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Use of Email Marketing Service in India to Grow Business

Gone are the days when sending bulk email to customers from different mediums is common practice. Email marketing is one of the popular and affordable marketing tools and yes it is very easy to manage, gives full control and allows you to establish direct contact with your potential customers and buyers. A good and reliable email service enables you to create highly engaging emails. It also allows you to organize your contacts, segment users into groups and track the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

If you're a small business and wanna send out a frequent transactional email to a number of subscribers, it is best to create an account on one of the email marketing service providers like  MsgClub. Our services are highly reliable & result-oriented marketing strategy for all kinds of businesses that include nightclubs, retail, real-estate, fitness, travel, salon, spa and more.

Let's take a deep look how such industries can use MsgClub email services to send transactional emails as well as promotional:

1. RESTAURANT, BAR, & CAFÉ- Emailing is the powerful tool in a restaurant and bar marketing arsenal. It is one of the fastest, simplest and cost-effective ways to reach people who actively want to hear from you. Email marketing is useful when you want to announce new menu changes in food & beverages. You can also share new promotions, specials (50% off on drink during happy hours), cooking tips and news of the restaurant to new and existing customers.

2. EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES- Improve your school, college and university communication via email marketing. It requires a little time and some trial and error to run a successful email campaign, but once you do, you will wonder why do didn't get started sooner for your institute. With emailing you can keep students and parents involved and active, send creative & appealing newsletters and emails regarding fees reminder, event, recent achievements, holiday, parents teacher meeting and more.

3. IT & SOFTWARE- You might know that IT and software industries are one of the biggest sectors all over the world. However, email services are the best marketing tool for IT sectors and software development companies. You can highlight recent successful projects to inspire your clients and promote new business. Share news and expertisation related to your field to stay connected with your clients.

However, you can improve your company's growth highly via using email newsletter service.

Well, the list not gets end here! MsgClub email marketing services have a lot of incredible features where you can send personalized emails and HTTP emails to your subscribers along with the real-time DLR report on our robust interface. So, what's more, contact our team members and create winning email campaigns in the simplest way.

MsgClub Bulk Email API With Easy Integration

As you know MsgClub is one of the leading providers that offer various innovative solutions and services to their clients. As like same, our company provides various application programming interfaces (APIs) to companies who want to send emails in high quantity to their interested clients or customers. Although, our API is the best way to send a mass email newsletter, transactional email directly from the system.

Integrate your any website, application, software or any third-party application with our email API for starting email services for your company. Send transactional emails or bulk emails effortlessly with our relay and flexible programming languages API. Set up your email integration in less time, start creating campaigns, scheduling and track your sent emails. Whether you need to send 10 emails or 10 million our robust infrastructure scales with you.

You can also see our API documentation with libraries in PHP, CSharp, Java, ASP, and more. Moreover, we provide APIs in HTTP, GET and POST so that you can choose it as per your requirement of email marketing service.


Parameters Name with Description

Parameter Name

Data Type




Login Authentication Key(This key is unique for every user)

routeId *


Which route you want use for sending sms enter routeId for particular route.use given Id for route. 1 = Transactional Route, 2 = Promotional Route, 3 = Trans DND Route, 7 = Transcrub Route, 8 = OTP Route, 9 = Trans Stock Route, 10 = Trans Property Route, 11 = Trans DND Other Route, 12 = TransCrub Stock, 13 = TransCrub Property, 14 = Trans Crub Route.

contentType *


Content type of email html for html content and text for text content.

mailContent *


Email content that user wants to send in an email.

subject *


Email subject that user wants to send in an email.

fromName *


Name of sender.

from email *


Email id of sender like Sender Id

attachmentType *


Current this parameter email have attachment. 0 have no attachment 1 have attachment.

toEmailSet *


List of recipient of (To email). email: Email of recipient.person.Name: Name of recipient.

ccEmailSet *


List of cc recipient of (CCemail). email:Email of CC recipient. personName:Name of CC recipient.

bccEmailSet *


List of bcc recipient of (BCCemail). email:Email of BCC recipient.personName:Name of BCC recipient.

attachments *


List of attachments.fileType:Type of file.fileName:Name of File.fileData:File data converted in Base64 format.

Features of our Email service API:

Send personalized emails-

Create personalize emails for your multiple subscribers in one place only. Use of different API to send thousands of customizing emails in less time.

HTTP Emails-

We offer you a simple opportunity to send HTTP emails to your customers and clients. Integrating MsgClub API into your system will allow to send emails with attachments.

Campaign tracking & report-

Analyse your campaign report easily with our developer transactional email API code. MsgClub's campaign reports can analyze clicks, opens, subscriber's social activity, e-commerce data and more.

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