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We offer hassle free SMS long code Service in Indonesia on shared and dedicated SMS longcode numbers.

Unlike Short Codes 7333, 8888, 6767 which are much popular for 2 Way SMS Communication but can handle incoming SMS only from Indonesia, Long Codes like +91.99770.99303 can also allow incoming SMS from any part of the Indonesia and across the World to get posting to any required URL or Web Page.

SMS long code service for Indonesia is another innovative service from MsgClub. It helps you to cut-down the cost of sending SMS to your end users and gives you all features similar to a 5 Digit Short Code Number. Using SMS Long code service in Indonesia is similar to short code service, the difference is long code SMS number is a 10 digit SMS number.

For dedicated Long code (Longcode) number In you can choose any premium number and use that as your SMS long code number. SMS Long code will help you to make 2 way SMS gateway for your needs, our cutting edge technology not only makes your communication fast and easy it also helps you to cut down the cost of pulling data from your server. With MsgClub, you're sure that you are getting the best SMS Long Code Plan in Indonesia.

Advantages of SMS Long code Indonesia service
  • 1. Customer is charged as per normal SMS charges
  • 2. Can be accessed from International Locations (customer needs to add +91 before Longcode)
  • 3. Have same features like SMS Short code
  • 4. Incase the URL is down, our system retries up to 48 hours, no other company has such feature
  • 5. Incase of dedicated number, no need to start message with keyword
  • 6. Incase of dedicated number, you can choose your own number
Where SMS Longcode can be used?
  • 1. Where SMS number is printed on the advertisement
  • 2. where communication is done internally with in company’s employee for information sharing
  • 3. Day Report submission to head office by employee
  • 4. Updated price list of company products
  • 5. checking stock status
  • 6. Result on request to parents
  • 7. Integration with any web application

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