaign can help tremendously. 

The basic goal of drip SMS campaign is to nurture leads & relationship with clients. You may call drip SMS marketing as a "campaign automation" as automatically it sends the predesigned SMS campaign with defined flow on schedule date and time. It keeps you connected with your leads and create a sense of familiarity with the leads. This process increases the likelihood of sales. 

MsgClub bulk SMS short URL marketing campaign offers several tools for sales reps and team members to build connections with prospects, leads includes creating and sending a text SMS campaign via MsgClub drip campaign automation system.

Drip SMS campaign automation that a sales team could use to keep the conversation going with prospects and leads to grab their attention and keep them consistently interested in the product or service. It is a process attempting to concentrate on each and every individual. 

The SMS campaign automation allows you to track Short URL SMS you send as part of your campaign. Based on those SMS status, whether they are opened, delivered, clicked, failed drip process automatically sends SMS.

For example, a lead that opens the SMS could be sent down a path to receive additional information while a prospect that doesn’t open an SMS could be sent a variation on the original SMS. You could also get the information to have a salesperson notified when someone clicks a short URL in an SMS.

Fix your campaign's time to send timely SMS. Take care to ensure that the timing of your SMS doesn’t have a negative impact on the performance of your Short URL SMS campaign. You can set date and time to space out your SMS within your campaign automation.

'Auto repeat campaign' feature to resend the SMS campaign. Set when you want to start the campaign, after how many days, how many times you want to repeat the campaign.

Action wise automation feature helps to add the numbers with the same action in the next campaigns automatically just by doing single time setting. 

Say for Action selected - Click. Those contacts (numbers) who clicked the URL will automatically add in the other campaigns (in which we want to add). As above picture showing numbers are added in Campaign 1 and Campaign 2.

Even Msgclub short URL software permits you to add those numbers into your phonebook groups like Group 1 and group 2.

Thus on adding the numbers status/action wise in next campaign helps to maintain the series of SMS in a proper flow as Drip SMS campaign.  

Nurture leads to nourish the relationship with clients via drip SMS marketing campaign and boost your business undoubtedly. 

Get the actual benefits of MsgClub short URL marketing campaign

The most simple and powerful tool is sending short URL in Bulk SMS campaign that enhances connectivity, manages leads, engage your customers and takes the marketing campaign closer to sales by giving the actual insights of the text message marketing campaign. The features and specifications of Short URL SMS make it a result oriented.

We have introduced an advanced level of short URL tool that gives you complete insights and adds more value by keeping a view of the present industry's dynamic needs and requirements. You can send URLs of your brand and company's website. In case you don't have any online presence or any website then they can share URL of images, audio, video, blogs, articles etc in order to promote your company with Short URL SMS campaign. Sending Short URLs in SMS is a perfect way to reflect your business. 

MsgClub clicks tracking -

Send Short URLs in SMS campaigns and the software tracks click to gather information about customers. Get the detailed insights of your customers like profiling, location of users, device, an operating system user is using. Having this information company may customize its marketing campaign and messaging to make it more meaningful to the customer. Obtain good ROI (return on investment) by using Msgclub URL Shortener

MsgClub clicks tracking, with a special feature of Short URL software helps you to know from which number the Short URL got clicked from the list of sent SMS. Also how many times receiver clicked on the particular URL. Even we allow you to Send Multiple URL in Single SMS and get distinguished reports of all sent URLs.

MsgClub dynamic short URL -

Send URLs as per the browser and operating system used by customers to make look and feel of the website, images, blogs, articles more attractive and impressive. which leaves a great impact on the customers and aids to grab their attention.   

Moreover, you can create as many campaigns you want to run and can send as many as Short URLs in those campaigns.    

SMS Campaign Click Tracking and analysis short URL software enable businesses to design constructive strategies and focus on their tasks successfully. 

Simply add contacts from phone book groups to run your short URL SMS campaign successfully. The advantages of using Short URLs in SMS campaigns are tremendous. Start using our services and make your SMS campaigns worthy.