Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS used in advertising and management

Bulk SMS used in advertising and management

Effective use of Bulk SMS on advertising services

Bulk SMS is the perfect tool for quick Advertisement and Event management. Today various advertising and promotion techniques like print ads, TV promos, Ads on Social media sites, and other web platforms. Bulk SMS is one of the most important marketing and advertising tools which is used effectively in the Advertising field because this is more effective, quick, and cost-effective than others. It is a very simple way to achieve your huge targets at a single shot. Bulk SMS is the lead Advertising Tool because it provides an effective platform for Advertisement at the lowest price rate.

Importance of Bulk SMS in Advertising & Management

Bulk SMS Provider makes a comfortable environment and gives many cost-effective methods for Promotion and Advertising. It saves money and time. You can send Text messages and Voice messages to promote your product by using Bulk SMS Add-on. Advertisement is the necessity of all businesses and all enterprises. Many enterprises preferred Bulk SMS for their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. The advertising industry is mainly dependent on a quick response from customers and the market. Advertisement & event managers of any company can use Bulk SMS especially in Product launches, brand awareness, promotional activities, Highlighting product value, etc.

SMS campaign helps to achieve the best goal quickly

Online SMS is good, effective, and easy to use. If you can send advertising messages by using a mobile phone which is more expensive and time-consuming. Online SMS is given a simple platform to the end-user who is used without any technical support and It saves time & money. You can send many SMS at a time using Internet SMS. Internet-only enables that time when you send messages. Today the whole world joined with the internet and this is the main mode of communication. That’s the reason, Advertising companies and other enterprises prefer Internet SMS.

Latest updates attract customer effectively

Promotional SMS is also a type of Bulk SMS, it is used for promotion, mass campaigning, etc. Transactional SMS has an additional advantage; you can send SMS on DND or NON-DND mobile numbers. You can use our Free SMS and Voice SMS service. Voice SMS is a very simple way of communication but it is more effective than others. It displays your emotions and you will give a human touch in your SMS. Send Free SMS and Voice SMS to all over the country at one shot. The advertising Industry uses all this variety in promotions and popularity. Bulk SMS is used for sending an urgent message to all team members, informing launching dates and location or informing postponed dates, etc.

MsgClub gives Free Demo SMS Balance to test the service

First test SMS Service with free demo balance and then make the payment. This SMS Service is PAID. We are offering only 10 Free Demo SMS to let you test our Service. 


Yes, you're reading right. MsgClub offers completely Free Demo SMS Balance to test the Bulk SMS services and then Pay for the Plan that suits your business. Why So? Because for MsgClub Customer Satisfaction is must and it's better to take the free trial of the SMS services via free text messages before opt-in the MsgClub bulk text SMS service plans.

"It's a win-win situation for Us and for our Customers both." 

Benefit of Free demo SMS for USER - 

Because when client test the SMS services they will get to know about the SMS delivery time taken by Bulk text SMS service provider, Quality of SMS service, details included in delivery report, Send SMS in Unicode (Check-in how many regional languages user can send the SMS), about sender ids, routes(multiple connectivity) and much more. 

Benefit of Free demo SMS for SMS Service Provider - 

Being an SMS service provider we will get to know about the kind of SMS content your client is going to send, also we will come to know about the type of route and services will be required by our client (prospective). 

First, take the trial via Free demo balance and make the payment for the SMS Plan you needed. 


To avail, the Free SMS Services do sign up for free to get quick benefits of 10 free SMS credits in your account and take advantages of the free SMS credits on signup.

Clients Send SMS either via SMS API or SMS Panel - 

Benefits of using Free Demo Balance while sending SMS via Free Bulk SMS API is through API you can test Service Parameters, Test Unicode Services, Special characters. To integrate MsgClub SMS API we provide bulk SMS API document Free

While Sending SMS from the panel (SMS software) you required free demo SMS to test the services of SMS Service provider, to check the delivery status, to Check SMS delivered in your desired language or not, to know the format of the delivery report.

For all this, we provide free demo SMS balance. To keep our clients happy and satisfied. To avail, the benefits of MsgClub SMS Services CLICK HERE to create a free account and get 10 free demo SMS too. 

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A fascinating Bulk SMS Reseller Plan in India by MsgClub

Nowadays becoming a bulk SMS Reseller is one of the most beneficial business today.

MsgClub SMS reseller program is beneficial for every kind and size of business, company and agency. If you want to create new clients or to attract target audience the SMS is something which leaves a great impact on the minds of the customers and that everyone checks and thus everyone gets to know about your company services and more. It is very cheaper and easily affordable than any other form of marketing people are doing these days for which they have to spend so much money and still can’t get desired results or traffic they want.

If you join MsgClub Bulk SMS reseller plan you are going to earn huge profit in your business as it really helps you to begin the traffic you want for you. Agencies and companies can earn huge by promoting Bulk SMS reseller services selling them further to other resellers and customers. 

Now a day’s Bulk SMS is highly beneficial for everyone. As all are using mobile regularly, we can say that more than 80% of the population is having mobile phones and are using them regularly and that is the plus point we get when we know people are using mobile phones and reading SMS in less than 3 minutes. Whenever the mobile users feel comfortable they can check those Text messages and then they can find it interesting and then your conversions chances are possibly high.

Becoming an SMS reseller is very easy with MsgClub Bulk SMS Reseller program and not a complicated task as other businesses. As risk in starting a business as an SMS Reseller is zero. Profit is high and no need to do coding and handling technical issues all will be handled by the Bulk Text SMS service provider. The setup cost is zero all you have to pay for the SMS only. With the Lifetime Bulk SMS validity get the SMS reseller panel along with white labelling to sell the SMS Services under your brand name. 

Start selling SMS services today and earn more than you can think. MsgClub has started Bulk SMS Reseller Program India which is at a very low cost you can start your own SMS business with  Life Time Validity, become a value-added reseller with your own setup.  We also don’t charge any setup fee. 

Besides from the reseller program we focusing on making the Easy Messaging and under which we too give Bulk SMS API in various languages like bulk SMS API in Java, Bulk SMS API in C#Bulk SMS API in and various other SMS API to integrate in your software to let them send SMS directly from the software.  

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Contact No. :- 9406811126 | 9993527222 | 8349217770 | 9993089777    

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