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Smart IVR

Facilitate your business with IVR

Greet your customers with IVR in a customized manner and assemble an admirable client experience.

Advantages Of IVR
Assist your customers in the best possible way .

Generate potential leads

IVR system will address callers by their names and divert calls to a suitable agent based on their call history, purchase history and location.

Increase consumer loyalty

At the point when your IVR is easy to utilize, clients will never be engaged with any agent who can't resolve their issue.

Free from Errors

Utilizing an IVR makes your whole procedure less mistake inclined, contrasted with depending on a conventional secretary. With the high volume of calls, they will, in general, be a weight to the assistant.

Efficient Customer Access

Clients can utilize the IVR frameworks whenever of their comfort as it plays out its assignment 24x7.

Better Customer Service

A fast reaction is possible for the client's queries. This means answering a call on the first ring, thereby reducing customer wait time and cutting call volume.

Boost Agent Productivity

Segmenting the services will help the agents to attend more calls and facilitate more clients.

How It helps you?
Modernize your commercial communication
through the

multi-level IVR

number system.

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Grow your Business effortlessly and Assist your customers efficiently.

Professional greeting

Greet professionally your customers with a welcome message and create a positive impression.

Extension Number

Make call routing error-free by assigning unique extension numbers for each department or agent.

Call Routing

Automatically diverts your call to the experts without any manual dialing. Which prevents clients from engaging in call queues.


Facilitate callers with a feature of voicemail that can be used when the agents are not available.

Sticky Agent

Connect callers directly to the agent with whom they have spoken before based on their details or assign an agent to address the customer.

Real-time call tracking

Track all live activities happening in your call center through live call monitoring. Analyze the whole performance of your call center by using our web panel.


What our customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

We have got answers for some questions that probably can raise in your mind.

  • What is an IVR system?

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a robotized communication framework innovation that associates with the guests, accumulates the necessary data and courses the calls to the particular appropriate agents.

  • What is the importance of IVR in a business?

    IVR system is an automated framework which divert the calls to appropriate agents and allow them to attend calls in large volume. Hence, it increases agents productivity.

  • How does IVR system work?

    When, as a client, you make a call to the organization, the IVR programming will react by giving you a pre-recorded welcome and afterward requests that you pick a choice from a set menu. For instance: by squeezing the 'one' on the keypad you will get a given help.

  • Can I add IVR on my existing number?

    Yes, you can add IVR on your existing number.

  • What is the process to get an IVR solution?

    All you have to do is just SIgnup on our website or contact Msgclub. Our executives will happy to help you with everything regarded IVR solutions.