Include Body

<MESSAGE> <AUTHKEY>yourAuthKey</AUTHKEY> <UNICODE>0</UNICODE> <ROUTE>1</ROUTE> <SMS TEXT="Hello" FROM="DEMOOS"> <ADDRESS TO="9999999999" /> </SMS> <SMS TEXT="Hello from second message" FROM="DEMOOS"> <ADDRESS TO="8888888888" /> </SMS> </MESSAGE>

Sample Output


Parameter Name with Description

Parameter Name Data Type Description
AUTH_KEY* Alphanumeric Login Authentication Key(This key is unique for every user)
UNICODE * Alphanumeric Unicode" for Unicode sms
ROUTE Integer Which route you want use for sending sms enter routeId for particular route.use given Id for route. 4 = Transactional Route, 1 or 2 = Promotional Route, 3 = Trans DND Route, 7 = Transcrub Route, 8 = OTP Route, 9 = Trans Stock Route, 10 = Trans Property Route, 11 = Trans DND Other Route, 12 = TransCrub Stock, 13 = TransCrub Property, 14 = Trans Crub Route.(Default 1 if no route provided)
SMS TEXT * Text Enter your message
FROM * Text Enter from it should be less then 6 character
ADDRESS TO * Integer Mobile number can be entered with country code or without country code Multiple mobile no. should be separated by comma
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