Include Body

{ "routeId":17, "contentType":"html", "mailContent":"Test Attachment&nbsp;<br><br>", "subject":"TestAttachment", "fromEmail":"", "attachmentType":"1", "fromName":"aa", "toEmailSet":[ { "email":"", "personName":"toEmail1" }, { "email":"", "personName":"toEmail2" } ], "ccEmailSet":[ { "email":"", "personName":"ccEmail1" }, { "email":"", "personName":"" } ], "bccEmailSet":[ { "email":"", "personName":"bccEmail1" }, { "email":"", "personName":"" } ], "attachments":[ { "fileType":"text/plain", "fileName":"TestFileone.txt", "fileData":"dGV4dCBmaWxl" }, { "fileType":"text/plain", "fileName":"testfiletwo.txt", "fileData":"dGV4dCBmaWxl" } ] }

Sample Output


Parameter Name with Description

Parameter Name Data Type Description
AUTH_KEY* Alphanumeric Login Authentication Key(This key is unique for every user)
routeId * Integer Which route you want use for sending sms enter routeId for particular route.use given Id for route. 15 = Transactional Email, 16 = Promotional Email
contentType * Text Content type of email html for html content and text for text content.
mailContent * Text Email content that user want to sent in email.
subject * Text Email subject that user want to sent in email.
fromName * Text Name of sender.
fromEmail * Text Email id of sender like Sender Id
attachmentType * Text Current this parameter email have attachment. 0 have no attachment 1 have attechment.
toEmailSet * Text List of recipient of (To email). email: Email of recipient.person.Name: Name of recipient.
ccEmailSet Text List of cc recipient of (CCemail). email:Email of CC recipient. personName:Name of CC recipient.
bccEmailSet Text List of bcc recipient of (BCCemail). email:Email of BCC recipient.personName:Name of BCC recipient.
attachments Text List of attachments.fileType:Type of file.fileName:Name of File.fileData:File data converted in Base64 format.
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