Bulk SMS Service

Simple Integration of MsgClub bulk SMS API

Extend your bulk messaging needs with the provided set of MsgClub SMS API. Our aim is to make SMS marketing easy and therefore we provide various bulk SMS programming API so that user need not get stuck in any situation and can send SMS from anytime, anywhere. However, businesses can use our SMS API's for each & every purpose i.e single SMS API, personalize bulk SMS API, send SMS API etc.

Our developer team provides a wide range of bulk SMS API's to their users which helps them to avoid unnecessary coding and effort during setup. Our powerful APIs serve the purpose of bulk messaging for your customers. So what are you waiting for? Discover appropriate bulk SMS API for your needs and utilize our services to its best.

We provide bulk SMS API to send billions of messages directly from your own system or third-party application. You can integrate our send bulk SMS API in JSON and XML post. Read below to see our APIs and their essential parameters.

Send Bulk SMS API 1&mobileNos=9999999999,9999999999&smsContentType=english

Parameters name with description

Bulk SMS JSON API 1&mobileNos=9999999999,9999999999&smsContentType=english

Parameters with description

Bulk Single SMS XML API =1&mobileNos=9999999999,9999999999&smsContentType=english

Parameters name with description

So, integrate it today your all needs are answered on one platform. Our team provides bulk SMS gateway API for each and every purpose. You can also integrate our sample codes as per your choice of programming language. You can send SMS using PHP, Java,, VB 6.0 and more. Moreover, if you wish to send SMS in high volume than you can use our XML API.

Certain Industries That Uses Long Code Services

Many of the small and big industries are moving towards text messaging for marketing or customer engagement and it's no surprise given the incredible benefits via implementing text messaging into mobile marketing strategies. In the recent time, there are two common ways of sending SMS to people is either through a long code or a shortcode. Around 56% of people are agreeing to receive promotional messages from companies and organization, they often have no idea from which number the SMS is coming, which can lead to higher opt-outs.

''Let's dive in more to understand the Long code service better"

A long code is a 10 digit numeric phone number used by businesses for communication between two or more individuals. Moreover, there are 2 types of long code; dedicated long code and shared long code.

Advantages of long code for different industries

Long codes are a fine choice for business owners for a few reasons. The one of the best thing using long codes are typically free or very inexpensive to use, and there is very minimal setup time.

1. IT companies, E-commerce stores, Travel agents, Retailers etc can send SMS and make calls from the same number so that customers won't worry about reaching you.

2. Long code number provided by best SMS providers can be used for voice calls, texts, and faxes which establishes a familiar channel for communicating.

3. Business managers and marketers of the stock market, healthcare, media, consultancy, real estate are able to have personalized and seamless two-way conversations. In today's tailored-marketing world customizing your consumers and clients, the experience is quite essential.

4. Using long code services in your marketing assures that a sender is a real person, not a random bot. So, many of the business sectors like banks, educational institutions, sales & marketing, bar & nightclubs who sends long code SMS for personal information (billing) ensures you the message is reaching to individual only.

Amazing Uses of Long Code:

  • Best two-way communication via long code gateway

  • Gather customer & employees information

  • Convey relevant information to a targeted audience

  • Appointment reminders & confirmation on the long code phone number

  • Alert Notifications: Order shipping alerts, Flight changed schedule alerts, banking alerts etc.

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Few Reasons: Why Industries Use Missed Call Service?

India's one of the most popular service provider MsgClub enables businesses to run missed call campaigns on their platform.  Sometimes, you don't even need to talk with your customers, a missed call is a simple way to communicate at no cost.

Over 100+ companies and marketers have started using our missed call alert service for their marketing & promotion requirements. Our robust is enough capacity to manage millions of Missed calls from people. And you might be heard that Missed Call service has become one of the most effective ways to engage and involve customers by any brand.

Industries like e-commerce, healthcare, insurance, banking, real-estate, placement, political, sales, media, logistics, call centers are highly involved in this kind of service. Let's find out more how these industries can enjoy benefits of our missed call service for business.

1. E-commerce

The growth of the e-commerce market was worth about $12.6 billion in 2014 and now there were 35 million online shoppers in India and is expected to cross 100 million by the end of next year. Online shopping portals can highly use missed call services for a lead generation. Being an owner of a store you can use this service to connect people via registrations, coupon delivery, alert subscription and broadcasting information.

2. Political Parties

Our company made huge arrangement for political parties to interact with a huge audience, volunteers and members in a fraction of the time. Our missed call can be used for poll campaign and voting. With the toll-free number of your party, you can make our live campaigns and also gain votes via phone.

3. Sales & Marketing

Many of the marketers tell customers to give feedback after using their products and services. This can be possible simply by giving a missed call on their company's or brand numbers. Our missed call solution can help you to gather feedback that is essential to gain the rating and improvement in services/product quality.

4. Event organizers

Promote your new events among thousands of customers and tell them to give a missed call for event registration and passes. With auto-reply SMS you make sure the customer is well-informed for the missed call he had given on your given number. This helps you to attract more and more interested people!

5. Bank

Missed call alert is widely used by all banks for password reset, balance inquiry, mobile number verification and more. With the help of missed call services, your account holders get information and solutions quickly in their hands. They need not follow the long procedures to get information on small things.

What Makes Bulk SMS A Crucial Platform For Industries?

Many of us know text messaging is a simple tool for communication that allows us to send messages quickly. But as per our research in last few weeks, SMS is more than just a way to chat. Many of the marketers and businesses rely on the bulk SMS services as it allows companies to deliver information about a new promotional content or a new product to their customers or target market with SMS.

Almost 24 billion of text messages are sent per day from different sources thus industries use this surest way to reach people. Furthermore, unlike email campaigns, SMS has an incredible open rate of 97% within three minutes of being received. Many small, medium and large sectors have realized it. Here are some of the industries who're using SMS as their new marketing & communication tool.


  • Send SMS related greetings and wishes to doctors and chemists on their birthday/anniversary.

  • Create product awareness among various doctors and field representatives using text messages.

  • Set reminders and alerts for participants regarding the meeting or any event.

  • Automate your system to send reports of turnover, yearly revenue, targets, MIS etc via SMS.

Tours & Travels

  • Inform about your packages, schemes, and discounts to prospective customers and members using bulk SMS.

  • Send reminders to tourists before their departure from the city.

  • Integrate SMS API into your website to send an automated response to inquiries or logins.

  • Wish your customers and interested customers for birthday, anniversary and festival.

Hotel, Clubs & Resorts

  • Invite your members and customers to events at your place and take feedbacks.

  • Send information to interested and potential visitors about your new packages, deals and offers through SMS on their registered number.

  • Built customer relationship via catching their attention through sending new discounts and wishes on birthday, anniversary and festival.

  • Share room details and location when they went for a holiday from our packages.

If you want to know more example how industries who often use bulk SMS marketing services as their marketing tool you can visit You will get all the information about services and solutions which you're looking for? As a leading bulk SMS service provider in India, we provide powerful bulk SMS gateway and APIs to start SMS marketing for your business. You can also use our plugins and add-ons to send SMS directly from the browser and software in a minute of a time. We have developed incredible solutions for our clients that is very reliable, cost-effective and powerful.

Voice SMS Campaigns For Your Enterprise and Organization

Introducing MsgClub unique bulk voice call service in India, now with our innovative feature of voice calling your call reaches to the customers with a random phone number as a caller ID, so people will answer the call thinking it's a personal number, that results in higher conversions than regular campaigns.

A voice SMS is a pre-recorded audio message that includes a voice of a person (usually 30 seconds or less) so that other person can hear it quickly and efficiently. We promise to give you best marketing opportunities on the planet today that requires low investment with high ROI. Our all solutions especially voice SMS helps you to flourish business even in the time of recession.

Today our voice broadcasting is mostly used by Web development, banking, automotive, tours, event management, schools, airline, insurance, hotel & resorts, retail, media, healthcare, entertainment and more.

Voice messaging is now very simpler-simply record or upload your audio, enter or upload a list of the mobile numbers and quickly send or schedule your broadcast.

Sectors that uses Voice SMS Gateway

Mutual Fund Industry- Mutual fund companies run voice SMS campaigns for their customers to send updated NAV values, dividends, bonus etc.

Airlines- Airlines authorities can send voice SMS regarding change of flight schedules, flight cancellation, booking promotions, discounts etc.

Banking- In the recent time, many of the banks started using Voice SMS services to convey information to holders and new people. An account holder can easily get account balance, debit/credit transaction details, cheque or demand draft, policies, net banking registration, payment transfer and any other services that are offered by the bank via a single voice call.

Stock Market- After banking, the use of voice SMS is also high in Stock Market. You can send pre-recorded audio to mobile or landline users about market updates, buy and sale tips of shares, demand holding, balance, share rates etc.

FMCG Industry- Several companies of FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) can use Voice call services to send promotional offers, distributors queries and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Create automated voice call campaigns to send voice alerts and voice promotion via interface or API.

Use of Email Marketing Service in India to Grow Business

Gone are the days when sending bulk email to customers from different mediums is common practice. Email marketing is one of the popular and affordable marketing tools and yes it is very easy to manage, gives full control and allows you to establish direct contact with your potential customers and buyers. A good and reliable email service enables you to create highly engaging emails. It also allows you to organize your contacts, segment users into groups and track the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

If you're a small business and wanna send out a frequent transactional email to a number of subscribers, it is best to create an account on one of the email marketing service providers like  MsgClub. Our services are highly reliable & result-oriented marketing strategy for all kinds of businesses that include nightclubs, retail, real-estate, fitness, travel, salon, spa and more.

Let's take a deep look how such industries can use MsgClub email services to send transactional emails as well as promotional:

1. RESTAURANT, BAR, & CAFÉ- Emailing is the powerful tool in a restaurant and bar marketing arsenal. It is one of the fastest, simplest and cost-effective ways to reach people who actively want to hear from you. Email marketing is useful when you want to announce new menu changes in food & beverages. You can also share new promotions, specials (50% off on drink during happy hours), cooking tips and news of the restaurant to new and existing customers.

2. EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES- Improve your school, college and university communication via email marketing. It requires a little time and some trial and error to run a successful email campaign, but once you do, you will wonder why do didn't get started sooner for your institute. With emailing you can keep students and parents involved and active, send creative & appealing newsletters and emails regarding fees reminder, event, recent achievements, holiday, parents teacher meeting and more.

3. IT & SOFTWARE- You might know that IT and software industries are one of the biggest sectors all over the world. However, email services are the best marketing tool for IT sectors and software development companies. You can highlight recent successful projects to inspire your clients and promote new business. Share news and expertisation related to your field to stay connected with your clients.

However, you can improve your company's growth highly via using email newsletter service.

Well, the list not gets end here! MsgClub email marketing services have a lot of incredible features where you can send personalized emails and HTTP emails to your subscribers along with the real-time DLR report on our robust interface. So, what's more, contact our team members and create winning email campaigns in the simplest way.

Easy Integration of Bulk Voice SMS API Of MsgClub

Get a chance to give your voice to SMS. Now with the help of MsgClub voice SMS, you can transmit your message vocally to multiple users and audiences in India. The message is already pre-recorded so that you can convey the information on the mobile numbers anywhere in India.

On our interface, any business owner can fully customize the audio that has to send. In the country like India, many of the population does not speak & read English. Hence via using our voice broadcast services, you're allowed to send the voice in local or any regional language to your targeted customers.

However, bulk voice call services are widely used for brand promotion, announcements, lead & business generation, election, payment reminder, medicine reminders, event management, political campaign, stock alerts, premium, EMI alerts and more. You can enjoy its benefits via integrating our API into your different languages like PHP, JAVA, C#,, Asp, ASP.Net and VB6. We also provide its ready to use sample code that is very easy to get from our gateway.

Well, if you wish to start your voice call campaign you can run it directly from your website/app or software via configuring our APIs of the following categories:

1. Voice SMS

2. Save Voice Draft

3. Upload Audio File

Below you will get APIs of all given services along with their parameters with description. Note that: Some parameters marked with * are mandatory.

Voice SMS API fileURL=http://localhost/voice_SentMsg/0_Kalimba.mp3&draftFileId=10&displayRouteId=11&callerId=1230456789

Parameters Name With Description

Save Draft API

Parameters Name With Description

Upload Audio File

MsgClub Bulk Email API With Easy Integration

As you know MsgClub is one of the leading providers that offer various innovative solutions and services to their clients. As like same, our company provides various application programming interfaces (APIs) to companies who want to send emails in high quantity to their interested clients or customers. Although, our API is the best way to send a mass email newsletter, transactional email directly from the system.

Integrate your any website, application, software or any third-party application with our email API for starting email services for your company. Send transactional emails or bulk emails effortlessly with our relay and flexible programming languages API. Set up your email integration in less time, start creating campaigns, scheduling and track your sent emails. Whether you need to send 10 emails or 10 million our robust infrastructure scales with you.

You can also see our API documentation with libraries in PHP, CSharp, Java, ASP, and more. Moreover, we provide APIs in HTTP, GET and POST so that you can choose it as per your requirement of email marketing service.


Parameters Name with Description

Parameter Name

Data Type




Login Authentication Key(This key is unique for every user)

routeId *


Which route you want use for sending sms enter routeId for particular route.use given Id for route. 1 = Transactional Route, 2 = Promotional Route, 3 = Trans DND Route, 7 = Transcrub Route, 8 = OTP Route, 9 = Trans Stock Route, 10 = Trans Property Route, 11 = Trans DND Other Route, 12 = TransCrub Stock, 13 = TransCrub Property, 14 = Trans Crub Route.

contentType *


Content type of email html for html content and text for text content.

mailContent *


Email content that user wants to send in an email.

subject *


Email subject that user wants to send in an email.

fromName *


Name of sender.

from email *


Email id of sender like Sender Id

attachmentType *


Current this parameter email have attachment. 0 have no attachment 1 have attachment.

toEmailSet *


List of recipient of (To email). email: Email of recipient.person.Name: Name of recipient.

ccEmailSet *


List of cc recipient of (CCemail). email:Email of CC recipient. personName:Name of CC recipient.

bccEmailSet *


List of bcc recipient of (BCCemail). email:Email of BCC recipient.personName:Name of BCC recipient.

attachments *


List of attachments.fileType:Type of file.fileName:Name of File.fileData:File data converted in Base64 format.

Features of our Email service API:

Send personalized emails-

Create personalize emails for your multiple subscribers in one place only. Use of different API to send thousands of customizing emails in less time.

HTTP Emails-

We offer you a simple opportunity to send HTTP emails to your customers and clients. Integrating MsgClub API into your system will allow to send emails with attachments.

Campaign tracking & report-

Analyse your campaign report easily with our developer transactional email API code. MsgClub's campaign reports can analyze clicks, opens, subscriber's social activity, e-commerce data and more.

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Filter DND and Non-DND Numbers via our NDNC Filter API

The utilization of DND scrubber is getting raise day-by-day. Many of the bulk SMS gateway providers like MsgClub are providing special service to filter mobile number status. Our DND filter is one of the best tool to fulfill your requirement. However, we also allow you to integrate our NDNC scrubber API into your application or website for sorting customers API contact numbers directly in the system.

If you're searching for DND filter API with ready-to-use code in GET and POST then you are at the right place. You can use our ready scripts of PHP, ASP.NET, VB6, Java, CSharp, VB.Net in order to filter thousands of numbers from your own software or application.

Here, I am sharing our NDNC online filter parameters and their API that is very simple and easy to integrate. These API's are available in GET and POST on our panel, make them utilize as per your requirement.

NDNC Filter API,9999999999

Parameters With Description


Note: Parameters with * are mandatory

Via calling our API to fulfill the requirement of DND filter in bulk gets solved easily. Integrating our Application program interface into your system will allow companies & organizations to sort DND and Non-DND registered numbers easily before sending text messages to their targeted audience.

MsgClub DND filter For Your Enterprise and Organization

Few industries are getting better through the use of bulk SMS marketing services to send text messages to the mass audience in order to improve their services, customer engagement, and profits. Along with the messaging services, many of the leading bulk SMS providers like MsgClub have started offering SMART services like DND number check to their industrial clients. Well, this filter is widely used to sort DND and Non-DND mobile number status of customers.

The dnd scrubbing service is highly utilized by the business owner because as per the guidelines of TRAI (telecom regulatory authority of India) a registered mobile number with DND will not receive any message from companies. If they receive any sort of text SMS they can file a complaint against the sender to TRAI.

To avoid some circumstances small, medium and large enterprises have started using DND list scrubber as the best tool to check mobile number status.

Let's find out how some industries like hospitality, finance, real-estate, online shopping, tourism are utilizing this service as a needful tool during bulk SMS marketing.

1. Hospitality

The hotel industry is perhaps one of the biggest industry to use bulk messaging service as they have a lot to broadcast to audiences. Using DND scrubber to find out their customer's number status from database enable them to send various latest deals, accommodation details, service inquiries or events at the hotel or resort only on right contact numbers. So, that their every information will convey to the right person at the right time.

2. E-commerce

Apparently, the bulk SMS industry has achieved high success by e-commerce companies who keep sending repeating messages to potential buyers or we can say to everyone. Whenever there is any special offer or a new product launched or a sale they use this filter to check whether the customer is registered by DND or not. After that, they send offers and discounts to them.

As Do-not-disturb service of our company is highly beneficial to save SMS credits for online shopping portals.

3. Banks

You might have received various messages from different banks & finance agencies regarding their latest schemes, policies, and offers. But the banking management sends text messages to those people who're not registered with DND.

As per the TRAI regulations, banks have to strictly follow the rules, they do not send any kind of unwanted & commercial messages to customers until they have sorted out DND and Non-DND from their database.

However, this DND check online service is globally beneficial for industries other than this. This is one of the easiest & simplest ways to check mobile number status during the process of bulk text message marketing.

At MsgClub, you're allowed to use this service via hitting a DND API on your website or a third-party application. We allow simple integration of our API along with the ready-to-use codes. For more details contact us at