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Spam Protection

Spamming in communication industries is very common these days. At MsgClub, we strictly follow Spam protection practices. We do not share your details with other please check our Privacy Policy.

From Receiver of SMS point of view:

MsgClub undertake an anti-spam policy for all communications protocols. That means we do not tolerate unsolicited messages, notices, advertisements or other message from outsider that does not have your address or phone number.

If you have an unsolicited message, please feel free to inform us at MsgClub.net .

Inform MsgClub the incident, but keep your number unblocked, or

Inform MsgClub the incident and that their number is blocked so that no messages sent via MsgClub their customers receive.

Include your phone number, date and time you received and the contents of the message (if possible) while reporting about Spam.

From the Sender of SMS point of view:

We do not send SMS on mobile phones registered with DND, (As per TRAI, India)

If your own customers want to receive SMS from you. You can download a form here, print on your company letterhead, signed and returned to us. We will send SMS to those customers too (NDNC) and our filtering system for sending SMS marketing.

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