Big Opportunity for SMS Industry : Railway SMS Services

In Today’s era railway provides the most important mode of public transport in India. This is the most commonly used and cost effective long distance transport system of the country.

Indian Railways are touching life of almost every people across India covering 29 states and 7 Union Territories. So railway is every one’s need and hope of travelling.

You are already aware about the benefits and core advantages of Bulk SMS services. See how Indian Railways are using and planning to use the Short Service Message in future for providing railway services.   

Book train tickets Via SMS –

Are you tired of standing in a long queue for booking a railway ticket? Is like internet booking is also not easy for you ? Then here is a good news for you.

Now, one can book a railway ticket through SMS service.

Indian Railways has continuously endeavored to improve the ease and access of ticketing. The e-ticketing initiative of Indian Railways has been one of the most passenger-friendly initiative. In order to further expand the reach of ticketing.

Quick SMS Booking by Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has launched SMS-based ticketing service. This service will benefit the large section of people. Booking through SMS is more convenient and cost effective. One need not to spend time waiting in long queues or browsing internet for booking their favorite destination through railways. SMS is the best way to book your tickets now.

Issue E-tickets / SMS in place of paper tickets –

It will soon be the end of printed railway tickets in the country. A file has been moved in the Railway Ministry department, which will replace the paper ticket with a SMS, which travellers or a commuters will receive each time, they book a ticket at the railway counter. Currently, only those who buy e-tickets online get an SMS ticket. Now everyone will receive SMS tickets instead of paper tickets.

Send SMS ”Clean My coach” and your coach will be cleaned soon –

One of the announcements in the Indian Railway Budget 2016 is the new system of cleaning of coaches and toilets. Where a passenger can request the service using his mobile phone. Send SMS on 58888 text “Clean my coach” with PNR number,is a passenger-friendly measure especially when one considers the condition of toilets even in AC and first class coaches. It remains to be seen how an SMS will improve the system, as cleaning staff are generally available only at the junction stations.

After reading this you will get the idea that how government is emphasizing on the Short Message Services to make the task easy. The requirement of sending SMS is large and the service providers are less in comparison. So here is the big opportunity for those who want to become owner of the SMS Software from Reseller and for those also who want to do business in SMS Industry.

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