How To Send SMS from Acme Infinity Jewellery Business Management Software

To survive in this highly competitive market, every business owner needs a perfect tool for communication for their company or organization. And I believe that bulk messaging is one of the best tools to convey information to a large group of audiences in a less minutes. Over the past few years, the open rates of SMS have increased by 97% compared to email marketing. Many people read messages within 5 minutes of delivery on their mobile numbers. Bulk SMS marketing has many other advantages for businesses and the leading providers of India like MsgClub are allowing sending SMS through jewellery business management software.

Recently, our company has started offering bulk SMS API for Acme Infinity software so that the dealers of the jewelry business can able to convey important information about invoices, service tax, GST, payment due, stock inventory, kitty reminders, offers, and a lot more directly from this jewelry business management and accounting software.

Acme Infinity helps gold, silver, Kundan, and diamond businesses in achieving targets in the most systematic and sophisticated way. This software adds a flavor of modern management techniques, the latest security norms, and technological inventions for easy functionalities.

Now, let’s take a look at the steps on how you can integrate our services of bulk SMS in Acme Infinity software to send text messages to customers, debtors, dealers, creditors, traders, etc.

Step 1

Login to our panel to get HTTP API for sending SMS from the developer tool section.

Step 2

Go to your Acme Infinity ERP jewelry software, and click on the ” Core Management” for SMS configuration.

acme infinity software

Step 3

After that, you will see the ”SMS module configuration” option move your cursor then go to the SMS configuration option, and a new window will pop up on your screen.

acme infinity software

Step 4

Where you will see a box to paste our bulk SMS API along with some parameters to send SMS to people. For mobile number type Mobiles; For Message type Message.

acme infinity software

Step 5

Click on the ”OK” button to set your configuration with MsgClub services.

Well, if you wish to edit, delete, or add an SMS URL description than you can manage it from the Acme Infinity itself. If you have any query or issue regarding SMS integration ”Acme Infinity software” version than feel free to contact our team members at

bulk SMS reseller can also give the benefits of Acme Infinity software integration to their customers.

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