Get a good return on investment by MsgClub short URL SMS campaign

True asset of any business is customers. In Hindi proverb, it is said that – Customers are God. Many kinds of researches are done on this and all lead to the same conclusion – “Big the list of happy and satisfied customers larger the profit amount and business success”. In short, customers are important to you for your business.

This is not only sufficient to understand your customers but also you need to understand about their buying behaviour, purchasing pattern, where they belong to, about their interest, their convenient time and more.

Someone says – “Treat your customers as you treat your girlfriend”.

So keep minute and detailed information about your clients and customers and treat them the way they want to be treated. “The MsgClub short URL will be going to help you a lot”. 

To send Text SMS marketing campaign with short URL all you have to enter the original URL and run a campaign in order to send URL of your company’s website, URL of document, video URL, audio URL, Image URL any link through which you want to convey any message or attract your audience you can send Bulk SMS campaign with short URL to your customers and MsgClub will create a separate URL for each client to track them individually.

You can use Short URLs in Messages to send links to your Android applications, website, promotional activities, login panels, forms of customer feedback, URLs of your audios, videos, images, landing pages, payment gateway, engaging forms and much more.

In the SMS Campaign Click Tracking and analysis report, after sending SMS with Short URL, you will get the information of the person who clicked the URL.

Along with time at which person (receiver) opened the URL i.e actual time when client opened the URL and geographical location of the receiver.You can even know the browser through which client clicked or opened the sent URL.   

Thus the information you are going to receive via MsgClub click tracking feature is a pretty good and with it, you can plan your bulk SMS campaigns in a much better way by having details about your customers.

Advantages of using Short URL SMS are –

  1. Promote maximum information.
  2. Makes URL presentation attractive and manageable.
  3. Enhances connectivity with customers, which makes your bond great with them.
  4. Know well about your customers.
  5. Manage leads more properly.

Surely you’re going to get the great ROI, just by investing little into the MsgClub Short URL SMS campaigns and give a new high to your business.

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