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How to export ‘’Delivery Report’’ of your text messages???

At MsgClub you can measure the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns easily through our authentic delivery reports. On our interface clients can get the real-time status of all sent campaign. It describes the brief status of the transactional, promotional SMS or OTP messages sent by you.

Because understanding the different status in DLR is very important to realize the ROI you might have gained from that SMS campaign. Moreover, we also provide delivery reports of other things like SMPP DLR, Scheduled DLR, Send SMS Outbox, Failed API all under the same option.

Even, you can export each and every DLR on your desktop into CSV format. Given-below I am sharing simple steps that you need to follow before downloading reports of 7 Days and more.

1. Sign-in to your account at, go to ‘Delivery report’.

2. Under this, by default, you will get 7 days DLR of your text messages. If you wish to export or download a single report that you can move your cursor on the Action option and then click button highlighted in the below-given image.

3. In case, if you have a requirement to view more than 7 days delivery report than go to ‘More DLR’.

4. Select the start date and end date to get reports of messages between the selected dates. For example, You have selected start date of 1st August and end date of 20th August all 20 days SMS delivery reports will get automatically exported into your system.

Note: You will get last 1-month delivery only at our interface.

5. Just open it and get each and every detail like request ID, mobile number, sender ID, status, route name, sent date/time, delivered date/time & username.

If you’re working as our bulk SMS reseller you can even view the reports of your client also. In the ‘’Delivery Report’’ option you will get a drop down showing ‘’self’’ in which you can select client.

Search your customer username, select start/end date and click show button to get 7 Days DLR and last 1 month DLR.

What is actually sender Id in bulk SMS marketing

SMS is a part of telecom, which is regulated by the government of India. A few years back, the price of was as low as 1 paise per SMS. Every small and big business marketer latched onto this cost-effective marketing tool. With lots of text messages into subscribers inbox, they started feeling discomfort. So, to avoid telemarketing unwanted calls and messages TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has given guidelines to regulate text messaging for commercial purpose. With several amendments following the regulations, SMS is now classified as Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS.

Transactional SMS

There are certain guidelines given by TRAI regarding transactional SMS. An enterprise can give information to their customers, employees, clients regarding their business. It can be a reminder for a meeting or any transaction made on the bank account. Below I am sharing broad categories which can be treated as transactional SMS category-

Education Institutes: Information regarding attendance, parents teacher meetings, cultural events can be shared with parents or guardians or students.

Airlines/Railways: Information given by airlines or Indian railways to its passengers regarding travel schedules, flight delays, ticket booking, and reservation.

E-commerce Stores: Information sent by online shopping stores in response to transactions made by their buyers, shipping status, refund updates etc.

Banks & Insurance Agencies: Banks can give alert to their account holders regarding any debit/credit transaction. For net banking, OTPs can be sent for mobile number verification. Insurance companies can update their clients regarding any new policy and can send timely reminders regarding due payment etc.

Promotional SMS

As the term indicates, any SMS which is sent for the marketing purpose is known as a promotional SMS. Mobile subscribers can register under NDNC into following categories:

  • Banking / Insurance / Financial products / credit cards

  • Real Estate

  • Education

  • Health

  • Consumer goods and automobiles

  • Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT

  • Tourism and Leisure

If none of the above categories

As a business, you can only send Promotional SMS messages between 9 AM and 9 PM. All the text messages will have a 6 digit numeric sender id prefixed with operator code like VK123456

Coming to the point, business organizations and enterprises have to create their own sender ID on the bulk SMS service provider interface. They can also send text messages with the sender id of their brand name/company name/product name.

At MsgClub interface, run your bulk SMS campaign with an ease because at our platform sender ID approval is much simpler. Just create a simple request within 1 hour your request will get approved by our team experts.

How to use android application of MsgClub?

We have launched our mobile application to make the task of sending SMS more easier when you’re unavailable at the system. If you wish to install it on your android mobile phones either go to our panel and then click Android APK option, type your mobile number or email address to get a link for download.

-Once you download an APK file, go to your download folder in the file manager. Open the file and install it.

We have also given an option to download it for the desktop.

Or you can download it simply from Google Play Store. Search  ‘’MsgClub’’ and install it.

If you have an account login with the credentials and if not, sign in for a new account.

Once you sign-in to our android application you’ll see the features as same we provided at our cloud-based interface.

At our home of mobile application you will get options like:

New Message-

You can send transactional SMS and promotional SMS to any of your recipient from this option. All you need to select the route, sender ID and mobile numbers. Our robust system will send your text messages instantly.


Voice Calls- If you want to run bulk voice call campaign for your business, then within three steps you can create it. At our platform, you can upload mp3 or wav file of a pre-recorded voice message or link of the voice SMS.


Best way to send a text message to your mobile contacts. Choose the contacts you wish to share any information, reminder or alert and then click send msg button.


If you have created any group on our panel then it will be shown here. If you want to make a new group than that option is also given. Type a group name and start adding contacts.

Text DLR-

Analyse your campaign success through this feature. We will provide you default 7 days DLR and last one month DLR in graphical and chart representation with whole details like real-time status, route name, SMS credits deduction etc.

Voice DLR-

Get the delivery status of your all sent voice SMS campaign from here. Your balance will be deducted only on answered calls.

Manage Client-

This option is useful for our bulk SMS resellers. A reseller can manage their clients by searching their name. He/she can disable/enable their account, change a password, add funds, and extend expiry date.

In case of a new client, the reseller can go to add client option to make that person a user or his/her sub-reseller.

So, this how you can enjoy SMS marketing features on your mobile phone. For any assistance or query feel to contact our sales team representatives or customer support executives at or 8878601181

How to check balance in my account?

We have designed our bulk SMS panel that is very easy to use and understandable. We have over 35,000+ clients who’re already using our SMS gateway to send SMS campaigns. Recently we have got some questions regarding the balance of the account, some new clients are unable to find the total balance of their account at our panel so we decided to guide them with this blog.

Below I am sharing simple steps to check SMS credits balance in user account:

You can check balance either from the check balance API or from the panel.

*In the developer API option, we have given More/Resellers API option for clients who are already using our bulk SMS gateway API and wants to see balance into their own software application.

*Simply scroll down the window you’ll see ‘’Get client balance API’’ along with the parameters. For its integration contact our team members.

On the other hand, on our bulk SMS panel, you can get a balance of all the routes at the front.

1. First login to our interface at with registered username and password.

2. Go to the send SMS option at the left corner of the panel.

3. At the top, you’ll get all SMS routes like Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS, where you can see the remaining balance of your account in each and every route.

So, this is how you can check the balance of MsgClub account. If you want to buy some more bulk SMS service credits contact our team members and know which package is best for your requirement. For customer support add a support ticket from the request wall or drop an email at

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