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Enhance the voice call experience with Msgclub

Enhance the voice call experience with Msgclub

Msgclub is introducing its unique voice call services which will help you to reach a maximum of the targeted audience. It will help in conversion maximization as in India people generally prefer to attend voice calls rather than reading an SMS. Voice call services of Msgclub ensure the enhancement of voice call experience to the customers and an efficient medium of promotion for the advertisers. Voice call nowadays is the most suitable medium to communicate with customers.

A voice call is a type of voice SMS that is prerecorded and contains some message regarding the promotion of products or services. It will be beneficial to record the voice in the duration of 30 seconds or less because it is important to engage the customer with that recorded message which is not possible for a longer time. We at Msgclub ensure you to provide the most engaging voice SMS in very low investment but can result in high returns.

Many companies are using Msgclub’s voice broadcasting services because it is cost-effective, Maintains Scalability & Provide Evenness in communication. Our voice broadcasting services are performing well with industries like Web development, banking, automotive, tours, event management, schools, airline, insurance, hotel & resorts, retail, media, healthcare, entertainment, and more.

The process of sending a voice SMS is comparatively easier than sending an SMS just record a voice SMS if your content is genuine operator will approve it in some hours then upload a list of the mobile numbers and quickly send or schedule your broadcast.

Voice SMS is evolving as the most efficient and easy to utilize the medium of communication and promotion. Many sectors are using this medium to address their customers about products and services. Prerecorded voice calls nowadays are common practice among many industries consisting of Banking, FMCG, Mutual funds, Stock Market, Colleges, and other Educational Institutions and the fact is surprising but Railways are also using pre-recorded voice calls for feedback and promotions. Because everyone understands the importance of proper communication and sometimes companies use some impactful and well-known voices for promotion which is also considered as a good tactic of marketing. Msgclub is all prepared to serve as a medium of communication between you and customers and to boost your business through effective promotion.


Communication is a key source for building lasting relationships between any business and its clients. To achieve higher returns, it is absolutely necessary to maximize customer retention and satisfaction. One can find wide-ranging advantages when using voice broadcasting or SMS broadcasting services. The business executives are relieved of the tension of having their employees doing a maximum number of calls per day tracking each of the names in the client database. The best team of well trained and highly skilled salespeople will be engaged in implementing the decisions of business policymakers to draw in more business rather than calling customers. Voice broadcasting software will take care of interacting with clients and prospects. Thus, getting a voice broadcasting service in place will bring marked improvement in productivity and will lead to the sales force speaking with persons who are interested in doing business. Voice broadcasting is a boon for modern-day businesses.

Msgclub is the fastest growing and changing Telemarketer. We are evolving with every evolution in the market. So, we know what you need and your customers want and always keen to provide you with everything updated. With the help of MsgClub voice SMS, you can expand the reach of your message to multiple users and audiences in India. On our interface, business owners can customize the audio they want to send. Our all solutions particularly voice SMS assists you to grow business even in the time of recession.

So, what are you waiting for? Build voice call campaigns for promotions and to send voice alerts via interface or API. Contact Msgclub.

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