Connect With Your Missed Call Number Callers Through Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

In the business world, there is one common thing between a customer and the business owner, both need to be connected with each other without killing their time. Both want to reach each other instantly. With missed call alert service you can make the path of your customers or clients shorter to reach you.

Missed call service is a cloud-based telephonic service that is widely used to enhance the base of your enterprise. The procedure of this service is very easy all you have to give a toll-free or 10-digit missed call number to your customers and your customers are supposed to call on that number if they’re interested. With one ring, the call gets disconnected and the number of your customer will be saved in your database and from the moment your customer will become your all-time subscriber.

Moreover, the company like MsgClub have launched a new feature in their missed call solution i.e Missed call + Slick CRM. This feature works well when you have to communicate or to know each and every missed call customer concern or queries related to your products or services. Our robust system will save your data automatically into CRM software through which you can manage them easily anytime. If you wish to schedule a call or want to segment your database into different categories use a filter to search it by industry, tag, dedicated missed call number etc.

Moreover, there are many reasons why organizations need to invest in a CRM. High customer churn, inefficient processes and unreliable reporting are just a few examples. So, implementing CRM with your marketing services like Missed call bring many benefits in sales, marketing and another service.

  • Connect with customers
  • Grow efficiently
  • Discover new insights from business data
  • Do business anywhere
  • Targeted Leads
  • Boost revenue

So, if you’re using or looking forward to enabling missed call services for your organization, try out this new feature also. For its binding with sales force software kindly contact our team members at or them at 8878601181, 9993089777. For more information visit

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