Bulk SMS Service

The advantages of being bulk SMS resellers at the e-commerce industry

The bulk SMS is designed in such a way so that the Bulk SMS Resellers can resell SMS to the clients of a particular company. It is considered a great opportunity for an e-commerce businessman. The reselling of the SMS needs a strong financial structure that will help you to sell the SMS and can earn a profit. There are several advantages in order to have bulk SMS services. As you as a reseller can extend the terms with your client. It will help you to send a good number of bulk SMS. 

On the other hand, you will not get the bill on a monthly basis but you as a reseller can charge from the customers on a monthly basis that will be beneficial for the business. The bulk SMS does not require staffs and this is the reason you can visit the customer physically. You can provide bulk SMS software to impart knowledge about bulk SMS. You as a reseller can also cut the undercut prices. In order to maintain the budget, you will get a pricing table that will help you to calculate the price easily. You can sell the credit of the bulk SMS at a lower price that will help you to earn profit from your Bulk SMS services. Along with that, you can also sponsor the credit to another SMS account. 

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How does bulk SMS dealers help to expand an e-commerce business?

The bulk SMS dealers ensure that the company can reach the maximum number of people and this is the reason it has become an easy way to expand the horizon of your business. When it comes to the automobile industry, it is essential to know that the market has changed a lot throughout the years. The bulk SMS helps the dealers to reach large numbers of people who are the potential buyer of the company. The only facility one can get through bulk SMS is that dealers and the sellers can reach to a large number of the people in a short while. Usually, it has been seen that most of the customers choose their preferred company to buy products but to draw attention to the new launch of the product. 

Tips to set a business

It is an easy task to establish a bulk SMS business and to do that you need to follow the steps stated below. 

  • You need to register your e-commerce business with a bulk SMS whole seller. 

  • You need to buy a custom SMS unit.

  • After that to bring uniqueness to your business you need to customize the reselling platform. 

  • No business can survive without promotion so in this case as well you need to promote your business. 

  • With the promotion, you will get to reach to your potential customers. 

  • The last stage is you need to choose a reputed and authentic service provider. 

If you follow the above-mentioned steps you will be able to promote the SMS service and as well as be able to become a successful reseller. 

Economical bulk SMS services for NGOs in India

Non-governmental organizations or NGOs have a wide variety of business acquaintances to whom they have to interact regularly. Broadly speaking, the target audience for NGOs includes potential contributors and donors, NGO subscribers, volunteers, staff, etc. MsgClub, a distinguished Bulk SMS provider in India offer NGOs hand-crafted bulk SMS services that can be employed to interact with the above-mentioned audience economically. 

Tailor-made bulk SMS services using bulk SMS API India …

Apart from connecting with millions of mobile users, SMS marketing is also a prominent option for NGOs owing to its economical nature. With advanced Bulk SMS API India, one can send bulk SMS for less than 10 paise per SMS. Assimilating these figures, the institution can send humongous short SMS to target audiences across the globe with a fairly economical marketing budget. 

Let us take a quick look at some more uses of SMS services for NGO and community groups.

  1. Send handy information …

While we are considering NGOs, there are several events, donation camps, meetings, etc that come into the picture. With smart messaging, you can send information regarding such events to the concerned audience as a text SMS. With mobile phones being pretty handy today, the message recipients can simply use this text not only as a guide-way but also as an invitation if needed. 

With advanced Bulk SMS API India, you can also attach the Google map link for the venue. When the recipient clicks on this link, it can be redirected to maps and can easily reach the desired venue in a hassle-free manner. 

  1. Regularly updating your acquaintances …

Keeping NGO audience aware updated is a great way to benefit them to the best of their interest. To do this, you can send the target audience regular updates, recent activity reports, and news with significant web links. 

  1. Thanking donors and contributors …

While you run the NGO, donors play a significant role in your organization. To express compassion towards their acts, you might want to send them greetings or thank-you messages using services from bulk SMS providers

What should you keep in mind while closing the bulk SMS service for the travel industry?

The travel agencies are expanding their branches all over the world to give satisfaction to their clients. These agencies offer various tour packages and contribute to their clients who want to explore multiple places in a secure and comfortable way. The number of these agencies is growing high day by day, and as a result, the competition is being fiercer. The travel agencies that want to secure their position in the trendy competitive market can hire the Bulk SMS promotional service.

The use of the tool like bulk SMS gateway is increasing in various industries, including travel and tourism. If you are giving some special offers to your client, you can take the help of the bulk SMS gateway that sends the same text message to the thousands of receivers within a few seconds. It cannot only save your labor and time but also promote your business in a better way by sending the text message amount to a huge amount of audience at a time.

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Here you will get some points to make the task of choosing the ideal bulk SMS provider easy and perfect. The competitive market is full of Bulk SMS Resellers who can offer you some attractive packages, but reviewing their profile and experience is essential to get the best result against your investment.

Check experience in relevant industry

Your chosen agency of bulk SMS services should have a good experience in tour and travel. Bulk SMS service is now playing a major role in different marketing brands. The companies which have already worked for other tour and travel companies can give you a better idea about how to select your target audience and the particular package to reach them within a lower budget.

Check the gateway and speed of sending SMS

Different gateways and platforms have several capabilities to send a particular amount of SMS within a certain time. You should check it and make sure that you can send the highest number of SMS to reach the most massive target audience within a few seconds. Choosing the best platform to send bulk SMS is important. Otherwise, you may lose your valuable consumers by not promoting your brand in the proper way.

Check the accessibility

It would help if you also kept an eye on the accessibility of the bulk SMS gateway. The most of the bulk SMS resellers are now bringing the gateways in the market by which you can easily send the text messages to your users from the desktop or the mobile phones. So it will be helpful if you choose the latest bulk SMS gateway, which you can handle easily from anywhere anytime.

The bulk SMS service can be the most effective marketing tool for updating the deceivers about your special service. You can easily highlight the benefits of availing your tourism service by sending text SMS today's target audiences. This can help you to attract more audience towards your business and help you to make more revenue and expand the business rapidly.

Significance of Bulk SMS Resellers for small and medium-scale business units

Bulk messaging is the best way to market your business venture. With SMS services in play, you can easily reach out to millions of business audiences with just a few clicks on the system. If you are a small or medium scale business industry and wish to use SMS marketing, then all you need is a Bulk SMS reseller in India to implant SMS services within your business architecture. 

Significance of bulk SMS resellers for small and medium-scale business units

Every business needs to interact and promote their venture to the target audience. In other words, if you want your venture to grow then business marketing is an inevitable step. Regardless to say, this principle also applies to business ventures operating on a small and medium scale. 

If you are a small scale or medium scale business industry, then bulk SMS resellers can help you to harness the perks of SMS marketing. Belonging to the above-stated operation scale, you might wish to promote your business to a limited number of the target audience. This number can vary greatly between a few hundred to many thousands. Taking into consideration the above numbers, it is often not suggested for you to establish an entire bulk SMS solution in your architecture. Instead, you can consume services from a reliable SMS reseller by paying a nominal service fee and send seamless bulk messages. 

A bulk SMS reseller in India can be any individual or institution that offers you SMS services as per your needs. Needless to say, you can always consume these services according to your requirements, regardless of it being quintessential or huge. 

Why prefer SMS resellers over SMS aggregators

SMS aggregators are known to offer SMS services to institutions that have humongous marketing needs. MNCs, international banks, etc can be the best quotable example for such institutions. On the other hand, SMS aggregators do not perform quite well while serving small and medium scale business industries. Countering aggregators, Bulk SMS Resellers deem to provide SMS services to their business clients as per clients’ requirements. This trait of SMS reselling business significantly outplays aggregators and thus make bulk SMS resellers the first choice for small & medium scale institutions. 

All you need to know about Bulk SMS Gateway API

Sending SMS updates via bulk messaging is a pretty prominent marketing technique adopted by business units across the country. With access to the best bulk SMS gateway provider in India and the power of SMS solutions, you can also employ this technique into your marketing architecture to avail seamless advantages of mass messaging. To know more about mass messaging and its use in the industry let us dive into the details. 

One of the leading traits of bulk SMS service is its capability to send/receive tons of short SMS to desired business customers and potential leads. With an ever-increasing business audience, this marketing technique proves to be extremely powerful and economic. A humongous number of SMS can be sent to mobile users across the globe in just a few seconds. This is mainly possible by using a powerful bulk SMS gateway API. 

Know all about bulk SMS gateway API…

With diversity in business domains, there are several business activities such as data management, customer/employee record management, CRM, etc.  For performing such diverse activities, every business unit uses different applications and services. A Bulk SMS gateway API allows each of the above-stated business applications to interact with SMS gateway and send/receive bulk SMS. 

In technical terms, an SMS gateway API is an interface that allows the exchange of bulk SMS between business applications and telecom operators via a reliable SMS gateway channel. Furthermore, this interface is also responsible for converting user-friending mobile terminated (MT) SMS into carrier compatible machine language for smooth and fats message deliveries. On reaching the receiver’s end, the gateway API restructures machine code and converts it back in user-friendly application language. Here, it is worth mentioning that the entire above-stated process is completed within a few milliseconds thus making bulk SMS services prompt and quick marketing technique. 

All you need is the best bulk SMS gateway provider in India…

Employing bulk SMS services can be extremely simple and fun-loving if you have support from the best bulk SMS gateway provider in India. By choosing a reliable gateway provider, you are featured with numerous benefits such as timely SMS delivery, prompt message reports, responsive bulk SMS gateway API and 24*7 functional and technical support. For any business institution, an assiduous evaluation of services offered by various gateway providers makes the selection of best bulk SMS gateway provider in India an easy engagement. 

Why use SMPP application software in the E-commerce Industry

May it is a promotional text message or transactional bulk SMS, timely delivery is very crucial. Such message deliveries are accomplished easily by employing the SMPP protocol and SMPP application software. In easy words, SMPP protocol is a messaging protocol designed for sending and receiving large volumes of short messages across the globe quickly and effectively. 

Corresponding to the rapid growth of the e-commerce industry in the past decade, bulk SMS services via SMPP protocol are being widely employed in this domain. Taking a bird's eye view, one can easily spot the potential of e-commerce across the globe. With easy access to the internet and smart devices, customers can access e-commerce platforms from any part of the globe. In other words, the customer is given complete liberty to shop using this platform without taking into account the geographic distances. With such a wide business spectrum, e-commerce businesses need to employ an effective communication system that can be used to communicate effortlessly across the globe. SMPP service proves to be effective here. 

Sending e-commerce SMS with SMPP application software …

SMS marketing is regarded as one of the best modes of business marketing in the 21st century. Various SMPP server providers across the globe offer business units the tools for performing such marketing effectively and effortlessly. 

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As an e-commerce venture, you might wish to update your target audiences about the latest products and services offered by your venture. You might also wish to offer them on-going offers and seasonal discounts, etc. Sending promotional bulk SMS via SMPP services can be highly worthy in these situations. SMPP application can be regarded as an SMPP extension that connects business software to the world of bulk messaging. 

Generating organic traffic …

Distinctive to its nature, the e-commerce venture is completely digital. Unlike conventional stores, they do not own physical outlets and therefore, the only way customers can visit them is by browsing their websites on smart devices such as smartphones. By sending dedicated SMS and directive links to the website/offers, you can channel your audience directly to the products/categories you wish to tell your customers about. This method solely generates organic traffic for your e-commerce venture. 

Know the client-side Entity …

The combination of SMPP application and business software is technically regarded as ESME or an external short messaging entity. Simply put, this combination works as the client-side entity in SMPP server-client architecture. This entity is then forth linked with the SMPP gateway provided by reliable SMPP server provider such as MsgClub. Here, it is worth mentioning that the above-stated setup is extremely simple and often takes just a couple of minutes. Once the SMPP application is integrated into the business application, you can send/receive SMS from tens of thousands of business audiences with just a few clicks. 

MsgClub: A reliable SMPP service provider …

Talking specifically about e-commerce venture, the business needs to interact with millions of audience timely and effectively. Compromising on either of these standards cannot be entertained. MsgClub is a well-known SMPP service provider that proves to be a one-stop marketing solution for all e-commerce business and online portals. Apart from providing instant services and smooth messaging experience, the institution also offers its e-commerce clients ready-to-use SMPP application software and SMPP servers. Not to mention the added economic factor. Along with being highly effective and effortless, these SMPP services by MsgClub are certainly economic and yield high ROI. 

Who should Use the Services of a Bulk SMS Service Provider?

The services of a Bulk SMS service provider can prove to be highly effective and useful to both big and small companies looking to launch their marketing campaigns. Nowadays, it has become quite important for companies to go for such marketing solutions as they help them in achieving real success within the shortest time possible.


The Services of the Best Bulk SMS Gateway Provider in India and Their Importance

In these present times, there is not a single individual who does not know the advantages that come from the use of mobile phones. Hence, mobile-focused promotions have become one of the most integral parts of the marketing plans of different organizations.

  • Marketing with the use of SMS solutions has become an important pre-requisite for businesses looking to keep a kind of competitive edge over the other companies serving in the same field.

  • SMS solutions also help companies in maintaining an advantage within the industry.

  • Speaking of mobile marketing, it is important to pay close attention to the task of framing the right messages that catch the attention of the customers.

  • The right message sent to the mobile phone of the user is one that entails very little of the information a company wants its prospective customers to know.

  • There is hardly any other marketing device that has the potential of offering the same level of success as is offered by bulk messaging solutions.

Building Top Quality Customer Relation Has Become Easier with SMS Solutions

The services of the Best Bulk SMS gateway provider in India have helped businesses in improving their customer communication and marketing.

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  • This is mainly because bulk SMS solutions are cost-effective and fast. These solutions help in building meaningful conversations and are even opt-in or permission-based services highly appreciated by the customers or the recipients.

  • Bulk messaging solutions allow businesses of almost all sizes to deliver a large number of messages to different mobile phones by the use of mobile networks.

  • This further enables the businesses to deliver or reach out to many clients which further builds a business presence.

  • Bulk messaging is the perfect pitch for businesses to showcase their products and services.

How to Become a Bulk SMS Reseller in India?

You can easily choose to become a bulk SMS reseller in India by picking a reseller service and collaborating with it. This will help you in expanding your business to greater and new domains simply by enlightening the other companies about the strength and the power of reliable and fast communications provided through SMS.

Becoming a Bulk SMS Reseller Panel

In India, SMS solutions are being highly sought after mainly because these solutions offer businesses the scope of engaging their consumers in a more efficient and better way. 

  • Nevertheless, it might not be possible for all businesses to afford the infrastructure required for providing SMS solutions.

  • So, the right business option for such organizations would be becoming a bulk SMS reseller.

  • Some of the most prominent leaders in the field of offering SMS solutions provide SMS gateways to interested businesses. This further enables businesses to expand their profits by offering quality SMS solutions to individuals.

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The Advantages of Becoming a Reseller

By making the effective use of the web server connectivity of a bulk SMS reseller in India, businesses can easily establish their reseller sites.

  • Also, they will get the ability to avail of the SMS units from these reseller providers at wholesale rates.

  • It is also worth noting that the businesses willing to serve as resellers will have complete flexibility to offer SMS solutions to their consumers at a price they want.

  • To be more specific, the resellers will have complete access to SMS channel assistance and marketing resources at the same time.

  • Most importantly, reseller solutions available from different companies are trouble-less services coming with a dedicated control panel and server. This means that the businesses willing to serve as resellers will not have to go through the trouble of managing their accounts.

Bulk SMS solutions have become one of the most powerful promotional tools as these services have the ability to approach a larger number of consumers at one go. In this present era, it is also beneficial for businesses to serve as resellers as it can further help them in gaining more profits. Reseller solutions come as a boon for businesses looking to move away from the ordinary services they are dealing with.

Bulk SMS reseller: an economic business idea…

Bulk SMS marketing has proven to be the game-changer in business marketing and communication. Applying this technique for interaction has enabled the business units to effortlessly interact with tens of millions of target audience and spread the business word. In simple words, bulk SMS service or mass messaging is a marketing tool using which institutions can send/receive short messages from/to a huge number of audience within seconds. 

What is mass messaging ...

The concept of mass messaging is based on the principle of SMS communication and internet protocols. Therefore, the trans-reception of SMS is achieved by utilizing internet protocols and telecommunication networks. TCP/IP, SMPP, HTTP are few of the widely used industry-standard protocols for this purpose. The popularity of SMS marketing is mainly driven by the fact that SMS interaction has a very high success rate and it can easily connect company units with business audiences across the globe. 

Why become a bulk SMS reseller…

Today, one can easily spot several successful business marketing ventures in the industry. These ventures are solely driven by providing bulk SMS services to numerous business units. Apart from gaining rapid financial gains, the bulk SMS reseller also enjoys complete organizational freedom and unquestioned operational liberty. 

Describing in simple words, a reseller is responsible to obtain bulk SMS services from the reseller service provider and then forth re-sell them to its business audience. With this understanding, the reseller is not liable for any kind of product generation or manufacture. 

The economical factor ...

Since the SMS reselling business is completely dependent upon the bulk purchase of SMS services and resell, the reseller is not subjected to huge investments. In other words, the reseller needs not to make huge investments in the purchase of offices, infrastructure, furniture, or any other fixed asset to establish an SMS reselling venture. Mass SMS is completely digital and can be performed easily by using any electronic medium such as laptop, desktop, tablet, and smartphone. 

The setup expense…

To set up SMS reselling business all you need is an electronic system and good business networks. Yes, you read it right!

There is no measurable investment cost you need to pour in for establishing your reselling venture. With economical reseller plans offered by SMS reseller providers like MsgClub, the investment is minimal. Depending upon the scale you wish to operate on, you might own a reselling team including only you or a couple of your kiths. Reseller providers also offer responsive and user-friendly bulk SMS software and reseller admin panels. These applications are extremely easy to use and thus need no individual with qualified skills. This discards the cost involved in hiring skilled resources and manpower. 

All that you need to know…

Though establishing of SMS reselling venture is extremely inexpensive and easy, it is crucial to pick a prominent bulk SMS reseller provider. In the process of choosing the reliable reseller provider, it is advisable to check on the shortlisted brands and access them on factors like professionality, cost, and services offered, service and support, etc. The reseller provider handpicked after accessing it on these parameters shall surely help your reseller business to grow exponentially. 

SMPP Service For Sending Messages to Any Part of the Country

Who doesn’t love text messaging? It’s fast, convenient and so simple form. SMPP services are launched by providers only to offer high-class delivery on large volume SMS marketing campaigns. is serving SMS services through short message peer-to-peer latest version protocol over many years. Aggregators are our focused clientele because this makes their SMS business more successful and effective than before. In the SMS Industry success comes only with high delivery rate and the launch of SMPP service has made it possible now, if incorporated into the right way.

Reasons to choose our SMPP solutions

  • Easy integration with any software or third-party system through API via HTTP, SMPP, and XML.

  • Sending SMS messages like verification SMS, event details, SMS promo campaigns in personalized and group SMS to any country is the game of few clicks.

  • Friendly user interface with detailed delivery reports, import/export of databases, mailing scheduler and more.

  • Connect to your robust SMPP server gateway via API and start sending large volume at special prices.

  • 24*7 technical support by experts about the SMS service work, assistance with the connection, SMS failure etc.

SMS marketing services help enterprises and large organizations to connect with their customers, no matter where they’re in the world. There are few reasons to use bulk SMS service-

Customer satisfaction

Potential customers are the need of any business. It is important for every business owner to give a security for a better retention rate. Safeguarding them via SMS on registered mobile number increases loyalty towards your business.

Get valuable insights

Use the SMPP server provider services for gathering customer feedback from a lot of people at the same time. You can run polling campaigns and surveys to know their opinion. The best thing about SMS is users usually respond within five minutes. It means companies can quickly gain marketing research results using powerful text messaging gateway.

Simplification of responses via long code

Long code via SMPP makes easy for the customers to respond back on SMS. All you need to provide SMS keywords for different campaigns. You can even play around with those keywords in other marketing tools like print media, advertisements etc. Simplify your promotional campaigns with different responses via long code virtual number.

SMPP is just like the normal SMS gateway but the only difference is it is more powerful. It has a throughput capacity of sending 200 messages per second, this means your thousands of messages can get send within a minute. If you purchase our SMPP server you will get-

  1. Reasonable price

  2. Comprehensive features like manage SMPP users

  3. High server uptime

  4. SMS sending via GSM terminal or any other gateway

  5. System test for free

  6. Easy setup

  7. Detailed reporting, viewing online statistics

In case of any technical issues while using our server panel or SMPP client application feel free to contact our team on 8349217770.