Advantages of Acme Infinity Software For Jewellery Business Management & Promotion

In the current scenario, bulk SMS messaging is considered as one of the most effective ways of communicating with busy people. According to the business owners of Jewelry shop or showroom, a short and the crisp SMS takes seconds to read and can give response quickly if necessary. Whereas some of the traditional methods of marketing communications like emailing, printed advertisements, telephonic calls used by jewelry businesses take a great deal of time and can be costly too to convey information to large group of audience.

However, texting is the cheapest means of marketing among customers that means a great amount of money you will gain in your business from a bulk SMS marketing campaign. You can take the advantage of MsgClub bulk SMS services to generate more people into your shop. Promote your jewelry line directly from India’s most used software, Acme Infinity to send traditional gift-giving occasions messages, interact with your valuable clients and even create a mobile presence on the web.

Let’s move on towards the advantages of bulk SMS in Acme Infinity software for Jewellery business:

1. Quick Delivery:

SMS is literally a fast medium, it puts your messages into your audiences pockets or purses in seconds after you send. According to reports, within 7 seconds people received SMS on their mobile phones. However, other mediums of communications are also fast, but nothing compares to the swiftness of SMS.

2. High Conversion Rate:

With the help of Bulk SMS service, you will get an incredibly high rate of customer action or interest. No matter what kind of marketing or promotion you’re doing there is more conversion rate of bulk messaging as compared to other marketing strategies.

3. Flexible Platform:

You can easily send thousands of messages using bulk SMS API for Acme Infinity to an entire contact list. It gives you a way to customize your bulk SMS campaigns as per the needs of your subscribers and prospects. Create a contest or a quick organization notification; text SMS truly molds itself according to the needs of your business.

4. Increases customer engagement:

Choose SMS as a great way to enhance your brand image across the entire customer lifecycle. Customers like to get updates on the brand or the product they love. So with the help of Acme Infinity software ”SMS integration” in your gold, silver, kundan or diamond business, you can highly encourage new & existing customers to make a purchase again from your showroom or store.

5. Reliable Form:

Unlike email marketing, you don’t have to worry about your sent SMS spamming. Text messages don’t have to battle against spamming and blocking. As SMS develops a direct connection between you and your customers and there aren’t any barriers.

Here you have it, the top 5 benefits of text messaging for your Jewelry business! If you want to know more about MsgClub services do visit at

bulk SMS reseller can also give the benefits of Acme Infinity software integration to their customers.