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International SMS Malaysia

Welcome to the Msgclub.net we allow you to send text messages to any phone using any computer in the world through our International Bulk SMS service.

With Msgclub.net you can :-

1. Send SMS messages anywhere in the world even if you do not have a mobile phone through our website portal.
2. Send messages from your phone, even If your provider wireless company does not provide this service.
3. Send text messages in affordable rates.
4. Forget the mobile’s small keypad – send messages from any computer.
5. Send thousands of SMS in one single click.

At Msgclub we offer you various types of International Bulk sms plans from Malaysia.You can select the plan which is suitable for your business or your need.MsgClub is the cheap and best international sms and international sms Gatway provider for Marketing, Stock brokers and Web intergration for Malaysia.

Select Msgclub.net for Text Messaging And Enjoy many other Benefits

Msgclub.net has been providing the benefits of text messaging to the masses. People Thanks to our service, now people all over the world can send and receive SMS messages without a cellular phone capable of this function. It is just Usable from any Internet-ready computer or mobile phone, the Msgclub.net service is changing the way people SMS.

At Msgclub.net, we serve both small and medium sized enterprises as well as Global Fortune 100 companies. Our Mission is to make it simple, affordable and faster for our user’s to take advantage of the worldwide SMS network.

Some benefits that’s our corporate clients will experience are :

If you are ready to experience the real power of text messaging, then Msgclub.net is here to help. Just sign up for an account today and enjoyed our this incredible communication tool.

Text messages sent from Msgclub.net is just delivering in seconds, and cost is very less and affordable for you.

Msgclub.net is:
1. Global - you can send International SMS to any country on the Planet.
2. Easy to use - send from a web browser or from excel plug-in .
3. Flexible - configure your account to meet your text messaging needs. No mobile phone required.
4. Convenient - time zones don’t matter. Set your messages to arrive with a delay to surprise your friends!
5. Great Service - messages are delivered just in seconds.
6. Affordable - save money. Text message for a fraction of the cost of long distance telephone calls

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