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Importance of Click to Call for your Business

Importance of Click to Call for your Business

Here are 6 reasons why businesses must embed click to call options in their websites/portals.

1. Minimize Customer Effort

While evaluating the user experience of their products/services, businesses use customer effort score (CES) as a key metric. The consumer service metric helps businesses to measure customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty. The click to call solutions to help businesses to improve CES in a number of ways.

They allow the website visitor to communicate with a business simply by clicking on a link, button, or image. The visitor is not required to remember the business’s phone number, interact with an IVR system, or wait in long call queues. However, it is always important for the business to focus on improving the customer service quality.

2. Receive More Orders and Inquiries

The aforementioned online survey conducted by Ipsos suggests that 39% call a business when they are looking specifically to make a purchase or transaction. However, each caller wants to call a business directly without putting in extra time and effort.

The customers can request a callback without remembering the telephone number and dialing the telephone number manually. Hence, click to call helps online businesses to receive more orders and inquiries, along with increasing incoming call volume.

3. Promote Customer Loyalty

A business cannot persuade customers to come back and recommend without delivering superior customer service. Likewise, it cannot prevent customers from switching brands and ending business relationships without improving the customer service experience consistently. A click to call service helps businesses to deliver superior customer service in a number of ways.

Customers can use the option to resolve product/service issues simply by requesting a callback. Hence, They are not required to use the self-service options provided by the IVR system or wait for talking to a live agent. The improvement in customer service delivery will help businesses to improve customer service experience consistently.

4. Contact Customers at the Right Time

The sophisticated click to call solutions to allow customers to request or schedule callbacks. These options Click to call enables customers to collect information or resolve issues by avoiding long call queues and long waiting times. The callback scheduling option further helps businesses to contact customers at their preferred time.

A business can easily boost customer experience and increase conversion rates by providing customers with relevant information at the most appropriate time. Also, the callback scheduling option enables businesses to deliver customer service efficiently without increasing incoming call volume.

5. Minimize Missed Sales Opportunities

A business needs to deploy extra agents or employees to meet the callback requests received from website visitors. However, the agents will help the business to generate more revenue and increase conversion rates by converting the leads into customers. Also, the callback scheduling option enables businesses to receive callback requests beyond business hours.

While configuring the click to call solution, the managers can request the website visitors to schedule the callback during the off hours. The option will enable employees to convert leads into customers by providing relevant information. It helps businesses to ensure that no sales opportunity is missed or lost.

6. Track and Record Every Call

The click to call services to help businesses receive more orders and inquiries by allowing customers to communicate free of cost. Also, the sophisticated solutions help businesses to gain informational insights by facilitating collection, analysis, and reporting on incoming call data. The managers can understand the needs and expectations of customers by generating personalized reports based on real-time call data.

Also, the cloud-based click to call solutions record every incoming call automatically. The managers listen to and assess the recorded conversations to identify the measures required to boost lead conversion. Also helps in scrutinizing the ROI from any campaign


As a digital communication technology, click to call helps businesses to generate more leads and receive more orders and inquiries. A business can enable customers to request a callback by embedding click to call in its website, mobile apps, ad landing page, and digital ads. It also boosts customer experience and satisfaction and does not require much investment.

Implementing a click-to-call solution provides an added advantage to businesses without putting the burden on the pockets.

Toll-free Number for Healthcare Sector

Toll-free Number for Healthcare Sector

When visiting a hospital or a clinic, one is bound to think over the long line of people waiting to book an appointment. In today’s time, one can book their flights, get their food, buy clothes and get more done, merely by placing a call, but to fulfill the basic amenity of visiting a doctor one still struggles through long queues in the hospitals.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at the various problems faced by the healthcare industry and how toll-free numbers have proven to be the best solution for them.

Eliminate Manual Administrative Tasks

The biggest issue in the healthcare industry is with the administration. Long queues for an appointment is where the lack of organized administration is observed most. And the first step in the healthcare journey is booking an appointment. This is where maximum frustration is faced, the rest of the journey becomes a drag.

To avoid such tussles, a hospital needs to acquire a toll-free number service. With a toll-free solution, a hospital can book multiple appointments simultaneously on the same number. Patients will not have to be physically present inside the hospital premises to book an appointment. The same can happen with a mere phone call.

Also, most vendors provide Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services along with the toll-free solution. With IVR the requirement for administrative personnel is greatly reduced. IVR itself can handle most calls, book appointments automatically, check the availability of a doctor, provide immediate ambulance assistance among other things. This saves time for both patients and hospitals. Patients no longer have to wait in queues or languish between operators to get to the right department.

Higher Client Engagement

A person can handle only one client at a time. Without toll-free services, client engagement is quite low. Hence lack of automation and its effects are observed among the ruckus of long queues and suffering patients.

Also, the reliance on manpower for administrative tasks leads to a substantial expenditure of time and money where it is not required. Not only appointments but IVR can handle most queries by itself. This begs the question that when the state of the art equipment can be used to treat patients, then why should manpower be invested in everyday repetitive tasks.

Patient Management

Though administrative tasks can be easily handled with IVR, patient management can be easily handled when your system is integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This makes it easy for hospitals to maintain a patient’s history. Upon a call from a patient, their previous medical conditions can be easily identified.

In case of emergencies, this is vital, as a patient’s history can be identified as soon as the call is received. This empowers the doctor at the scene of an emergency to administer drugs, without worrying about reactions. This, at times, helps in critical life and death situations. With CRM in place, a hospital can send customer reminders, deliver reports, provide updates on existing reports, and schedule appointments when needed. To top it all off, this can be done without any human indulgence. This saves time and money, further, the manpower can be utilized in the more critical areas.

Toll-free integration with outbound IVR can send an emergency alert and provide fast assistance by helping in terms of contacting the nearest ambulance, sending an advance notification to a hospital to arrange a doctor.

The emergence of Medical Tourism

With India’s medical tourism aiming to share 20% of the world’s market capitalization by 2020, the toll-free solution is inevitable. India is having a cut-throat competition in medical tourism. Every company wants to provide a hassle-free service to its clients. Clients, on the other hand, are looking for fast medical support. Toll-free number incorporation with IVR allows a company to receive and manage multiple calls simultaneously. No manpower is wasted upon this, and hassle-free personalized IVR is appealing to the client.

Take Away

In doing so, toll-free numbers are going to be the most integral part of such systems. Toll-free numbers in themselves will help increase the extent of medical tourism in India. When integrated with IVR they will help eliminate the administrative burden. When integrated with CRM they will provide for patient management. When integrated with apps they will form the basis of the life-saving phenomenon.

Now, that the facts are established, it is clear that “asset” is only an understatement. As the healthcare industry advances, a toll-free solution will be the requirement for it.

Empower Telehealth Initiatives with IVR

Empower Telehealth Initiatives with IVR

The COVID-19 crisis is exerting tremendous pressure on the healthcare industry. Health workers across the globe are struggling to keep pace with the outbreak and its consequences. Thankfully, telehealth services have come up as a feasible alternative, allowing remote diagnosis and treatment of non-critical patients. There has been a 60-80% spurt in telemedicine appointments since the outbreak of the pandemic, which shows the scope and importance of this service.

Hospitals and health providers are using the latest technology to reduce in-person visits as well as the strain on resources. They are also able to ensure that everyone who needs medical care gets it on time, without any geographic limitations. Moreover, remote consultations are beneficial for patients because fewer outings indicate reduced exposure and risk of infection. Among the cloud technologies that drive telehealthcare, IVR emerges as a forerunner.

Before understanding how IVR solutions can empower the medical sector, it is important to comprehend their work.

So how does a typical telehealth IVR system work?

You can access healthcare even beyond the hospital with a simple, yet highly effective IVR solution. This service enables seamless patient interactions around the clock, from delivering messages regarding medication, appointment schedules, or behavior modification to collecting individual patient healthcare data. Organizations can also use IVR for automated greetings, accepting patient inputs, or routing individual callers to a specific department or agent.

You can easily install IVR technology and power up your telehealth solutions. Here���s how:

  • First, determine your IVR needs with a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your practice. Opt for a customized solution to match your specific situation and challenges, as well as the expectations of your target group (say, patients).

  • Enable self-servicing options from the IVR menu. Calls can now be handled quickly, consistently, and inexpensively.

  • The tracking and analysis feature allows you to assess the quality and success of your telehealth campaign. Pleasant patient experiences strengthen the foundation of your practice and improve the rate of patient retention.

  • To battle the pandemic panic, you need to implement these services as quickly as possible. A practice that does not do so risks losing patients. Conversely, if you are quick to make the shift, you can avail the benefits of early adoption of the technology.

Empowering telehealth with an IVR system

“A time of crisis is not just a time of anxiety and worry. It gives a chance, an opportunity, to choose well or to choose badly.” – Desmond Tutu, Human rights activists, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Fortunately, many healthcare organizations have achieved innovation overnight by investing in telehealth solutions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are relying on the technology they have never used before. Although the IVR system has been around for quite some time, the outbreak has led to an exponential growth in its use. Here are a few ways this technology is helping the healthcare providers:

Dial for self-service

Hospitals are increasingly using IVR systems to empower patients with numerous self-service benefits. These include scheduling telehealth visits, requesting prescription refills, getting frequently asked questions resolved, and more.

Send pre-programmed reminders

IVR system that provides outbound broadcasting features allows automated reminders for patients. These can be used for timely medications, refilling prescriptions, appointment notifications, and so much more.

Instant notifications during emergencies

Organizations can take things one step further with the integration of IVR technology with remote patient monitoring systems. You can share emergency notifications via call or SMS in case of fluctuations in the patient’s stats.

Benefits of IVR system for the healthcare provider

Now you know how to leverage an IVR system to deliver top-notch telehealth services to patients. Next, you need to understand the merits of employing this technology. The idea here is to understand the value of your investment, which is all the more important in a crisis. Here are the benefits that the telehealth system can offer your practice:

Improve patient access

With IVR-based appointment scheduling in place, patients get better access to your services. They need not queue up or visit the clinic personally anymore to book appointments. Rather, give them the option to call any time to book an appointment on the fly.

Optimize patient-provider matching

The smart AI can instantly match patients with the best-suited medical staff. This is done based on the needs of the patients and the availability of providers.

Reduce office staff workload

With the need for human intervention minimized, dependency on the staff is reduced and they have more time for critical tasks. This is truly a blessing for the workers who are already swamped during this pandemic.

Scalability and flexibility

Another undisputed benefit of IVR telehealth solutions is their immense scalability. Whether your practice has a few dozen patients or thousands, these systems are capable of handling them all efficiently. Moreover, you have the option to scale the solution to reach a wider audience or even send across vernacular messages to a local audience.

Going Ahead

The pandemic has taught many lessons to the healthcare industry. It has strengthened their commitment towards delivering the best patient care. The booming growth of telehealth services illustrates this commitment, showing the providers’ intention to always be there for patients.

Digital IVR technology systems have emerged as a key component of telehealth solutions. The best way to go ahead is to look for an IVR service provider that you can trust for their service quality and reliability. Additionally, you would want to collaborate with one that offers best-in-class prices for their services.

Check out IVR solutions at Msgclub to empower your healthcare practice with the best telehealth solutions!

Combat Fraudulent Activities with SMS Verification

Combat Fraudulent Activities with SMS Verification

It is no news that online messaging platforms have hijacked the traditional texting service without warning. With the facility of fast internet connection and instant messaging apps in the pockets, almost everyone is using some online messaging platform to communicate. And while we thought SMS is nearing its end, good news in the form of “SMS  verification” surfaced in the market. It transformed the basic purpose of Bulk SMS, by making it a transactional platform.

A major reason for using SMS as a verification platform was because SMS had a high open rate of 98 per cent which is 60% higher than email.

This noticeable difference in the user preference led a growing number of businesses to adopt SMS as their verification tool ranging from big tech giants namely Google, Facebook to ride-hailing & food delivery app namely Uber and Zomato. Almost every industry and app have now started using SMS verification platform at multiple stages of their user’s journey. Below are six such business cases where SMS verification has strengthened the security of apps and has helped the business to combat online fraud effortlessly.

1. User Registrations

Growing businesses are flooded with registration requests. But to ensure that no unauthenticated or fake users intrude into the system, they need to verify the identity. Traditional password-based authentication proved to be weak and insecure in the past. Any fake user with multiple email IDs could easily create multiple user registrations to spam the system.

Here, asking users to register with their phone number helps in filtering many potential spams during the initial phase, i.e., registration process. Validating the user by sending a One Time Password on the provided number provides maximum security in the registration process. It prevents frauds explicitly in two ways with sms verifcation: –

It detects if the number used at the time of registration is already associated with the company or not, to prevent any spamming.

And, whether the existence of the phone number is real or fake by validating with the received OTP

Msgclub portal signup

2. Password Reset

To make the passwords highly secure, many platforms prompt users to create complex, lengthy and unique passwords. While this SMS verification method makes the password hard to crack, it also becomes hard to memorise, which leads to a lot of password reset requests.

In such cases, sending an OTP code on the associated phone number prevents a lot of fraud and identity theft. Also, makes the password reset process a lot easier for genuine users. Every time users want to reset a password, a simple text message with OTP codes can help them to do the same quickly. And the limited time validity of the OTP codes adds on to the security of this process.

3. Two-step Verification

65% of people use the same passwords everywhere, and 90% of passwords are crackable within 6 hours. Thus, stealing passwords and hacking into account is not hard for hackers. Moreover, sharing passwords with peers or family members or using the same password over multiple platforms is a general practice followed by the users. This makes it easy for the cybercriminals to hack into user accounts.

Two-step sms verification adds a layer of security while logging into the account. After the user enters their password, they’re asked to enter the OTP code received in the textbox. These OTPs are instantly generated and are valid only for a few seconds which reduces the probability of an unauthenticated login to the minimum. Google has been promoting the two-factor authentication rigorously to prevent user accounts from any fraud.

4. Reactivate Users

When a registered user logs into their account after a long period of inactivity, suspecting the legitimacy of the activity is imperative. Many times, the request can be genuine, but there is a high probability that an attacker is trying to activate a passive user login to break into the system.

To handle such cases, sending an SMS to the phone number used at the time of registration works as the best solution. This immediately verifies the nature of the activity and helps the business to tackle it promptly.

5. Order Verification

Fake orders and frauds are a prime concern for any e-commerce platform. This platform has provided a convenient method for people to shop online, but at the same time, it is important to handle the lapses this convenience entails. And the criticality multiplies with the increase in the number of high-value orders.

Using SMS verification on high-value orders prevents many fraudulent purchases. Sending a simple order verification OTP to users at the checkout page makes the process more authenticated. The order gets successfully placed once the user validates the OTP. This kind of verification keeps a check on the rising number of e-commerce fraud without complicating the purchase process for the users.

6. Transaction Authentication

Financial transactions are critical and are thus most vulnerable to online fraud. Earlier, ATM pins were used to ensure the safety of the transactions. They were considered secretive and private and thus guaranteed more security. But with expanding online fraud, breaking into your ATM pin during the online payment process became a cakewalk for the hackers.

To battle such critical and sensitive frauds, the introduction of OTP verification proved to be a significant step. It reaffirms the transaction authenticity before the final payment. Also, it hardens the process of breaking into an online transaction as the validity of OTPs is for a brief time, which leaves hacker with less time and incomplete information to break into the system.

Significance of IVR for Modernization of Call Centers

Significance of IVR for Modernization of Call Centers

IVR or Interactive Voice Response refers to a telephony system that responds to inputs from the customer through an automated process and reroutes the call to a preferred agent. It nullifies the requirement of a live operator. It’s a rather uncomplicated endeavor. When a customer calls, the IVR system will greet them and ask for keyboard input (For example, “Press 1 for English” or “Press 1 to register a complaint”). The input will then be identified, segmented and then the call will be rerouted to a specialised agent (if required).

But how can this help your call centers appease and retain customers? Let’s take a look at the role of this feature.

Personalise Messages for Customers

Personalization of your services ensures a deeper connection with your customers. With IVR solution, your business can record a customised message tailored to the client using caller information. This displays that you care for your customers’ needs and creates a stronger brand image. You can opt for either a pre-recorded message by a professional voice actor or add in your version.

Different languages may be employed to appeal to a variety of callers.

Ease Accountability and Analysis of Information

To promise improved customer care in the future, your business should be able to learn from its past interactions. Through the IVR system, you can record your calls to later analyse the nuances of the conversation. Many recordings in the professional sphere are also recorded for training purposes—new recruits may be given these conversations as case study.

This is also helpful to keep track of your conversations. Customer responses will help you understand their needs and demands for particular products, depending on what they wish to inquire.

Serve Callers Around the Clock

A live operator or receptionist handling calls limits the period of connectivity with a consumer. In this setup, people are inconvenienced to attempt to call only during work hours, which eventually also means a higher concentration of calls at a given time. Investing in IVRS, however, ensures that they are attended to, at any hour of the day or night. This round-the-clock service will allow clients to connect with the business, even in the absence of any employees.

This is a multi-faceted advantage as not only are the customers content, but also employees do not have to compromise on their time.

Treat Queries with Accuracy

It is often the case in traditional settings that a call is rerouted to multiple agents, many of whom are equipped or responsible to handle the query or request. This can be avoided by automating the service. This way, the business will be able to identify the needs of the customer and narrow them down without any human assistance. If it is required, the call is then transferred to an agent with the best abilities to handle queries of that nature. Not only will this permit rapid service by providing first contact resolution, but also cut down on time spent per call.

The Sticky Agent feature of IVRS will allow callers to engage with the same agent every time, hence saving time otherwise spent on reiterating basic information. If callers cannot be tended due to high frequency of requests, they can stay on hold or agents can return their calls later according to some setups.

Increase Return on Investment

Without the need to employ a receptionist, the operational costs of a business are driven down. An IVR setup requires minimal infrastructure and also functions at high efficiency. Additionally, there are various plans available to acquire an IVR system that is light on the pockets. Better accuracy in redirection as well, gives agents appropriate free time. All these factors combined ensure that the investments are low and productivity is high, leading to an increased return on investment.

Minimise Human Error

As mentioned earlier, human error is often at play in conventional call centers. Any receptionist or operator may contribute to inaccuracy while rerouting calls. There is no lack of judgement when it comes to an automated system. IVR technology is well equipped to understand requirements and transfer calls to the ideal agent. Using the Call Barging feature, you can also assist your agent with prompts to ensure high-level of accuracy and performance.

Additionally, it is ideal to greet any consumer with enthusiasm and attention, as any IVR system would, undeterred by any moods or personal inconvenience. This will grant your business the professional front it requires to attract and charm callers.

Create a Strong Brand Image

An IVR number leaves a strong first impression on a caller. While one might assume that a small business or start-up might wish to avoid this feature, the reality is quite the opposite. A customer calling an IVR number for any business is given the impression of meticulousness. The technology also lends the organisation a front of importance and size. And with the added benefits of lowered costs and improved services, it is ideal for any business type.

Display Order Statuses

Customers have the urge to constantly track their orders and follow the progress, essentially for satisfaction and confirmation. In these situations, dealing with an automated system can help the customer directly deal with the information, instead of an agent taking out time to manually search for the result. This not only saves time for both parties but also adds a factor of convenience for the customer, who can access the data at their time and without any drawn-out explanations.

Take Surveys

One of the most thorough ways one can gain access to customer feedback is through surveys. Businesses can use IVR number to ask questions regarding their product, service or experience and then tally numeric inputs to identify any strengths or weaknesses. Keyboard inputs can provide feedback on quantitative data. However, since IVR system allows call recordings, you could also use the technology to ask open-ended questions that a user could answer in their voice.

Clear Payments

Gone are the days of long lines to pay off one’s dues. The advent of the technological age has transformed the methods of payments—almost any payment can be accomplished online. With IVR number, you can allow the customer to clear their payments on call. It minimises effort from the consumers and the businesses are benefited by saving time and effort from their side as well. Telephone banking is common amongst individuals who wish to save the time otherwise spent in travelling to the bank.

Promotions and Reminders

You can highlight your brand’s promotional activities while you have the attention of your caller. Pre-recorded calls can be designed to mention marketing promotions that can potentially attract a customer. An IVR number could also be added to other media.

Many call centers may use the system to send across reminders for appointments or other important events. This makes the consumer aware of your company’s activities.

While these are the various roles and benefits of IVR system in a call center through a business perspective, it might be beneficial to understand the reasons for which IVR can be used to gather a stronger consumer base.

Why Virtual Number, OTP Authentication and Voice Broadcasting are necessary?

Why Virtual Number, OTP Authentication and Voice Broadcasting are necessary?

To the uninitiated, these three terms sound like technical jargon. A good businessperson, however, does their research on all types of workflow management services—however foreign they may seem—before making a decision. Here’s how a virtual phone number, an OTP service and a voice broadcasting solution can ramp up revenue:

Keep your customer experience sky-high

Virtual numbers allow voice calls without the need for physical phone lines. Opting for one for your company, especially during difficult times like the coronavirus outbreak, helps to keep your customer relationship management score high.

A virtual phone number allows you to have a single point of contact, thereby avoiding personal and professional confusions when agents shift to working from home. Missed Call volumes might increase as customers enquire about new offers, emergency updates, existing dues, or have shipment queries. With no requirement to set up new infrastructure—or employing more agents—you can save up on unnecessary expenditure that can be used elsewhere. Working from home can also sometimes mean using personal resources to meet daily targets, but a virtual phone number won’t let customers know the difference, as you can forward all calls to your office extension.

When deciding on a number, make sure to pick one that is most in sync with your company’s current—or future—positioning. If you plan to expand to different geographic areas that may have markedly different consumers, investing in a local phone number (or multiple, with different state codes) makes for a trustworthy beginning. To convert curious callers in your new market—they are potential paying customers, after all—integrate your virtual phone number with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. An added level of automation to voice calls, it provides professional-sounding messaging and preset menus that efficiently inform customers of your company’s offerings. A self-service menu here can even let callers have a taste of what to expect from your problem-solving strategies. When it comes to enhancing customer experience, the sky’s the limit.

Virtual phone numbers from cloud telephony firms like Msgclub come equipped with management software that’s easy to use and understand. A central dashboard is configured with call recording and analysis tools and can generate push reports for managers to study and improve problem areas. Reviewing and feedback are critical for any company to grow, as is a high return on investment. A ‘pay-as-you-use’ model, therefore, becomes ideal if you’d like to test the waters for virtual numbers before diving in headfirst. Should you choose to take the plunge, we’ll be there to catch you.

Eliminate fraud in everyday operations

If your company hopes to become the cream of the crop in e-commerce, non-banking financial assets, or any sector that requires confidentiality (like telemedicine or online counselling, for example), then an OTP SMS service should be at the top of your security checklist. Customers need to see that you are serious about their private information and that they have more to bank on than just your word. An OTP service, thus, adds a strong layer of verification that eases new user tensions.

An OTP (One Time Password) is created from a randomly generated string of numbers and/or letters. This special code is set into action when customers put in a request into your portal that requires authentication—such as booking an appointment, creating a user account, or putting in credit card information before purchase. The code, once received by the user, can be punched in via SMS, voice calls or an e-mail link. Most consumers today are familiar with how OTP works, so there’s not much explaining you have to do—it’s almost become an intuitive part of using the Internet.

Msgclub’s swift OTP service sends a code immediately when a user makes a request. The API overrides a smartphone’s Do Not Disturb filter, making sure the customer’s request is not cancelled, timed out or has to be re-entered.

If your website offers free services that don’t depend on purchases, then an OTP service is a clear way to show consumers your company is credible and still means business. For example, if you’re offering online classes or free seminars, parse your active user pool using SMS’s that come with instant delivery receipts. Customers can also use the OTP verification to reactivate old accounts, reset passwords, terminate their old accounts. Want to reach out to a large pool of customers in one go? That’s possible too, via a bulk option.

Wonderfully, there are many fail-safes for this fail-safe! In case any codes fail to deliver, a voice call can complete the process. Integrate your caller database into the OTP service, to make sure you don’t miss out on any leads. If one code doesn’t seem credible enough, customers can opt into two-factor authentication. If you can’t think of how to succinctly word your outreach SMS’s.

Leave a memorable market footprint

Social media advertising budgets are likely to hit 48 billion US dollars by next year. Consumers are hit with thousands of colourful, visual ads daily, and have reached the tipping point—so much so, that many choose to now go on social media detoxes that provide relief from shiny consumerism. Many of these ad budgets also forget one crucial factor—there are millions of customers who might be curious about your product or service, but don’t have an Internet connection. What kind of outreach programme should you add to your arsenal, then, when planning campaigns? A voice broadcasting solution.

Don’t waste time on cold calling, when your agents’ skills and productive work hours could be used elsewhere. Quickly set up a secure voice campaign without any hardware hassles, and connect with untapped consumers to grow your marketing database. Since this voice broadcasting service is encrypted and high-quality, it makes for an immediately good impression.

Multiple campaigns can be easily administered through a central portal and can be customised as per your product or segmentation needs. Written a killer script but can’t vocalise it well? A robust text-to-speech engine can do the trick. Share your introductory or sale offers, intimate customers about special deals and loyalty programmes, and any other important notifications with a single tap. If you’re worried you’re not getting enough returns, widen your outreach with automated call retries. You can also be notified of users who have put their numbers on Do Not Call lists, which helps save time to find more willing customers.

Once your voice broadcasting SMS campaign Solution successfully goes through, immediately patch interested callers to live agents. This conversion rate can be tracked through scheduled reports, and any troubleshooting solved via 24/7 customer support from the cloud telephony provider.

The climb to the top isn’t easy…

In fact, for every breakthrough, you might suffer five losses. The customers who can make or break your business’ success know and understand this tricky path. At the same time, your company must be willing to show them that it has the dedication to install modern-day features to make the customer experience as easy as possible. Miscommunication is quickly forgiven, but mismanagement is rarely forgotten.

Benefits of using IVR for payments

Benefits of using IVR for payments

A few years ago, people had to travel to certain locations to settle remittances. With the advent of the internet, more and more individuals began using websites and other channels to accomplish the same. However, it is phone payment that proves to be the most convenient as it requires the least infrastructure and effort. Those who don’t have access to the internet or a computer can rely on their personal device to get pay their bills. There are many more benefits to be reaped of an IVR number:

No time constraint:

A client is free to make use of an IVR number, no matter the time of the day. Since the technology is automated, no employee has to be available to assist the consumer. This provides convenience to not only the caller but also the organisation

Secure payments:

Many individuals shy away from novel methods of transactions for fear of losing their money. However, it is less likely for that to be the situation while using IVR than traditional processes. Thanks to call recordings, there is evidence of the success or failure of the transaction.


As mentioned earlier, phone payment processing is an extremely convenient path to choose. It minimises the effort required to travel for payments and does not demand additional infrastructure. No internet, no problem.


No one likes to be dependent on the availability of an agent to accomplish their tasks. With AI integrated IVR, consumers are empowered to complete the process with little to no human intervention. Self-service menus are popular with customers as they are comfortable to use at their will.

Tracking consumer behaviour:

The success or failure of an organisation is reliant on its ability to serve its clients. And the more one knows about their buying behaviour, the better they can be served. IVR and Missed call recordings let companies pinpoint what products or services are popular and where customers are spending money. With this information, a business can designate achievable targets that appease the users.

Financial records:

Gone are the days when transactions were limited to a single channel or medium. Customers now have the option of several portals considering payments. With an IVR number, gaining quantitative records of cash inflow is an effortless process.

Toll-free number:

A compelling addition to an IVR system is a toll-free number. Toll-free numbers in India begin with 1800 and are a practical solution to streamline the communication of a business. Customers merely need to remember one number that can be contacted for queries of diverse nature. The number is often given recall value with an accompanying jingle. Thus integrating toll free number with IVR is a smart move for every business.

Applications of an IVR number

Once one understands the benefits of an IVR number, it is easy to anticipate the numerous applications of the same. IVR numbers are currently being used in multiple industries for their payment processes. Following are a few examples:

Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is the most crucial one in 2020. With the spread of coronavirus rising every day, it is vital for the health industry to function effectively. IVR numbers provide a conducive method of paying for health services during the lockdown. Individuals can consult professionals online and then reimburse the service using phone payment.

Banking industry

Many banks are attaching their duties to an IVR number. Credit and debit card payment and other transactions can be made through the convenience of one’s cellular device. Banks are also collaborating with companies to provide their services to merchant IVRS (systems associated with for-profit organisations).


Payments to be made for flights, taxis, or buses? The ticketing industry is making use of IVR numbers too. Under normal circumstances, one can also use the same method to cover movie tickets. However, in 2020, ticketing services are allowing customers to focus on transportation as a priority. You can use your debit or credit card to pay for transportation.

Call networks

In times like this, one must ensure that their mobiles are completely functional at all times. Mobile networks in India are using IVR numbers to cater to the needs of their subscribers. Users can now recharge their accounts, make payments and also, raise concerns over the network using IVR technology.

Gas connections

Cooking is now a raging trend as people are cutting down dependence on restaurants for their food. Since everyone is confined to their houses, it is imperative that they have access to gas connections to sustain themselves. Companies are easing the processes for LPG connections with the use of IVR numbers. Customers can book their LPG cylinder simply by calling the companies’ number.


The world has been in a rather precarious state. In such times, lifestyles must attempt to be more cautious yet convenient. Companies are doing the same by simplifying their transactions with their consumers. Payments are now aided by IVR numbers that allow customers to transact from the safety of their own homes. No internet or travel is required to ensure timely remittance. For those who want an effortless, effective and secure method of payment, IVR is the way to go!

Reasons to Join the Revolutionary Cloud Telephony

Reasons to Join the Revolutionary Cloud Telephony

Let’s run you through this decision-making process. Why should you make the switch? 

Beyond simply abstracting the hassles of hardware requirements, cloud telephony offers tremendous benefits for enterprise communication.

Added Geographical Flexibility

Talking about this day and age, the world is more connected across distances. Remote work is on the rise. Teams are no longer required to be physically present at the workplace. However, all this doesn’t have to drop productivity or call quality levels. 

Enable employees to always stay in the loop. They can take important calls even when they’re away from the office with just an Internet connection and a compatible device. With cloud services, you can choose to either work from home, hire full-time remote employees or travel while you work without fretting over call management.

In addition to this, cloud service providers give you the choice of virtual numbers with any area code to maintain and enhance your local presence.

Reliable Source of Services 

Cloud solutions offer an unparalleled level of reliability. This is possible since the components or data of these services are stored not only on one local server, but on multiple back-up cloud servers. This means that you are less likely to experience any downtime or interruptions while on calls. 

Additionally, these services are more secure—and generally better equipped for the digital age. For example, if an earthquake hits, your telephony systems are likely to be affected. Since cloud telephony solutions are hosted virtually, all your data is safe and secure. You can go back to this data from any device at any point in time.

Scalable as per Your Operations

While scalability is natural to all cloud services, it applies exceptionally well to the communication services. Needless to say, scalability is needed while expanding your operations. Cloud telephony offers the opportunity to easily scale up or down based on your requirements.

Plans like pay-as-you-go allow you to pay only for what you use and save you the cost of advance payments. On the other hand, scaling down does not leave you with redundant hardware to maintain. Cloud telephony offers dynamism and eases the burden on enterprises.

Better Data Analysis

The cloud doesn’t just provide an infrastructure that can be accessed over the Internet. It offers insights, which when used intelligently, can prove to be empowering for businesses. This data can be helpful while assessing individual quality scores for agent and department wise reports. 

An important part of improving call centre performance is the evaluation. It is important to constantly measure how your company has been performing and accordingly make changes to business plans.

Detailed statistics and easy-to-interpret graphics are integral to a firm’s evaluation process. However, doing just that is never enough—managers need to gain insights from this data and graphics to make informed decisions. Cloud telephony solutions automatically generate these reports and insights for you, thereby saving manual effort.

These solutions also offer voicemail features, auto-notification SMSes, call routing, post-call surveys, and many more features to promote automation in your business. Turn to artificial intelligence to make your workflow smoother. 

Easily Accessible

With extensive use of smartphones, tablets and other computing devices, users can add this equipment to the cloud telephony system, allowing multi-device access from anywhere.

It Comes with a Myriad of Features

Other useful features like IVR, auto-notification SMSes, etc. just add to the benefits of cloud telephony. These services are mostly available on a subscription basis. You essentially get the best of both worlds—the cloud and the technology. 

Integrated Business Communication Systems 

Cloud telephony solutions can be integrated into your daily business operations. This not only optimises a company’s individual pipelines of work but also takes care of seamless business operations holistically. 

With these streamlined workflows, you can access all data from a single platform. Thus making it easier to deliver prompt results. Moreover, highly customisable CRM integrations allow you to consolidate your workflows better.

Cost Efficiency 

Cloud telephony solutions cut down your business costs significantly since businesses no longer have to spend on bulky hardware and storage. Neither do they have to pay for installation and maintenance costs. All your employees would need is a laptop or a smartphone—and they’re set.

With so many expenses taken out of the picture, your company can save up on all that revenue and take care of those month-end bills.

Highly Efficient Sales and Support Teams

With automation handling routine tasks and note-taking made so much easier with call notes features, there is a rapid efficiency and productivity boost in your sales and support teams. 

An effective IVR routes calls to the best-suited agent swiftly, and the reps can keep their focus on high-level queries by delegating FAQ answers to the auto-attendant.  

Reduced Carbon Footprint

This aspect is possibly the most overlooked. The environment is in crisis. An increasing number of companies are doing their part to go green.

Cloud-based services do not require energy-draining infrastructures since they are hosted on servers. Adopting cloud telephony solutions can be your contribution for the world’s climate and a step towards sustainability. 

Parting Words:

Leading organisations have taken the majority of their tasks to the cloud. If you haven’t already planned the switch, now is the time. You save on money, time and peace of mind by outsourcing your call management to cloud-hosted services. 

According to Forbes, by 2020, 83% of enterprise operations are expected to be outsourced to the cloud. If you are still not including your business in that number, you’re at risk of losing out to cloud-empowered competitors. 

It’s about time we welcome a new era of flexible and scalable workplaces.

Switching to cloud telephony is not difficult and you won’t regret the plunge. From gaining a competitive edge to developing strong relationships via excellent customer service, there’s really nothing to lose.

IVR Solutions for Financial Technology Business

IVR Solutions for Financial Technology Business

While all of this is impressive, you might wonder how an IVR number helps improve fintech services. Let’s look at the various applications possible:

Information About Loans and Other Procedures

Loans are a big fiscal responsibility and customers like doing their research in advance. To gain more information, contact centres are often their primary source of information.

Interested clients call to inquire about the various loans, interest rates, and other specifics. It is imperative that the caller is connected to the right agent to save time and ensure that comprehensive knowledge is delivered.

IVR system routes the call according to the keyboard input and connects to the best-suited representative.

Checking Up on Account Balances and Verifying Credentials

Going to the bank every time one wishes to check their account balance, change their debit/credit card pinks, or for any other basic tasks can be bothersome.

With an IVR, customers need only follow very few steps. Within a matter of seconds, their personal information gets verified and their request is registered simultaneously. Post identity authentication, they’re able to access or update their account information.

Redressing Customers’ Complaints

Consumers often call contact centres to complain about unsatisfactory services. These complaints make fintech businesses aware of their shortcomings and can strive to improve their operations. IVRs make this process easier for both parties.

For example, if you paid through a mobile wallet but didn’t get a notification, you could inform the contact centre and register your complaint over the IVR system or even get it resolved then and there. This is how an IVR-powered contact centre can provide consumers with a better experience.

Sending Reminders to People

Contact centres don’t just receive calls from customers. They also send out reminders. Fintech companies that wish to reach out to consumers, especially about payment-related delays, can make use of an IVR number.

Customers that have instalments due soon or have missed a due date can be reminded via targeted calls. Companies can also pre-record these statements and schedule them to be sent to a customer near the due date, or after in case of a missed payment.

Making Payments

There was a time when making payments involved standing in a long queue and hours of waiting. However, now, payments can be made through IVR. You can call your bank, select the payment option from the IVR menu, provide your credentials and voila! Payments can be handled simply.

Deactivate Debit/Credit Card Operations

Losing a debit or credit card is not a hard thing to do. To avoid theft, it is crucial to get your card blocked immediately. All the while you wait in the queue for the live agent, your data remains vulnerable—you can simply use an IVR menu to ask for the deactivation of the service. Simple, efficient and quick.

Why Use an IVR Number?

We have seen various applications of the IVR system and how it is revolutionising fintech businesses for the customers. However, we must also discuss the various benefits and features that make the IVR system so desirable. How does the technology serve you for all these needs?

CRM Integration

You can integrate IVR with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which will allow your agents to receive information provided by your consumers before they connect. This helps the agents to be prepared for the consumer’s request and saves time, enhancing customer relations.

Call Rerouting

True to the original purpose of the system, an IVR number can help direct a consumer call to the preferred agent. This encourages first point query resolution, saves time and efforts for both parties. For example, agent X receives all calls for approvals and agent B receives verification requests. So, agent A can reroute the call to B for verification and take up the next caller in line.

Independent of Internet

In an economically divided country like India, several areas are devoid of an Internet connection or are supplied with an unstable one. An IVR number works only on telephony services and requires only a call from the customers’ end, making it more inclusive of a varied audience.

Bank Within the Reach

Much like the Internet issue, several areas in the country lack formal banking systems. The technology helps people in these areas as well.

No Need of Receptionist

An IVR number eliminates the need for a physical receptionist and does a better job than a human could. Also, there are comparatively lesser chances of mistakes being made by the machine. Furthermore, it greets your users and guides them through the processes much like any other attendant.


Much like fintech has carved a new path for financial services, IVR solutions have done the same for fintech businesses. The ease of operations and inclusivity of audiences makes it a much desirable system.

It can handle a plethora of issues––from activations or deactivations and payments to complaint resolution and reminders. With technology so simple yet so capable, a fintech company is equipped to serve its customers through any circumstances.

Furthermore, an IVR number is really easy to set up and requires no bulky hardware or infrastructure. It’s the one-stop solution to all your consumer service activities. Get one and push yourself above the standards of your competitors!

Tips for Cross-Selling to Customers

Tips for Cross-Selling to Customers


Let’s now explore how you can use the cross-selling technique for the benefit of your business:

Customized Messaging with Bulk SMS

Why did the customer buy from you earlier? What did he purchase? Has he posted any review of the same? What are his demographics? 

Getting answers to all these questions will help you get an insight into your customer behavior. With the collected information, you can understand what was the motivation behind the customer’s previous purchase. This will significantly increase your chances of cross-selling to your customers. 

Let’s suppose you sell beauty products, and the customer purchased a shampoo from you. You can consider cross-selling a conditioner to them in their next purchase. You can re-appeal to the customer by showing an ad that endorses shampoo along with the conditioner.

The bottom line is to devote some time in thinking strategically about how to re-appeal to the customers with personalized messages as per their needs, wants, and desires.

Create a List of Past Buyers

Once you have dug out enough data to understand the buying behavior of your customers, organize the data into several segmented lists to target each customer with the right offer.

You can easily target the customers through their contact details from their past purchases. This step is critical as it is vital to target the customers by catering the relevant information to them.

For instance, if the customer just bought a home theatre, he won’t buy another one. But perhaps he may be interested in buying a recliner. Notably, cross-selling is all about selling products complementary to what the buyer has already purchased.

Remind Past Buyers About Your Brand

What are your USPs? What is it about your product or brand that stands out from the others? Why do customers purchase from you rather than your competitors? Try to inculcate these points in your messaging to instill brand loyalty in your customers. This increases the chances of retaining them and getting a referral.

It is said that branding campaigns should not only be used for top-of-the-funnel audiences. Instead, try to sell your brand to past purchasers as well.

Abandoned Cart Messages

You can also remarket to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts. Remind them that they have left something in their cart.

For example, one of your previous customers added a deodorant to his cart. But could not complete the purchase, maybe because he was distracted by the parcel delivery boy. Later, he forgot to complete the purchase. You can remind him about this by sending an email with the subject “you forgot something in your cart” or “complete your purchase”. You can remarket by displaying them ads on what they are missing.

Remarketing Tactics

Remarketing is indeed one of the best ways to cross-sell and increase repeat sales with minimal effort. You can also show ads to people who have visited your online store or used your mobile app. You can reach specific visitors and users who have visited you previously. You will have to create remarketing tags and lists for the first campaign. But once you do that, you will see the results come in. Remarketing campaigns are easy to run.

For example, you visited an online fashion accessories store and bought a mobile cover. The store will try to remarket you by showing ads for the other products it offers.

Final Say

In the endnote, we would like to conclude by saying that it is crucial to capitalize on sales to run the business efficiently. In order to do that, it is vital to continue to sell to customers, and one of the best ways for this is cross-selling.

Now that you know several tips on how to use cross-selling for your business, go ahead and make the most of it!