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MsgClub SMS solution is easy to use, simple and powerful. Users can compose and send personalized SMS messages to an individual or a group of contacts from SMS solution. Through MsgClub one can send bulk SMS in a minute. Our SMS solution is ideal if you want to send bulk SMS from any PC connected from anywhere in the world. Direct integration SMS Gateway is available for those who prefer their own messaging systems or databases and programs using the SMS development. MsgClub API makes integration quick, easy and reliable. In open-ended API (Application Programming Interface) structure will allow you to send text messages to your bulk lists, or configure the database to send messages with an event to be triggered. We have multiple Plans and service routes which is based on our market research. Due to International text messaging, the world is now within the reach of everyone. Voice SMS leaves a special and impressive effect in the promotion activity.

Key Features
  • 1. SMS is very common and attractive means of communication.
  • 2. The SMS solution is very fast to use and requires no training
  • 3. The SMS solution has a very simple and immediate implementation
  • 4. Fast delivery of text messages to all national networks
  • 5. Online facility is available to create groups and contacts.
  • 6. In SMS solution contacts can be very easy loaded and SMS for mass messaging will be imported.
  • 7. Address will be extracted from text data and excel sheet by Excel PlugIn.
  • 8. To maintain Bulk volume data, Excel worksheet can be use.
  • 9. Acknowledgments can be downloaded as a CSV file
  • 10. Full support for Custom Sender ID will be provided
  • 11. In our drastically changed scenario, Developer APIs has an immense use.
  • 12. SMS Scheduling can be utilized for various reasons (Sending SMS at a particular time)
  • 13. Premium SMS or Business SMS is available for priority customers such as stockbrokers, commodities, etc
  • 14. Long SMS facility is available on request.
  • 15. Excel plug-in can be use to SMS directly from Excel
  • 16. There is no need to integrate and download any software.
  • 17. Approvals are ready for various SMS campaigns.
  • 18. International text messaging can be easily done.
  • 19. Bulk Volume of data can be managed through free Excel Plug-In software.
  • 20. Future SMS campaign can be planned.
  • 21. 24×7 Customer Service is available.
  • 22. Free online support from our Live Chat System.
  • For more details about our plans and services please feel free to Contact Us.