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How to send sms using msgclub google spread sheet add-on?

Msgclub Google spreadsheet Add-on:-

  1. How msgclub google spread sheet add-on is useful for send sms and when you want to add contacts in phone book group from your spread sheet contacts?

      Answer:- As many of the companies manage their customers and client database in the spreadsheet itself, so for this reason, MsgClub has launched msgclub google spreadsheet add-on. However, industries are now able to send thousands of text messages along with the detailed delivery reports right from their database. They need not switch back and forth to the panel for SMS marketing. This add-on is specially introduced to save you time, efforts and help you to send SMS efficiently to all your contacts from the sheet itself. 

How to reach to use this add-on, follow some steps:-

  1. Go to your computer and open your spread sheet for which you want to send sms .      

Image 1 : spread sheet page

  1. Click to Add-on >> Get add-ons >> msgclub in search box >> install >> allow access >> continue>> done.


image 2: Get add-on on spread sheet

image 3: search msgclub add-on screen

Image 4: msgclub add-on

Image 5: install msgclub add-on

Image 6: Allow access to msgclub add-on 

image 7: msgclub addon successfully show on spread sheet

  1. Login in your msgclub user account and click to Text menu option which shows in upper black menu header and then click to Add-on option . Login >> text >> Add-on. If you do not have any msgclub account than signup on


image 8: msgclub login page

image 9: Addon button on msgclub account

Image 10: Configure google spreadsheet addon on msgclub


  1. In Add-ons you will find google spread sheet , click to configure >> Go >> submit.

image 11: Go to show configure page of addon 

image 12: submit the page

  1. After generate a configuration key you need to put it in configuration key option in add-on option which shows in your google spread sheet. Go to google spread sheet >> Add-on >> msgclub >> configuration key >> paste copied key >> save.


         image 13: Generate configuration key 

Image 14: configuration key option on spread sheet

Image 15: copy and paste configuration key on sheet

After success configuration now you can send sms:-

  1. Click to send sms , Go to Add-on >> fill all required information and send sms.


  1. For see delivery report of sms , login to your msgclub account >> Delivery report >> if you have request id than filter by request id. 


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