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Assist and Communicate to clients at zero cost to them.

500000 users

More leads with more calls

An increase in incoming call flow will generate more opportunities for your agents to convert a query into a lead.

Lifetime Validity

Brand recall

Brand recalling is easy as these numbers are easy to remember. It helps in increasing brand recall value.

Instant Activation

Capture New Markets

With the help of this service, you don't have to invest in on-site infrastructure as it ensures to expand the reach to international markets also.

Fast Support

Build a Reputation

Bearing the cost of incoming calls will leave a long-lasting impression on customers as nowadays all big businesses are using this service.

Secure API Platform

Build Campaigns

By assigning multiple numbers for different markets will help your business to monitor individual performance. Conduct surveys, launch new products and get customer feedback.


Some of the services from our panel

Transactional SMS

Call Tracking

Track caller location related analytics who is calling on your number. Also, analyze the source of incoming calls.

Promotional SMS

Call Routing

Automatically divert calls to the agents based upon the call history and location of the customer.

Voice SMS

CRM Integration

They are easy to integrate with many CRM software and add customers' data in an efficient manner.

1 Click SMS Delivery

Live Panel

Access call logs continuously, listen to the recordings of your calls. Draw significant business bits of knowledge with an adjustable information dashboard.

Business SMS

Call Recording

Record & store the interactions with customers for future analysis, training, and other purposes.

Realtime Delivery

Professional Greetings

Greet your customers with a recorded customized voice in a professional manner to enhance their calling experience.


This is what our customers are saying about us!

We are very happy with Msgclub's ability to deliver on time and suggest solutions to make the best use of their products.

Soumyadeep Garg


With Msgclub's super services, our customer experience has dramatically improved because of the real-time feedback we now get.

Rajiv Barman


With Msgclub's super services, our customer experience has dramatically improved because of the real-time feedback we now get.

Shashank Jain

Technical Head

What is a Toll free number?

This is a type of number on which the caller can call at zero cost better known as 1800 number. It allows the caller to transfer the charges of the call to the Company who is being called.

What are the benefits of a Toll free number for business?

It has many features that can increase your sales, address customers well and promote your products efficiently. It is also beneficial for building campaigns.

Do customers get charged while calling on 1800 number?

If customers calling an 1800 number they will not get charged but the concerned company whom they are calling will get charged.

Why do businesses use a Toll free number?

Businesses use this number for their customer's convenience and to address them briefly without any cost to them bearing customer's expenses also builds a positive image of the company. It is an efficient medium to resolve clients' issues.

What is the process to get a Toll Free number?

All you have to do is just Signup on our website or contact Msgclub. Our executives will be happy to help you with everything regarding the concerned services.