Comfort your lodger with the tour tips via bulk SMS

SMS is the most effective marketing tool for travel and tour industry. As it is used to send alerts, information and advertisements. The most costs effective among all  other marketing tools is Short message service i.e SMS.

Bulk SMS services for tours and travel Industry to –

  1. Promote your tour packages.
  2. Advertise your Travel and tour agency.
  3. Give offers through bulk SMS.
  4. Inform them about tour plan.
  5. Send them emergency numbers.
  6. Send them Check list.
  7. Send them route maps and destinations to visit the places.
  8. Updates on travel itineraries.
  9. Alert on delays.
  10. Encourage repeat bookings.
  11. Send wishes to your customers.
  12. Send reservation confirmation via SMS to customers.
  13. Send Coupon codes to customers through SMS.

Being an affordable and fastest mode of communication, our SMS service solution for tour and travel industry has great potential in promoting tours and travel industry.

This Industry uses Bulk SMS services make best travel and tour company and impress your customers by sending these message that will help your customers to travel safe and happily.  These all leads to make your customer’s experience long lasting.

Integrate Bulk SMS API for travel and tour software’s into your best tour operator software whether you are using iTravel, Via Tour, Tour Plan, Tour writer irrespective of the travel and tour software you are using,  our Bulk SMS API is easily integrated into any of your software and our excellent support team is their to help you out.  

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