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Features of MsgClub’s SMS API Integration With Marg POS software

The ‘Point of Sale’ software from Marg Compusoft has amazing features that help you in achieving organizational goals. Marg POS software is a GST-ready inventory & accounting software that lets you generate your invoices easily, manage your accounts, reconcile bank transactions, manage inventory, generate a high number of reports from the management information system (MIS), and file GST returns effortlessly. By providing MsgClub’s integration of Bulk SMS in Marg software, we facilitate your day-to-day task execution.

MsgClub’s SMS API integration allows you to integrate SMS services with the Marg POS software you use. In this highly competitive online environment, having SMS API integration in Marg POS software is proving to be a measurable advantage against popular POS software. There is no business which is untouched by the benefits of growing and leading MsgClub’s SMS APIs. Text SMSes are incredibly fast and there is a remarkable cost-effectiveness of SMS in your business.

MsgClub’s bulk SMS setup in Marg POS software provides you with the option to add SMS text messaging into it. This makes the operation of POS software much more facile than ever by adding the facility of sending SMSes straight from the Marg Software. Do you want to know exactly the features of our SMS API integration in Marg POS? Let us show you.

  • Marg POS software provides your business with a real-time detailed report of sales. This allows you to assess the sales of products, i.e., what products are being sold quickly and what products are lagging in sales etc. This facilitates you in deciding whether or not to order that product for inventory. Bulk SMS API for Marg POS software lets you know your inventory status and you can directly place orders to suppliers, all via SMS. You can also implement this information in planning future orders.

  • Marg POS software allows you to have improved customer service. With SMS setup in Marg POS, making transactions can be more fun by having invoices and bills sent to your customers through SMSes. This way, our bulk SMS resellers & users not only save on papers but also open yourself to a whole new way of invoicing.

  • SMS API integration in Marg POS allows you to send gift cards, coupons, and loyalty rewards to your customers via SMS, on their mobile phones. This is an effective way of engaging your customers willingly in your business.

  • Marg POS software has the functionality to keep track of customers’ personal information. With MsgClub’s SMS API integration with it, you may use this information to create personalized offers to your customers and send those offers to their mobile phones right from the POS application.

The many features and benefits of Marg POS system make it an essential tool for your business. Make use of this integration in your Marg POS software and lift the outcomes to a very high extent. Contact MsgClub for any further assistance.

Marvellous Advantages of Using MsgClub’s SMS API Integration Marg POS Software

A POS (Point of Sale) system is a combination of hardware and software, built to centralize all the transactional operations of any business. It actually refers to the time and place - the point - where a sales transaction is completed.  

Marg Compusoft is a leading provider of POS software in the market. Loaded with features, Marg POS Software is certainly one of the best POS software which leverages your business outcomes by making your everyday accounting tasks easier.

The functionality Marg POS software systems provide is the major reason why are they replacing conventional ways of accounting. Marg POS software serves as the central point for managing customer data, sales reporting, and even the inventory. Regulating a business on separate pieces of technology working independently is a high-stress and inefficient process, which leaves you in nothing but distress. The MsgClub’s integration of bulk SMS in Marg POS software through API connects all these parts of your business, to simply and efficiently improve the operations.

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We have tried to incorporate some of the marvelous advantages that you get using the MsgClub’s bulk SMS API for Marg POS software, here in this article. To know them all, please do read till the end.

Faster & New Way Of Billing

Using Marg POS software, you can generate batch-wise invoices & bills with detailed information about different businesses, but, going paperless and texting the bill or the invoice to your customers’ cell phone makes it far better than ever. MsgClub’s bulk SMS API for Marg POS software lets you send these texts right from the POS software.

Effortless Inventory Management
With MsgClub’s SMS setup in Marg POS systems, managing your inventory has become really easy. Be it maintaining inventory levels, setting reorder points to replenish stock, or saving your losses due to expiry, everything is at your fingertips as you can directly send SMSes to the suppliers whenever you reach the reorder level, or at the time when you’re about to go out of stock on any particular product. Believe us, managing inventory couldn’t be any easier than this.

Easier Expiry management

Marg POS software keeps effective track of expiry dates of each and every product, and timely returns them to the suppliers before the product actually expires. With our Marg software SMS integration, our users and bulk SMS resellers can send such information to the suppliers directly on their cell phones. This helps you keep them up-to-date about the product status.

Being Collaborative
Marg POS software allows you to collaborate with your suppliers, and the customers as well. You can send text SMS orders to your suppliers, or send invoices to your customers, without spending even a single extra penny. Attract more and more customers by offering them reward points and exclusive discounts via SMS. This helps you build a strong relationship with your suppliers and customers as well.

These are some of the marvelous advantages of using MsgClub’s SMS API integration with Marg POS software, that is sure to enhance your day-to-day routine and improve the core abilities of your business, increasing your business outcomes. Use our services and make the most out of your Marg POS software. For any assistance or further queries, contact us here.

Utilize Marg POS Software to the maximum extent with MsgClub’s SMS API Integration

Everyone needs something to aid him/her in regulating his/her business hassle-free. And by that, we actually mean the properly maintained business transactions, easier yearly sales comparison, easily received important alerts & updates etc. Marg POS software is designed to cater all these needs of individual shops, and/or chain of retail stores, in an accurate way, as it is customizable easily, according to the requirements of the customers & their business types.

We have taken the usability of Marg POS software to the next level, by integrating with it the MsgClub’s SMS API. Using bulk SMS in Marg POS software enables you to execute several of its features, which in turn promotes business growth and enhances your relationship with the customers.

Below here we have tried to incorporate a few ways how will you get benefited from our bulk SMS API for Marg software. Let’s have a close look,

  • Send SMS Invoices

Say goodbye to all those paper and ink! Now, with MsgClub’s Marg software SMS integration, get accustomed to sending all the invoices and bills right to the mobile phones of customers, that too integrated from the Marg POS software.

  • Send Rewards

Many a store is maintaining customer reward points these days. You can also offer them such services if you don’t wanna be left behind. Sending rewards, when aided with the SMS services, could prove to be a boon to your business. Send information about reward points to your customers and watch them coming to you happily to redeem them!

  • ‘Thank You For Visiting Us!’

With Marg software SMS integration, our bulk SMS resellers and users can make their customers feel glad by thanking them for their visit & purchase from your store. Send them a ‘Thank you’ SMS everytime they visit and make a purchase from your store using the integrated SMS API in Marg POS software.

  • Exclusive Offers

Trust us, there would not be anyone on this planet earth who does not like exclusive offers. Let your customers know how much you care for them. Customize your Marg POS software SMS integration to send each of your customers a unique offer, designed especially for them, exclusively. This idea is sure to strengthen your bond with customers.

  • Send In-Stock Updates

Suppose your valued customers come to you looking for a particular product, but sadly, that’s out of stock. This often can be disappointing but you can still help them by notifying them whenever it gets back in stock, by sending an SMS alert to them regarding the status of that product. Notify your customers whether the product they are looking for is in or out of stock.

How To Make The Most Out Of MsgClub’s SMS API Integration In Marg ERP Software

In today’s time, nearly everything is getting changed, by the continuingly upgrading technology. Even the way of selling our products and services has also changed. With the emergence of the market, the competition is getting cut-throat in every industry, and this has made the effective communication, with your prospects and clients as well, essential.

These days, SMSes are proving to be an important and successful communication channel. It doesn’t only help you in reaching out your prospects precisely when you wish to marketize your brand, but also keeps them engaged and pleased by offering them regular updates & notifications about the services. Moreover, sending bulk SMSes today has become extremely easy and hassle-free, all thanks to MsgClub’s SMS API in Marg software, and particularly to the SMS gateway APIs.

What can our SMS API integration do?

SMS API is a pre-programmed code of sorts, that lets you build your own personalized SMS sending and receiving channel, whichever software you integrate it with. MsgClub can provide you with a complete bulk SMS API for Marg software for your system. SMS API integration with Marg ERP software is the best way to benefit yourself with positive outcomes while keeping in touch with your customers or employees. Usually, our SMS API integration with Marg Software can allow you to:

  • Send SMSes

Use bulk SMS API for sending texts to your clients and/or employees. Send them exciting offers, or please them with news updates, do whatever you want. Texts like ‘Welcome’ text, ‘Thank you’ text etc can also be sent directly from the Marg software you use.

  • Send Reports To Your Employees

Got monthly reports of your employees? Besides printing tons of hard copies, simply text them all the reports they need to get, right on their mobile phones, straight from the Marg software.

  • Send Account Statement

With SMS setup in Marg software, our bulk SMS resellers and users can even send their clients’ account statement right on their phone. This would definitely make it easier for them to check the account statement and tally the same.

  • Send Ledger Balance

You can inform your customers or employees about their ledger balance each and everyday by sending text from Marg software using our SMS API integration. This will enable you to put everything at your customers’ ease. After all, who doesn’t like getting updated?

Above mentioned ways are just a few of the whole lot of the ways that will help you make the most out of our Marg software SMS integration. To get us at your service, please contact the MsgClub here.

Integration of MsgClub Bulk SMS API with Focus ERP Software

Our company has started offering SMART solutions to accounting software users. This solution enables enterprises to send SMS messages straight from top ERP software, FOCUS. The software offers a full set of tools to many industry verticals including real-estate, manufacturing, finance, education, healthcare, government, hospitality, e-commerce, automobile, retail, logistics and a lot more.

You just have to get our API to send single SMS, group SMS and personalized SMS to your debtors, suppliers, retailers, creditors, and customers from the software itself. You might know that accounting is a must for every business and similarly communication also plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of any company or enterprise. Many of our large industry clients who use FOCUS ERP software for accounting wants bulk SMS messaging service to reach out people instantly so that they can give real-time updates and notification about bill payment, invoice details, debit/credit note, new offers, discounts, financial statements links etc.

At MsgClub platform you can do SMS setup in Focus software very simple. All you need to follow the given below steps for bulk SMS marketing services through API.

1. Open your company Focus V6 software account on the system.

2. Go to the 'COMPANY' where you will find an option of Preferences.

3. Select preferences, one new window will pop up on your screen then select Internet on the right of your screen.

4. Put API URL in the server-URL field and make them update to test by generating invoice also.

You will get our bulk SMS API from our interface, developer tool option. You will get all types of SMS API in different programming languages and sample codes. All you need to just generate configuration to use our best quality services for your company. Our SMS API for Focus software is easily compatible for Focus software so you need have to worry about the software version you're using, it can be easily integrated into any FOCUS software without any difficulty.

To know more about MsgClub bulk SMS service integration in Focus accounting software do visit our website Integrations page.

We also provide bulk SMS reseller white label solution to those people who want to resell SMS credits to their own customers.

Avoid Mistakes When You Send Bulk SMS Messages For Inventory Management

In this age of competition, businesses have to face many challenges to survive for a long in the market, new technology, globalization etc. To meet these hurdles during the inventory management of your enterprise you can use the innovative solution of bulk text messaging from leading providers.

With the help of this marketing strategy, an enterprise can communicate or promote their products to earn a maximum profit and can control the fraudulent activities. However, industry verticals that use the inventory management system have to properly use the bulk messaging technique so that they can enjoy high benefits. Well, being a marketer you should keep some mistakes in mind while sending SMS to customers, distributors, sales team etc.

1. Systematic Message:

Before sending messages through bulk SMS API for Inventory manager software make sure your message is in a well-organized manner. Your every stock or other information should be conveyed in a proper way, the objective of the SMS should be very effective and simple.

2. Accurate Timing:

If you wish to convey your stock information or any delay from warehouse via SMS don't forget to send it at a proper time. The message should not get a delay on clients or customers mobile number. However, for promotional offers don't send at strange hours like early morning or midnight because you will get the expected attention from receivers.

3. Lack of Clarity:

Clarity means a receiver can understand the message effortlessly. Sometimes your company marketer or inventory manager user doesn't represent the clear idea of SMS message due to use of some other language rather than the targeted audience regional language. Via choosing precise and familiar language according to the situation or place.

If you wish to send bulk SMS in a multilingual way you can do SMS setup in Inventory system to use our Unicode feature that has languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi and more.

The list of common mistakes doesn't get over, poor call to action, conciseness, lack of consideration is also a major mistake that directly gives impact to your business.

On the other hand, you can choose MsgClub to get best services along with the high-delivery of messages sent after bulk SMS API integration.

Our APIs are highly powerful that gives you and bulk SMS reseller more than expected!

Let's Integrate Bulk SMS API in Rapid ERP Software For Better Communication

In this modern age of mobile revolution bulk text messaging is the best way to spread the information among the large group of customers in the market. Every businessman tries to use the best marketing strategies for promoting and growing their business enterprises. So for such businesses bulk SMS marketing service works efficiently by providing text SMS delivery in short time at a pocket-friendly price and without any failure.

India's best bulk SMS gateway provider, MsgClub has come with one more innovative solution i.e bulk SMS in Rapid ERP software. This software provides high-quality, SMART SAP solutions and mobile app development to all business sectors and verticals clients. However, they have a focus to provide 100% client satisfaction so that they can run their SAP solutions very fastly, smarter and better.

On the other hand, our Rapid ERP user clients are also in need of SMS services so, we decided to provide bulk SMS API for Rapid ERP that enables them to send thousands of SMS messages in less time. We have made our APIs very special only because our clients can easily deploy it into their system without facing any difficulties.

Well, if you wish to send text messages from your rapid ERP software then read the given steps properly that tells you about Rapid ERP software ''SMS integration'' with MsgClub.

1. Go to your company's advance rapid ERP software and log in there for all features.

2. Click on the 'masters' option then SMS to configure our bulk SMS services with an ease.

3. Select 'SMS Accounts' where you have to put account name and MsgClub API for group SMS, personalized SMS and a lot more.

4. Change the API Parameters and values like Username, Password, Sender Id, Mobile Number etc then select update to apply these settings.

5. Your configuration will be shown on a new window of your Rapid ERP software. However, if you wish to edit them in future you can edit it too.

That's how we provide simple integration of our SMS API in this SAP solution provider. In case, if you faced any difficulty related to our services then please contact our developer team, they will assist you very comfortably.

For more SMS integrations visit our website page

Our APIs are highly powerful that gives you and bulk SMS reseller more than expected!

Take an leverage of SMS services in Hyperdrive software for restaurants

Good quality food is essential to having a successful restaurant. But without an effective marketing strategy for a business, it's like a having an amazing secret recipe that no one knows about. Create a buzz among competitors by leveraging a good solution that gives you many tools to reach out and interact with your customers anytime and anywhere!

Well in this age of modern technology, 85% of the food lovers who go restaurant is having a phone with themselves. Wherever they're they post a story on various social media platforms. So, it seems naturally you have to use texting for communication and promotion.

MsgClub provides you an opportunity to integrate SMS setup in Hyper drive restaurant for business management. With the help of our services, you can boost your business via sending SMS through our gateway. Here are 4 ways to boost your sales via SMS messaging:

1. Increase Brand Awareness

The most important restaurant's owner can do is, they can try to increase their sales via texting. Being an owner you can spread information about your place between interested people and others. It can be easily achieved by promoting your restaurant food discounts, promotional codes, and vouchers through bulk SMS integration ''Hyperdrive software''.

2. Set reminders for reservations

Youngsters have a lot of plans in their mind other than dinner plans. So it is very necessary to remind them about the table booking they have made at your restaurant. Once you schedule your reminder they will make a plan accordingly with their friends or family. Don't forget to tell them about the timings so they will arrive on time.

3. Make some exclusive deals

Some restaurants and hotels formulate doorbuster deals to attract more and more new customers at their place. Such deals can be of new offers, candle-light dinner for couples, birthday discounts, buffet meals etc. Doing this with the help of bulk SMS API for Hyperdrive you will see a lot of repeat customers and new ones at your venue.

4. Visitors Feedback

SMS marketing services are not only for marketing and advertising purpose but it can be also used highly as a survey tool for your restaurant. You can ask your customers what changes or additions they would like in your restaurant, food, ambiance, and services. Gathering feedback from people creating a feeling in the mind of customers that they're also a part of your restaurant.

So, what's more, advantages start making a list of your customer's mobile numbers and boost your business with an ease! In less time you will see customers at front of your door...

Our APIs are highly powerful that gives you and bulk SMS reseller more than expected!

Steps to Integrate SMS APIs in Cyberoam Network Security Software

In today's highly competitive era,  it is important for every company to stand out of the crowd to gain success in the market. When it comes about success, you have come across several numbers of techniques and medium that will help your business to reach the great heights. While running a business make sure you have a tool that helps you to provide instant help to the customers on a timely basis.

As per the user's requirement of Cyberoam software, our team of experts has introduced a new solution to send SMS from Cyberoam software. The software itself is widely used by companies for network security. Moreover, on some predefined actions or malware attacks, admin of the system will need an alert or notification to avoid cybercrime activities.

On our platform, you will get a SMART way to set your network security alerts and notifications without paying extra charges!. Ask your developer to do SMS setup in Cyberoam software to reach out people instantly.

Given-below you will find in what manner you can use our bulk SMS API for Cyberoam in your software interface.

  • Sign up your account or sign in to Cyberoam software for online security SMSs configuration.

  • Click on the Identity option on the left side of your window, go to 'guest users' then SMS Gateway for further settings.

  • Put MsgClub URL and choose 'GET' if you want to send SMS in less quantity to customers, user, clients and admin.

  • Fill out some other parameters like Username, Password, Mobile number, Sender and SMS content in the given box.

  • After filling up all necessary details click on the 'OK' to complete Cyberoam software SMS integration with MsgClub gateway.

Moreover, if you have any query regarding bulk SMS service integration in Cyberoam software feel free to contact our developers and other team members via any medium. Our bulk SMS APIs are available on our interface along with the sample codes if needed. MsgClub API is specially made for this software so you will not have to worry about the SMS delivery. We assure you to provide 100% delivery of messages on mobile numbers along with the real-time DLR.

Our APIs are highly powerful that gives you and bulk SMS reseller more than expected!

SMS Integration With HyperDrive Software For Business Communications & Marketing

In the world of latest technology, many of the leading software companies are providing different business management software that is very smart and unique for companies.

Well, HyperDrive software is a very modern and easy to use business operations management software product who provides many other products to their potential clients. The company itself deals in a variety of hdpos software that has a user interface with icons or pictures which is very easy to use on a regular basis. Hdpos has their own HD Salon, HD Restaurant, HDPOS Smart, HDPOS lite, HDPOS easy, HD School and HDSME for e-commerce, educational institutes, retail, cafe & restaurants. However, you will get all the amazing features like SMS configuration on the front of the system screen.

You can also send SMS from Hdpos software to people directly from the system. You need not have to log in any bulk SMS provider interface for promotion and communication. India's top SMS gateway provider like MsgClub offers you a SMART way to start your bulk SMS marketing campaigns. With the help of our bulk SMS API for Hyperdrive, you're able to send billions of text messages to suppliers, customers, manufacturers, parents, buyers etc in a single click of an action.

Let's learn how to do SMS setup in Hyper Drive software for your small, medium or large enterprise. You can do the same configuration of our bulk SMS API services in other hyperdrive software also.

Step 1.

Sign in your company's account on HDPOS Software, go to settings option.

Step 2.

Click on the Sms setting to configure MsgClub gateway with bulk SMS API.

Step 3

Choose between transactional SMS and Promotional SMS as per your requirement.

Step 4

In the SMS gateway URL box, paste our URL generated from our interface.

Step 5

Fill up the necessary details like country code, mobile number length, Unicode etc and then apply it.

This is how you can start bulk SMS service integration in Hyperdrive software. Now, you're able to send personalized SMS, Unicode SMS, group SMS to a large group of audiences without any hassle.

bulk SMS reseller can also give the benefits of Hyperdrive software integration to their customers.