Bulk SMS Service

Arrange big Sales for your commodity via Bulk SMS

Being a sales manager or executive, planning to increase the profits and reduce marketing cost, you must utilize Bulk SMS services as a tool for communication.

So that you can easily achieve your marketing goals and can earn a good amount of profit. with the selection of Best Bulk SMS services, you can easily achieve your targets too.

Why only SMS Because - SMS is reliable, fast, cost effective, instant, with great ROI, fast open rate, High Conversion rate, real time, Simple and personal mode of communication.

It helps you to promote and advertise your products and services perfectly in the front of your target audience also in marketing and selling your products and services. Through SMS marketing you can arrange sales too because SMS marketing campaigns are essential parts of successful sales in companies. The best approach to run a successful marketing campaign is to get customers involved in the process.

Encourage and involve your customers to buy more products via SMS. To increase sales with SMS marketing just follow these points while writing text SMS for marketing and sales -

1. Be brief and focused.

2. Avoid hype, slang and abbreviations.

3. Offer something of immediate value.

4. Identify yourself.

5. Make consumers feel special.

Use our Bulk SMS services and start sending bulk sms without any delay. We are the best SMS Service provider with high reliability, quick delivery report, lifetime SMS validity, competitive pricing and dynamic user Id.

Msgclub also allows you the integrate Bulk SMS API into marketing software

Whether you are using any of the marketing or sales software for your business. Like - Marketo, Vocus, HubSpot, Yesware, Sailthru, Optimove, LocalVox, MailChimp. One can effortlessly integrate our Bulk SMS API in marketing and sales software and start sending SMS in minutes.  

This will definitely leads you towards success. To gain profit choose msgclub Bulk sms services and SMS API for marketing and sales departments and software. For more details click here to contact us.

Seven Easy Steps to Send SMS on Bulk Numbers through Our Software

Sending SMS is an ideal way to be connected with your friends, relatives, customers, employees and with whom you want to be in touch.The phrase SMS stands for “short message service” which means that you can send unique information, offers, deals, updates, news through our Bulk SMS Service.

According to research, the great things about Text SMS that you won’t able to believe, in the smartphone's Era are →

“98% of the text messages are read.”

“96% of smartphone users use SMS.”

“Text SMS are read on average within 5 seconds.”

This is what the importance of SMS into our lives, even existence of smart phone’s won’t affect the text SMS.

Now a days, SMS is more than a communication tool. It can also be a powerful way of improving customer interaction and loyalty.You can use SMS to its full potential to provide innovative services.

SMS, Mobile phones and Internet are so much involved in our daily life, that without it we can’t imagine a single day.

Though all the different modes of communication has evolved but still what is mostly used and have a great impact is one and only Short message service i.e SMS.

Knowing all these facts and according to our detailed research and analysis we had already developed a software which is used to Send Bulk SMS.

You can easily Send SMS on bulk numbers with our software (Panel).

Follow seven easy steps to send SMS through our software

  1. Enter our Panel URL.

  2. Enter username and password, for panel signin. By default send SMS page will appear on screen.

  3. Select Route through which you want to Send SMS.

  4. Select Sender Id of your choice (it must be approved sender Id).

  5. Enter the mobile number(s).

  6. Enter SMS content that you want to send and select english or unicode.

  7. Click on Send Button, to send the SMS.

These are the easiest steps that you need to follow to Send SMS, through our Bulk SMS software.

We have something more for you. You can send Scheduled SMS and Custom SMS in few clicks without any hazzle through our software. Read below what they are and how to send those SMS.

What is Scheduled SMS ?

Scheduled SMS are those for which we set scheduler to send them on fixed date and time. So that you don’t need to remember, our software automatically shoots your SMS on set date and time.

How to send Scheduled SMS ?

To send scheduled SMS you have to follow all above mentioned 6 steps and before performing action for 7th step, set the date and time in scheduler(On which date you want to send SMS and at what time) by clicking on it. So according to date and time you have selected, SMS will get automatically delivered on scheduled date and time.

What is Custom SMS ?

The way to send, individual information to concern person with his name in a same time to n number of people by single click, for that you can use custom SMS service of our panel.

Three ways to send custom SMS from our panel.

  1. Choose file and send → Select excel sheet from your system and send.

  2. Custom SMS by Draft → Once you have upload the Csv file in our software, it gets saved here. So directly select the desired CSV file from custom SMS draft and send it.

  3. Custom SMS by group → If you want to send the custom SMS to any of your phone book group then you can directly send SMS to them from here.

How to send Custom SMS ?

“Hello  ##COL2$$ your marks in physics is  ##COL3$$ and in chemistry is  ##COL4$$”.

This is an example of SMS content of custom SMS.Here

COL is the column of your excel sheet.

COL2 will contain name of the student.

COL3 will contain marks of physics.

COL4 will contain marks of chemistry.

Write the SMS content in this format. Prepare your excel sheet according to data you want to send and upload that CSV format.

For more details contact us.