Month: January 2017

  • Send Flash SMS through the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider

    Flash SMS is a specialized SMS feature which is sent through special Flash SMS feature of MsgClub, that enables a standard text SMS to be delivered directly to the screen of the mobile device of the users. In other words, instead of the SMS being delivered to the inbox of the mobile phone, it appears […]

  • Bulk SMS Services used by Multi Level Marketing Companies

    Every Industry and company have their own process of making business in order to get long lasting profits with name and fame of the company and also keeping in mind the long lasting customer relations.Though they need Multi level marketing(MLM)companies for Branding and Marketing.                             MLM companies, need to develop a lot of marketing strategies […]

  • Big Opportunity for SMS Industry : Railway SMS Services

    In Today’s era railway provides the most important mode of public transport in India. This is the most commonly used and cost effective long distance transport system of the country. Indian Railways are touching life of almost every people across India covering 29 states and 7 Union Territories. So railway is every one’s need and […]

  • PHP API code for Sending SMS

    Do you know – How to Send SMS to mobile from your website through PC using PHP API Code ?   We will tell about it. Whether you are a developer, technocrat or a non-technocrat, you can easily integrate our Bulk SMS API into your software to Send SMS. Send SMS to mobile phones from […]

  • Ways to Use Bulk SMS in Business

    SMS i.e Short Message Services are great in demand now a days. As it is used for Marketing, Advertising, Informing, Inviting and all. Here we will explain you better use of Bulk SMS services. 1. For News and Updates – To your opt-in clients and customers, send important and time saving updates and news through […]