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Best Bulk SMS reseller program to promote your business effortlessly and effectively

People dream of becoming an entrepreneur themselves to start earning good amount of money. Many of them feel fear to take a step ahead in the direction of their dreams and never take special effort to realise their dreams.

You may be one of those people who want to open one business of your own and have a dream to shine in a career. You might be the one who wants to earn a fortune for a very comfortable living but still, you are searching for the suitable business opportunity.

Remember that - 'Every cloud has silver lining' so never lose the hope, never leave your dream. Start from today with us, it's never too late and believe us it is completely safe to start a reseller business.

Yes, MsgClub bulk SMS reseller plan grants you with the easiest method to start a business successfully. Through this, you can complete the dream of becoming a business owner. 

Why you Should Start Bulk SMS Reseller Business -

Firstly you should know what is Bulk SMS reseller, as many may not have a clear idea or concept about an SMS Reseller. In Simple words - a bulk SMS reseller is one who resells the SMS in bulk to its customers. The resellers take SMS services from the Bulk SMS providers to sell it to customers. There is no limit of making customers under reseller, they can make as many as customers under them. 

The Advantages of the using the Bulk SMS Reseller Business Services are tremendous, read the few mentioned below -

It is very known fact and highly accepted by many people that SMS texting is the best way to communicate your message directly to your target audience. Nowadays people are finding and using the sending SMS for important communication and seeing it as much better and cost-effective tool that other modes of the communication.   

Reseller can purchase SMS in bulk and there is lifetime validity for the SMS means no expiry date of SMS. People those who can sense the business opportunities are seeing the importance of bulk SMS reseller program offered by MsgClub.      

 The salient advantages of bulk SMS reseller in India business can be described easily for making you more clear about this business -

  1. Very low set up costs.

  2. Instantly send SMS.

  3. Very effective marketing and advertising tool.

  4. Highly cost-effective business.

  5. Earn More profit.

The time is right for you to take up the Bulk SMS Reseller Business. Click here to create your reseller account on MsgClub. 

Besides from the reseller program we focusing on making the Easy Messaging and under which we too give Bulk SMS API in various languages like bulk SMS API in Java, Bulk SMS API in C#Bulk SMS API in and various other SMS API to integrate in your software to let them send SMS directly from the software.  




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Bulk SMS Reseller Program: The most easiest way of Business

In existing scenario, if you are planning to start a new business with low capital in your hand, Bulk SMS reseller program is the best way to start your business. Other lucrative business demands much capital and results not completely appreciable leads to demotivation and ultimately a loss in business. But bulk SMS reseller in India provides the best business plan with low investment and high profit. So it directly reduces the chance of failure in business. For this reason, people are showing their keen interest in becoming the owner with the MsgClub bulk SMS reseller plan. 

Bulk SMS has changed marketing scenario -

Presently marketing strategy has undergone drastic and tremendous changes.The advertisements and marketing mediums which were very costly but ineffective are being discarded nowadays and the cheaper, affordable way of effective advertisement is being sought now. 

Bulk SMS reseller program comes with a unique and effective form of marketing business activities. The SMS reseller plan is inexpensive and it has been very favourable for the marketing people.

The Bulk SMS are sent to various people very easily,  to convey the new ways company is pursuing and about the new products and services, to send an invitation to old customers about the sales, demonstration, fairs etc, to send invitation to product launch or any event to update customers about certain changes in company  policy. 

The top bulk SMS reseller plan has been very successful in targeting potential and inactive customers as it helps to send SMS in bulk to a lot of people quickly and mark great impact on the minds of the customers. The cost incurred in sending bulk SMS is very low that's why business people are using bulk SMS  for advertisement purpose. 

Easy to handle the SMS business - 

The prime feature of best bulk SMS reseller plan is that the SMS being purchased from the SMS service provider like MsgClub and then again resold in the users and resellers, The reseller has the job of reselling the Bulk SMS only. All other activities are controlled and technical difficulties are handled by the SMS provider which includes setting up the business, providing the SMS panel (Software), setting up the website for the reseller, etc and therefore running the business as a bulk SMS reseller is very easy.

Click here to create an account on MsgClub.  

Besides from the reseller program we focusing on making the Easy Messaging and under which we too give Bulk SMS API in various languages like bulk SMS API in Java, Bulk SMS API in C#Bulk SMS API in and various other SMS API to integrate in your software to let them send SMS directly from the software.  


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MsgClub Bulk SMS Reseller platform helps to broadcast your products and services

Bulk SMS service seems as an emerging business with tremendous possibilities and bright opportunities. The conventional way of broadcasting and disseminating news of new services and products are getting very costly and less impactful as compare to Bulk SMS Services.

Conventional modes like TV, print, radio, etc are the main ways of advertising and marketing, but the time and money spent on these type of advertisement do not always yield the desired result.Also, to create ads for these mediums we need services of highly skilled, technical people to create these type of eye-catching, and attractive advertisement and marketing techniques, which many times cannot be afforded by small companies and business houses. 

So considering the facts it is better to use bulk SMS services and choose Bulk SMS reseller solution as it requires less cost and the impact of the SMS on customers is higher than other modes of the communication. 

The bulk SMS reseller program is becoming the need of the day and along with from common people, the business houses are also readily implementing this Bulk SMS reseller solution for better marketing results and solution. 

The reseller program that is provided by MsgClub is web-based software, you need the login to create an account on the panel and just pay the nominal amount of the Bulk SMS services and start sending SMS from your panel you can create as many as resellers and users under you. 

The Main Advantages Of MsgClub Bulk SMS Reseller program 

The White labelled SMS reseller program gives a great option to start a new company for which the upfront cost is very low. The reseller program is particularly very favourable and useful for individuals and small business entrepreneurs, though in recent time big business houses are equally keen to start this program for their marketing activities. The benefits of using the bulk SMS reseller in India program can be listed below - 

  1.  The complete support is provided by the Msgclub Support team. No worries of technical issues.
  2.  The Bulk SMS Reseller has a great profit margin.
  3.  They have complete freedom to sell the services at their desired cost.
  4.  They can sell the services under your brand name. 
  5.  Direct services from telecom operators, so high-quality SMS service delivery is possible.

Besides from the reseller program we focusing on making the Easy Messaging and under which we too give Bulk SMS API in various languages like bulk SMS API in Java, Bulk SMS API in C#Bulk SMS API in and various other SMS API to integrate in your software to let them send SMS directly from the software.  

Click here to create an account on MsgClub.  


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How to Send SMS from MsgClub Mozilla Firefox Extension?

MsgClub Mozilla SMS extension, once installed( Install MsgClub SMS Extension), then you will see a little icon of Msgclub in the corner of the screen of your browser (Mozilla Firefox).

Send SMS messages to your customers, partners, and employees through your browser. MsgClub Extension is a small, powerful and one of the best SMS application that enables users to send targeted text messages one at a time or in bulk.

Now start sending SMS anytime from your computer right from your Mozilla browser is easy with MsgClub. Open your Mozilla browser and click on the Msgclub icon and enter your credentials (of your registered account) to send SMS you will get the MsgClub Send SMS page and start sending SMS directly from the browser.

Follow these steps to send SMS via Mozilla extension - 

Click on the MsgClub icon present at the top right of the browser - 

Login - Enter your username and password.  

If you don't have an account on MsgClub you can Click here to sign up and create your account in seconds to send SMS through Mozilla Extension. 

You will get the Send SMS screen - 

Follow these are the easy steps to send SMS - 

  1. Select your route.

  2. Enter sender ID. 

  3. Select group or Enter mobile number to send SMS.

  4. Select SMS Type. 

  5. Enter SMS Content or select the content from saved draft. 

  6. Click on the send button to send SMS to your destination.


Features of the Msgclub Mozilla bulk SMS Extension are - 

Delivery Report - After Sending SMS Get the detailed delivery reports of each sent SMS. 

Draft - Save the SMS to send them in future or to keep them for reference. 

Phone Book - You can also send SMS to your existing groups and contacts through Phone Book. 

After sending SMS successfully and getting all the vital information related to the SMS Sent. Click on Sign out.  

Thus you can directly Send SMS via Mozilla Extension. You do not need to login into panel/ software. Choose the easiest way to send SMS. Choose the MsgClub Mozilla Extension.

Mozilla Firefox SMS Extension: The new and easiest way to Send SMS

You must be thinking what new, MsgClub is offering you?

What is that easiest way Msgclub is talking about?

So give a pause this post is going to reveal the secret. We are talking about the MsgClub SMS Mozilla plugin to send SMS.

Now with this, you can send SMS straight from the browser you're working on and receive delivery reports too. You can even get tremendous benefits to Send SMS via Mozilla Firefox Plugin - 

  1. Easy to install - MsgClub Extension is available in Mozilla and in few steps, you can install MsgClub SMS firefox Extension, the flawless plugin to send SMS.

  2. Easy authorization - After Installing MsgClub Mozilla extension to send SMS directly from your screen. Just enter the login and password to send SMS instantly.

  3. User-friendly interface - Simple to use MsgClub firefox extension, it doesn't require you to be a technocrat.

  4. No need to switch between different screen - Stop shuffling different screens, send SMS from the same screen you're working on.

  5. Send in your way - Want to send bulk SMS, SMS in groups or Unicode SMS. First, identify your need and use Mozilla SMS Extension.

  6. Get Delivery Reports - Obtain delivery reports of SMS sent by you. Check delivery reports to know the status of each SMS. 

  7. Saves your valuable time - Adopt the fastest way to send SMS i.e Mozilla Bulk SMS extension and save your time.

  8. Increases productivity - Focus more on your work, send SMS by side without deviating you from your important work.

  9. Anywhere anytime - Send SMS directly via Mozilla extension services from anywhere anytime.

  10. Stay connected - Send information, offers, discount, gift coupons, greetings, transactional details, invitations, thank you SMS for staying in touch with customers as send SMS is hassle-free with Mozilla Firefox extension.

SMS firefox plugin helps to send SMS. Let's enjoy sending SMS in bulk to your friends, colleagues, partners, customers, suppliers, distributors effortlessly or else to whom you want to send single or bulk SMS. As it reduces your unnecessary task to login into SMS panel or any other software. Even you can send SMS from anywhere you do not need to be in office, just to send SMS.  

To get the answers to frequently asked questions related to Firefox Extension Click here.

Send Bulk SMS Instantly via Mozilla Firefox SMS extension

Undoubtedly Send Bulk text  SMS is becoming a vital part of our work we do. Irrespective of the industry we belong to we have to send Bulk SMS to our target audience. Learn how to send SMS via Mozilla Firefox SMS extension and start sending SMS quickly.

But we know, send SMS to your audience is not only your task, you have lot much more things to accomplish. If you are sending SMS to customers or prospects then you are adding a task in heap of your work.

Say for as an accountant you have to keep financial records, to pay taxes on time, manage payrolls, billing invoices, accounting policies, create profit and loss statements, cost accounting reports and much more. Even you have to send SMS to your customers, employees, providers, owners to make their task easy and to communicate with them. 

We have introduced the quickest way to send SMS via MsgClub Mozilla SMS extension to send SMS directly from the screen you are working on. Whether you are an accountant, student, sales reps, manager, HR, developer, designer, writer, banker, cashier you have to send Bulk SMS to your customers, employees, friends, prospects, suppliers, providers, distributors and many.

Send them information, offers, discounts, coupons, vouchers, codes etc. straight from the browser you are working on.

This reduces your task, saves your time and improves your efficiency. Overall your valuable resources like time, money and efforts are saved with the MsgClub Mozilla Firefox SMS extension. Thus you can earn more and make huge profits. 

Just Install MsgClub Mozilla Plugin to send SMS via your browser and get the new and quickest way to send SMS effortlessly.

Be a reseller with MsgClub white labelled SMS panel

MsgClub is the leading bulk SMS Service and reseller panel provider. Offers you the text message services at affordable prices. Users can resell the SMS service across the world and allowed to create n numbers of resellers and users under them. Even MsgClub users can get the SMS services at low cost and they can sell the SMS services at the cost they want to.Enjoy the benefits of having SMS reseller program with MsgClub white labelled SMS panel - 

Advantages for Bulk SMS Resellers - 

  1. Sell at your own price - Resell the bulk SMS services at your desired prices. As you're free to set your own prices. Fix your own bulk SMS pricing to sell it to your SMS users and SMS resellers. 

  2. White labelled reseller panel - MsgClub provides unbranded Bulk SMS reseller control panel with which users can add their logo and mono to brand their company name in front of their customers. You can sell Bulk SMS reseller panel software by stating that it has been developed by you. 

  3. Make more resellers under you - Being a reseller you can make more resellers under you. Give your resellers a complete unbranded control panel.You can appoint n number of resellers under you no boundation from our side. 

  4. Unlimited validity - At MsgClub our resellers get SMS with unlimited validity so not expiry date issue just enjoy selling Bulk SMS.

  5. Affordable pricing - MsgClub offers the bulk SMS services at an affordable price so you can earn more money by selling it at a high cost. So it is a completely beneficial situation. As you have to pay less and on selling will get a good amount of money. 

 MsgClub BulkSMS services provider has designed the reseller solution to provide our clients with an opportunity to become business owners. Start your SMS reseller business now with MsgClub and enjoy the ownership. We provide a readymade website which requires no programming. Our dedicated support team is always there to help you and on hand to assist you in any issue. 

Click here to create an account on MsgClub.  


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Services offered by MsgClub Bulk SMS Reseller Panel

People are looking to promote or advertise their products and services via SMS. Though the various modes of communication tools are present in the market still no one can replace "Bulk SMS services". For that, you need the best bulk SMS service provider that should be reliable and affordable.

One can not underestimate the advantages of the Bulk SMS services offered by MsgClub because services itself are highly demanding and secondary the software or reseller panel offered by MsgClub is robust, user-friendly with a number of tempting features.

 As bulk SMS service helps people to create identity and marketing strategy for business growth.  Bulk SMS service is an effective way to improvise your business and reach out to the desired audience without making much effort.

If you're planning to jump in the business of bulk SMS reseller is a good idea to sell SMS services under your brand name with the MsgClub reseller panel.

Features of the SMS reseller software are as follows -  

  1. Highly responsive panel and 100% uptime - MsgClub Bulk SMS reseller panel gives results in quick time with the help of flexible and reliable cloud hosting server and best providers, services will be available 24×7 without any major flaw. 


  2. Single panel grants multiple services - The Bulk SMS reseller panel allows accessing various services in a single panel. Like bulk SMS, voice, miscall, long code and various other features are offered along with MsgClub SMS reseller panel. It's the best way through which guaranteed results can be achieved. One can easily reach out to potential customers by using these services.


  3. Delivery reports - Get DLR reports and check the status of each SMS is send to the potential customers. 

  4. SMS scheduling - The Smart feature available by the SMS reseller service provider is SMS scheduling. With this, you can set the time of SMS when you want to disseminate and automatically it will get send to potential customers without any delay.

  5. Easy to use Interface and design- User-friendly interface and beautiful, attractive design of the software makes sending SMS and running a business an easy task. 

  6. Private labelling - White label SMS panel allows users to sell the services with their brand name. Also, they can use their own logo and domain on the panel website.

With the help of best SMS reseller services, you can help your customers to promote their products and services in a more effective manner with less effort and cost. Choose the best-designed reseller panel 'MsgClub' that gives you a lot of features explained above. Now you don’t need to spend your valuable money on expensive mediums like advertising as affordable bulk SMS services give you all you want. 

Click here to create an account on MsgClub.  


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MsgClub SMS Reseller Panel grants a Golden chance to become an Owner

Yes, you are reading right.

Now you can also become an owner, you don't need to work for anyone and you can complete your dream of having your own business. Along with this, don't dwell your mind in the technical development of your own software to send SMS. We the MsgClub bulk SMS provider provides you an easy to use, robust and white label SMS reseller panel to become a business owner. 

Establish your own business, become the owner and expand it with MsgClub SMS reseller services. With us become a value added bulk SMS reseller. As we provide self-developed SMS panel to send thousands of SMS in seconds with unlimited validity. MsgClub bulk SMS reseller program focus at empowering your core competencies by offering you an instant, user-friendly and scalable bulk SMS services.

We offer our infrastructure on SaaS(software as a service) model.

MsgClub white label Bulk SMS reseller-ship gives you a privilege to sell SMS services with your own brand name and set your own price slabs as per your business policies and schemes. We give 100% customer support services and ensure you to solve your grievances on time.

Enticing features of our MsgClub bulk SMS reseller panel are -

  1.  Instant activation of white labeling to marked with your own brand name.

  2.  Send unlimited SMS with lifelong validity.

  3.  Scalable pricing - Sell at your own cost.

  4. Direct services from best Mobile network operators (MNOs).

  5. Instant SMS delivery. 

  6. No setup costs.

  7. Complete technical support.

  8. Simple and easy to use for the customer. 

  9. 100% risk-free trial for the customer.

  10. Get unlimited sender ids.  

    From our reseller control panel, you can add new clients, new re-sellers, and sub-resellers under you. Get the privileged to control your client's activity(end users, resellers and their clients), account, validity, number of SMS used, charge your resellers and users account with SMS and more.  

    For more details -

    Contact No. :- 9406811126 | 9993527222 | 8349217770 | 9993089777    

    Land line No - 0731-4078707

    E- mail id :-


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MsgClub SMS reseller program brings a unique business opportunity

Bulk SMS services grant the unique way to send text messages to millions of people at a single click from a Web application. It is a brilliant way to reach the consumers immediately with the fastest mode of communication and at a very affordable price.

So if you're thinking about setting your own business BULK SMS industry is best for you. As with white labeled SMS reseller panel, you can start your business with a little amount and earn a good amount of profit. Read below to know more. 

Setting a Bulk SMS business is easy with MsgClub. The best way to start an SMS business is to take up the bulk SMS reseller program. It brings you all the facilities and you do not have to invest any money for technical development of the software or setting up the business. The running cost of the business is significantly low, which is why those who do not want to invest much money but want to make their identities in the business field, seek to enter into SMS business.

Benefits you can get by choosing a top bulk SMS reseller program are - 

MsgClub bulk SMS reseller program brings some prominent features that can be elaborated for better understanding - 

SMS Pricing and customers - 

In the SMS reseller business, the buyer (new business owner) purchases bulk SMS from SMS service provider, the best bulk SMS Service provider and thus business owner can sell the SMS at his own wish to selected customers. The SMS credits which are obtained can be sold by him at his own wish and to the selected customers. As the validity of the SMS is unlimited i.e no time frame for expiry sell SMS at any time and date. Bulk SMS reseller can earn a good amount of profit on selling SMS to customers whether they are end users or reseller being an SMS reseller you can make a number of resellers under you. 

Technical Support -

Instant reliable support system by MsgClub along with SMS reseller Service. No requirement to go into the technicalities or technical issues occurred in the software. All will be handled by MsgClub customer support executives just generate a ticket in support or call our team to get the permanent and authentic solution of your problems.   

 White label SMS panel - 

Promote your brand name with your logo via our software and services. Opt the Msgclub Bulk SMS software reseller program and sell Bulk SMS services with your brand name, put your logo, marketize your brand in front of your customers with MsgClub services.  

Start your business with MsgClub and give a new height to your business. Earn more profit, make more clients with flawless reseller panel & powerful services and complete your dream to become the best entrepreneur and grab the best business opportunity offered by MsgClub.  

For more details - 

Contact No. :- 9406811126 | 9993527222 | 8349217770 | 9993089777    

Land line No - 0731-4078707

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