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Which is better for your company, Msgclub or Fast2SMS?

This blog analyzes them in terms of features, cost, and advantages, among other crucial areas. When you’re through, you’ll be in a better position to determine which is ideal for your company. 

Why Choose Msgclub Over Fast2SMS?

This is an overview of the comparison between Msgclub and Fast2SMS. 

Key features
Web app to send SMS✔️✔️
SMS APIs✔️✔️
Text messaging ✔️✔️
Chat/Two-way conversations✔️
Automated responses✔️
Personalized SMS✔️✔️
Schedule SMS✔️✔️
SMS shortcodes✔️
Custom sender ID✔️✔️
OTP/Verify SMS✔️✔️
WhatsApp Business API✔️
Email to SMS✔️
Voice SMS✔️
Voice call✔️✔️
Missed call number✔️
Integrations/plug-insCRM, e-commerce, accounting & Excel integrations
Supported platformsWeb-based applicationSMS on the go (Internet-free)Web-based applicationMobile app (only available on Android) 
Free trialYesYes
PricingSee our pricing page.Starts at $0.0024/message (SMS validity and pricing vary with the package)

What does Msgclub do?

The Msgclub platform and API are quick, safe, and dependable, with round-the-clock customer service. Deliver customized, voice, and OTP messages to clients at any time, anywhere using bulk SMS or WhatsApp messaging.

Do you require 24-hour support? Msgclub is here to help. worldwide coverage? Yes, you can connect with clients anywhere in the world.

Additionally, you have total control over your conversations thanks to a customizable dashboard. 

Not only that, though.

Msgclub provides CRM, Excel, and e-commerce plug-ins to easily interact with your current systems. Its excellent API integration also elevates messaging to a new level. Everything you need is in front of you, so there’s no need to jump between apps.

What does Fast2SMS do?

With Fast2SMS, you can communicate with customers over phone and SMS. Regardless of the program you select, you can send messages with their API integration.

Fast2SMS provides consistent customer service. Additionally, you can reach a worldwide audience with their scalable group SMS tool.

You get access to an easy-to-use dashboard with Fast2SMS. Additionally, you can benefit from connectivity with CRM, Excel, and e-commerce plug-ins.

How are they priced?

Cost is a major factor in your choice. Let’s analyze the pricing of various sites.

  • Msgclub pricing

Msgclub offers you a clear and adaptable pricing structure to meet your company requirements. The following information related to Msgclub pricing:

  • Country-specific rates: The destination country affects the cost per SMS. To discover the prices for your nation, go to the Msgclub pricing page.
  • Pay less for more: Does your company require a lot of messaging? If so, Msgclub will provide you discounts as a reward. Pay less and send more.
  • Starting price:  You can take use of SMS marketing’s potential regardless of the size of your company without going over budget. View our page for prices.
  • Free SMS credit on trial: You get free SMS credits to test and browse the platform after you sign up.
  • Pay-as-you-go: You just pay for the texts you send when using Msgclub. Your SMS campaigns can be easily scaled to meet your company’s needs.
  • No Hidden charges: With Msgclub’s clear pricing, you have total control over how much you spend on SMS.
  • Customized pricing: Require a customized price schedule? The committed support team at Msgclub can work with you to design a package that is specifically customized for your company’s objectives.

You may start your SMS marketing adventure with confidence and economy thanks to Msgclub clear and adjustable price options.

  • Fast2SMS pricing

Pricing details for Fast2SMS are not clear. But these are the costs that consumers can access with Fast2SMS:

  • Competitive pricing: Offering unlimited messaging at a starting price of US $0.0024 per SMS, this rate is competitive.
  • Extended validity: Six months are allotted for SMS credits.
  • Pay-per-message: When using Fast2SMS’s bulk SMS software or Bulk SMS API, you are charged for each SMS message delivered.

It is advised that you look over the Fast2SMS website’s pricing details. By doing this, you can be sure that the costs associated with your particular use cases are understood and accurate.

Features of Msgclub and Fast2SMS

These features of a bulk SMS service are essential for any organization. This is a comparison between Msgclub and Fast2SMS.

Delivery speedMessages are delivered immediately in seconds via Msgclub, with lightning-fast rates.Fast2SMS makes a similar quick shipping speed claim. Users have, however, occasionally complained about message delivery delays.
All-in-one platform
For all of your transactional and SMS marketing needs, Msgclub offers an all-in-one platform.Meanwhile, Fast2SMS offers a single platform.
Power of SMS API and ease of integrationA reliable SMS API is available from Msgclub for smooth business application integration.Additionally, Fast2SMS offers an SMS API for integrating corporate applications.
Availability of plugins and web platformPlugins for well-known systems including WordPress, Magento, and e-commerce software are offered by Msgclub. They make it simple to include SMS texting into your current processes.For well-known systems like WordPress and WooCommerce, Fast2SMS provides plugins. However, a few customers have complained about problems with the plugins and the absence of cross-platform support.
Ease of use and adoption
For the purpose of administering SMS campaigns and other messaging services, Msgclub boasts an intuitive user interface.Users of Fast2SMS have complained about having trouble using the platform’s navigation and accessing specific functionalities.
ScalabilityMsgclub provides customized packages and adjustable price options for companies requiring a lot of communication.Moreover, scalable messaging solutions are provided by Fast2SMS to companies of all sizes.
Multilingual supportMsgclub provides multilingual assistance for over 180 nations.Fast2SMS provides multilingual support for multiple language messaging systems.
Customer support
Msgclub is renowned for providing bulk, quick, and OTP-based SMS services that facilitate client interaction for businesses. 24/7 customer service is available. They’ll help you if you run into any difficulties.Email and phone support are provided by Fast2SMS. 
For the purpose of administering SMS campaigns and other messaging services, Msgclub boasts an intuitive user interface. Msgclub offers assistance and direction to companies to ensure a smooth onboarding process.Users of Fast2SMS have complained about having trouble using the platform’s navigation and accessing specific functionalities. They also provide tutorials and advice.
Customization options
Sender IDs, message templates, and personalized messages are all available from Msgclub. You receive APIs for business application integration, which allow you to customize the message workflow.
Users of Fast2SMS have complained about restricted sender ID options and message personalization problems.
With the Email-2-SMS function provided by Msgclub, you can send SMS messages straight from your email accounts. Additionally, they offer an easy-to-use interface for setting up and controlling the Email-2-SMS function.Fast2SMS also offers Email-2-SMS.
Voice service
As part of its all-in-one SMS solution, Msgclub offers a Bulk Voice Call service.Voice SMS services are also provided by Fast2SMS.
Reseller Program
You can buy SMS credits in bulk from Msgclub at a lower wholesale cost, then resell them to your end users for a profit.Through Fast2SMS’s reseller program, resellers can purchase SMS in bulk at a discounted rate and resell it to other clients for any amount they like.

Switching from Fast2SMS to Msgclub

The procedure of moving from Fast2SMS to Msgclub is simple and uncomplicated. Here are five actions to do.

Sign up on Msgclub and get free SMS credits: Register on the Msgclub website if you haven’t already, and you’ll get free SMS credits to try the service out.

Export your contact list from Fast2SMS: The phone numbers of clients who have consented to receive SMS messages ought to be on this list.

Import your contact list into Msgclub: Once exported, open Msgclub and import your list. Importing a contact list is made simple by the platform’s support for a number of file formats.

Update your SMS API to use Msgclub API: With Msgclub’s extensive documentation and assistance, switching APIs will be a breeze.

Test your SMS messaging using your free credits: You can use Msgclub’s free credits to test your SMS messages when the API has been updated. just to make sure that customers receive their messages and that the messaging service functions properly.


In summary, choosing the finest platform for bulk messaging involves more than just locating a piece of technology—it also involves locating a valuable strategic tool that can revolutionize your communication tactics.

In an increasingly connected world, having the appropriate tool could mean the difference between success and failure. It broadens your audience, ensures adherence, and streamlines your communication.

Selecting the best instrument is therefore a necessity rather than just an option in the customer-centric industry. Your choice will set you on the path to successful and efficient communication by allowing your business to interact with clients, educate them, and grow.