How to edit signature in SMS description?

If you’re using MsgClub gateway you might have a question in your mind what does SMS signature means? SMS signature means is useful when you want to send your name, contact number or website name by default in each and every SMS content. All you need to put your signature in the given box at the end of send SMS window. And don’t forget to click on the ‘Signature Enable’ box. If you forget and sent your messages your signature will not be shown on recipient’s mobile.

Moreover, if you wish to save Signatures we do have an option too. Just click save button your signature will be saved as a draft and it gets shown on the right corner when you create any messages for your campaign. Within a single click, you can add that signature into your current SMS content.

Or if you wish to edit them in future, select that particular signature from the draft and edit it if needed.

At MsgClub platform you can easily search for signatures from the top. In case, if there is no requirement of a particular signature, delete it.

If you have any more doubts or queries feel free to contact our team executives at 8878601181 or drop them an email at They will assist you shortly!