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  • Enjoy festive seasons with heavy sales through SMS Marketing

    Everyone can hear the knock Knock of festive seasons and everybody is ready to welcome coming Fest. It’s the time to tie up your lace and tighten your belt because you have to do something impressive to increase your sales in this festive season. Do you know – 70% of people would like to receive […]

  • Get White Label SMS Solutions with MsgClub

    Our Software, Your Brand. Rebrand it as your own. We can help you to build your own branded SMS platform for your customers. Just by providing you the facility of white labeling. To become SMS services providers you need to have SMS panel (like msgclub) with your brand name to serve your clients, for that […]

  • Use SMS as an Effective Marketing Tool

    Text SMS is not just affordable, convenient, simple and direct but also powerful marketing tool for marketers. It is the best way to create  good brand images and to build strong customer relationships with customers. Marketers are continuously thinking innovative and creative ideas to influence and attract customers. For them SMS is the ideal and perfect way […]

  • Great Way to Get the Perfect Solution

    Hello Everyone !! We have discovered a  way for you to get instant and perfect solution of your all problems. The one and only way through our “SUPPORT TICKET”. Raise your issue either it is related to software or services, from our support ticket wall and convey your issues and problems directly with our support team […]

  • Send OTP via SMS, a 2 Factor Authentication Service for security

    What is OTP ? A one-time password (OTP) is an automatically generated alphanumeric string of characters that authenticates the user for a single transaction or session.The OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. What is the use of OTP ? Bulk SMS Services for OTP provides another layer of online protection. To make your software more secure […]

  • Seven Easy Steps to Send SMS on Bulk Numbers through Our Software

    Sending SMS is an ideal way to be connected with your friends, relatives, customers, employees and with whom you want to be in touch.The phrase SMS stands for “short message service” which means that you can send unique information, offers, deals, updates, news through our Bulk SMS Service. According to research, the great things about Text SMS that […]

  • ROUTES… A perfect way to send your sms

    Surely you are always bothering about route and its types ? But you never asked anyone about this and even if you asked anyone about it then you are never satisfied with the kind of answer you have received till now.   But now we will explain you about routes and its type, when to […]

  • Five benefits of Billing System in our Best Bulk SMS software

    Here are the top five benefits of having billing system in our Bulk SMS Software, which are going to benefit you a lot. 1. Accessibility through Single Panel→ You can Send SMS and make billing request through our Bulk SMS Panel. Now you need not to send any mail to sales person for adding balance in your account (route). All […]

  • Effortlessly use Bulk SMS Services in Media and Entertainment Industry

    Media and entertainment Industry has came up with new mantra known as “Mediatainment”. It has attracted a huge amount of audience and increase revenue growth for the industry. In Today’s era, the Indian entertainment segment has largely focused on digitization and internet resources to promote their work and services. Though the industry revolves around creativity […]