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Voice SMS is a voice-based messaging communication technology that has the capability of broadcasting pre-recorded audio messages in an automated manner using normal telephone-based voice calls. Voice SMSes are easy to remember and difficult to ignore and they have a higher impact than any other communication medium. Interactive bulk voice calls help us in engaging with the call receiver in a way effective manner.

Voice SMS helps you to enhance your business. You can convey your information to customers & clients. You can let your customer know about your events and all. You can send wishes to your friends through voice SMS. It's an inexpensive way to establish a stronger bond with your prospects.

Let us go through the features of Voice SMS service from the MsgClub:

  • Voice Send SMS

Using this option enables you to send voice SMS to your prospects. Here, you can use 2 routes to send your messages via, namely ‘Promotional voice balance’ and ‘Dynamic voice balance’. You need to key- in the ‘Caller ID’, and after that feed those mobile numbers on which you want to redirect your voice SMS. Select the voice that you want to send, after this. For this, you can either upload your voice call file or select a voice draft. Select the time duration how long you want your voice SMS to be.

  • Delivery Report

You can view all the delivery reports for your voice SMS campaigns. You can get information like request ID, description, route, submit, deduct, date & time, export etc.

  • Phonebook

You can manage a phonebook to facilitate your execution of voice SMS campaign. Add contacts as a single entity or add a complete group of contacts - do whatever you want at your own ease.

  • Developer API

We are well known for providing easy yet effective services to our customers, and, developer API for voice SMS marketing is yet another addition to the list of our services. With the APIs provided by MsgClub, it becomes easier for users to integrate this service into their software. This, in turn, saves a lot of time and efforts that one had to put, in logging in and out again, otherwise.

  • Manage Clients

Now managing your clients have become way easier than ever. Doesn’t matter what number of clients you do have, managing them effortlessly at your fingertips.

Text Messaging- A Crucial Part of Political Campaign Promotion

Text Messaging - A Crucial Part of Political Campaign Promotion

The news of upcoming election sends political parties and candidate into nail-biting mode. Election involves endless jobs including preparation of election manifesto, defining the effectively trustworthy policies and aims, diving deep into the sea of promotion. But, it is a mere fact that, promoting the party or favorite candidate is a ‘hard nut to crack’. Today, candidates need to adopt a whole new approach towards political promotion in order to harvest the best of benefits.

In the hustle and bustle of elections, parties and/or candidates don’t give more emphasis towards promotional mediums that can work wonders and bring a flood of votes. With mobile technology growing by leaps and bounds, a technological approach towards political campaign management is utmost necessity. Especially the bulk sms for political parties that is utilized for years by most recognized candidates and hence, text messaging is a never miss opportunity to stand out from the rest.

Why Election Campaign Msg Must be a Part of Strategy?

l Broader reach with least efforts

l Quickness of message delivery

l No language barrier

l Higher response from public

l Cost Effective promotional solution  

Reasons mentioned above properly define the immediate nature of SMS for election campaign and why candidates must never miss this user-friendly and highly effective way of increasing the reach. Even researches have proven that more than 90% of people read their text messages within 3 minutes, preciseness of messages make them more reader-friendly, another big reason why text messaging is a integral part of political campaigns for decades.

Reaching voters and supporters via text is one of the most powerful ways to enhance the reach and deliver actionable messages to target people. If you are a political candidate or party looking forward to skyrocket the reach, then it is high time to connect with one of the most reliable bulk sms service provider for political campaign and get the best messaging deal.

MsgClub - The Finest Destination to Meet Bulk Messaging Needs

We at MsgClub are leaders in political text message campaign marketing. We have been helping political candidates in their promotion for years, offering satisfactory services year on year. We offer cost effective yet best packages with no hidden costs.

Our services include -

Text messages on DND numbers

Voice call through Caller ID

WhatsApp Messaging and the list goes on and on.

Our team of professionals will help to make your text promotional strategy more and more beneficial, helping you to step ahead in your political career. So, instead of waiting and wasting more time, let’s get in touch and have a discussion that benefits you!