HRM works become easy with Bulk SMS services

Take the advantages of SMS technology in the field of Human resources. With the wise utilisation of SMS services in HR,  multiple task of HRM can be relieved and fastened. Use Bulk SMS services in HR to manage several operations such as administration, recruiting, payroll and training, securing employee’s details, performance supervision and many other HR related areas. Being an HR, you can use Bulk SMS Technology in Human Resources to alert them –

  1. Send Notifications via SMS – Send SMS in order to notify applicants and employees.
  2. Send Reminders via SMS – Send reminders to employees and applicants regarding meetings and interviews.
  3. Send Alerts via SMS – Send alerts to your customers.
  4. For Communication with applicants – Communicate directly with applicants via bulk SMS services.
  5. Declare results via SMS – Send results related to interviews to applicants.
  6. Improve your in house communication with the existing employees.
  7. Inform your employees regarding Holidays, attendance etc.
  8. Greet your employee through SMS – Greet your employee on their Special days via SMS.
  9. Send SMS to encourage your employees.
  10. Send information regarding joining and training period of the new employees.
  11. Send SMS to appreciate your employee for good work.
  12. Take feedback from employees via SMS.

To ensure the efficiency of recruitment and relieve the workload of HR department, utilise Bulk SMS Services smartly. Use SMS messaging to establish an effective communication with applicants and employees. SMS helps to save your time and money both.  

You can also integrate our Bulk SMS API in HRM software to send SMS directly from your HR software.

To know about best Bulk SMS service and Bulk SMS API in Human resources management click here to contact us.

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