6 Key Ways to Boost your Campaign with Political Text Messages

Election is, doubtlessly, the time for parties and candidates to pull up their socks. Especially when we talk about one of the most democratic countries- India, it’s a critical process! The road towards a successful political campaign has ‘more holes than a Swiss cheese’ and hence, candidates need to find their way out to reach more and more people and strengthen their vote-bank.

Remember the fact that, every lock has a key! And the key to successful election campaign is “Text Messaging”. With at least one mobile in every hand, importance of bulk sms for political parties cannot be denied. Political parties and/or candidates looking forward to enhance their reach must pay attention, as these six key steps can work wonders for strengthening their campaign.

Six Ways to Skyrocket Election Campaign with Text Messages

Contacts are the Backbone

To send best bulk sms service election campaigns in india, contacts are mandatory. Bulk messaging solution providers offer flexible ways to import your contacts, a CSV file can get the job done. Else, candidates having a CRM can go with integration that is seemingly a better alternative. If you find yourself in trouble while importing contacts or in any process along the way, messaging solutions are backed by effective customer support through multiple channels.

Special-Purpose Phone

Instead of using your personal contact number, having a new number for campaign promotion makes absolute sense. This way, you can separate your contact and keep things well-organized. Replies to the sent messages are processed further or replied by the team of text messaging service provider, another reason for having an special contact number for special purpose.

Decide your Text Message

160 characters are all you have to impress your audience, give them a reason or simply, make them a voter. There is no room for a long political speech, the text message has to be precise, effective and captivating enough to force the reader to do something. Call to actions such as asking for a response, Yes or No questions can do the trick here.

98% Open Rate, A Big Reason to Have an Effective Text Messaging Strategy

Careful Scheduling

You can start utilizing text messaging from now on, asking your target people about the issues they are facing. By the time of elections, you will have great deal of information and contacts. Moreover, it is completely up to you when you want messages to be sent. At any point of day, any time, you can schedule bulk messages and personalized ones as per your preference.

Be Responsive, Replies Matter

The best way to know who are interested or getting involved in your campaign is being responsive. Tag people, greet them, thank them for replies and move ahead with the conversation. Managing replies is a hassle free task and you can also ask for help from the technical support team of chosen service provider.

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