How can you make a request on MsgClub panel to take sender ID approval?

You can request a custom Sender ID, the friendly name that reflects on your customer’s mobile phone. When you go to send an SMS, you must have to type your sender ID so that your customers can guess who is the sender of that text SMS. However companies, organizations or startups can create unlimited custom Sender Ids with the name of their brand, product or company like ADMYNTRA, IMBOBTXN, BZHONORC, IMTALENT etc.

Our team of experts will not take long hours to approve your request, in a just small duration of time they will approve it and give you a confirmation via email or call.

But before moving on for your marketing campaign, you need to know from where you can place a request for sender ID. Today, I am sharing this special blog post through which you can learn about its process in a simple manner.

Step 1-

Login or Sign in to your MsgClub account at

Step 2-

Move your cursor at the left side of our panel and click on the ‘‘Request Wall’’ option than sender Id.

Step 3-

On the next window go to the ‘Request for Sender ID’ option and fill out the given boxes like route, content, company name according to your business requirement. Make sure your sender id will be of 6  Alphabetical Characters for transactional SMS and 6 numeric characters for Promotional SMS no other characters like : [ “* is allowed.

Step 4-

Afterward, click on the ‘request for sender id’ our system will automatically trigger your request to available team members.

Step 5-

Seat calmly for some time and get the approval from us to enjoy our bulk SMS services freely.

On the other hand, your list of all sender Ids will be shown at our interface so that, you can check the status or can perform an action to delete that sender ID request permanently. Well, it’s the best way to manage your sender Ids if you have a large consumption of bulk SMS messages.

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