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WhatsApp For Business

Facilitate your business with WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business that grows your business faster with features like WhatsApp Chat, Team Inbox, WhatsApp Business Mobile APP, WhatsApp Automation.

Advantages of WhatsApp
Assist Your Customer In the Best Possible Way .

Real Time Analytics

See real-time analytics on the Msgclub Platform for delivered, read rates and more and plan accordingly.

Team Live Chat

Have multiple team members to drive Live Chat Support on the Same WhatsApp Business Number.

Import & Broadcast

Powerful use of WhatsApp Business by starting a WhatsApp Broadcast Marketing for up to 10 Lac recipients in a single click.

No Code Bot

Build an intelligent WhatsApp Chatbot & make it handle sales & support queries on WhatsApp Business Chat Api.

Connect Your CRMs

Connect your CRM, Payment Portals, eCommerce Platforms via APIs. Easy to connect API Whatsapp Business for Developers.

Automate Notification

Increase business with Whatsapp Business Catalog Api via action for Abandoned Cart, Application Drop-off, Order Confirmation, Event Updates & more.

How Does It Help you?
Modernize your commercial communication through the
Whatsapp Business

Platform and


Register your business with Msgclub’s Innovative Whatsapp Business Solution Provider.

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Grow your Business effortlessly and Assist your clients efficiently.

Professional Greeting

Greet professionally your customers with a welcome message through WhatsApp Business APIs.

Custom Reports

Reports that help management people to get overview and response of the Whatsapp Broadcast Marketing and reply.

Shared Team Inbox

Shared Team Inbox makes it simple for you to use WhatsApp for customer support. Multiple agents can login.

24x7 Connect

Solve Customer Queries, Send Images, Files & Videos in a Smart Automated Manner with the help of Whatsapp Business.

Mobile App Access

You can connect anytime, anywhere with your client and can provide solutions to their problems which eventually they are facing with the help of Whatsapp Business Solution Provider.

Developer Friendly

Get access to Whatsapp Business Api Service for developers to build your own custom solution or Integrate in your CRM.


What our customers say

Whatsapp Business Api Solution

A full-stack WhatsApp Business Solution for every industry via WhatsApp Business API, WhatsApp Chatbot, WhatsApp Automation.

WhatsApp For ECommerce

Scale up your D2C brand using Msgclub with end-to-end WhatsApp ecommerce service and WhatsApp ecommerce API.

WhatsApp For Sales Team

WhatsApp for Sales Team makes Superpower and WhatsApp Business API helps to integrate in your sales CRM.

WhatsApp For Marketing

Take your marketing & advertising on WhatsApp to the next level with MSGCLUB WhatsApp Business API Service and Chat bot.

WhatsApp For Healthcare

Improve patient experiences on WhatsApp with appointment bookings, clinic updates, offers etc. using Msgclub WhatsApp Business Solution.

WhatsApp For Education

Get more enrollments from your course via WhatsApp with Msgclub and keep your students informed with details via API Whatsapp Business.

WhatsApp For Support

Use WhatsApp For Customer Support and Service and improve your customer satisfaction score with Msgclub WhatsApp Business API Solution and Chat Bot

Frequently Asked Questions

We have got answers for some questions that probably can raise in your mind.

  • When can I start using MSGCLUB?

    As WhatsApp Business service provider in India, MSGCLUB helps you grow your online sales and transform customer experience at scale. If you are looking to boost your revenue by leveraging WhatsApp as a sales channel, you can start using MSGCLUB anytime.

  • Can we switch from a monthly to annual plan anytime?

    By using Whatsapp Business you can easily switch from monthly to annual plan and vice versa, by sending us an email. The cost shall be prorated based on the date of the switch.

  • How does your WhatsApp Business account work before your Facebook Business Page is verified?

    When you create a WhatsApp Business Account API, you must verify your Facebook business page. This may require documents such as a certificate of incorporation or a business license. Before your business is verified, you can test out the messaging feature by sending free text messages to a limited range of numbers in a trial experience. Once you have uploaded official documents to verify your business, you will have access to an expanded trial experience with additional messaging options.

  • Can I add WhatsApp on my existing WhatsApp number?

    Yes, but if you want to start a WhatsApp Business Platform then you have to logout from existing WhatsApp. You must consider that all your previous WhatsApp chat bot will no longer be available on WhatsApp.

  • What is the process to get the Whatsapp Business API?

    All you have to do is just Signup on our website and get it in the developer tool or contact Msgclub support. Our executives will be happy to help you with everything regarding API solutions.