Industries That Use Olark SMS Add-On for Business Growth

As of 2017, 95% of literate people own a cellphone, according to the research conducted by Pew research center customers are the key for every industry, if you want your business to thrive! So, it’s time to hop on that bandwagon. Industry can enjoy SMS marketing results especially from its high open rate of 97% and do it at the right time guarantees SMS more success.

MsgClub has introduced new SMS add-on for Olark live chat users that directly send text messages to visitors. Our add-on allows industries to send personalized SMS to their customers without any hassle. Its functionalities are just simple as our SMS panel, a marketer need not be skilled to use it.

You might know the use of live chat for customer support for any query or purchase issue is much high! Let’s read more to know the top-industries that use texting from bulk SMS Olark add-on for their business and marketing growth.

1. Retail Shops

To enhance the customer experience on your website, retails shop owner can send text messages related to promotions of new products and services. These businesses can engage customers by welcoming them with a greeting SMS and can send news about events and exclusive deals from bulk SMS Olark add-on.

2. Banking

The banking sector has made the lives of customers a lot easier than before. Now, they are enabled to send SMS simple text to their Olark live chat window visitors. They need to stand longer in the queue at the bank because many financial issues, account queries, payments, new services/policies promotions are done online through text messaging.

3. Educational

Many of the leading colleges and universities provide live chat option on their website for any query about admission, infrastructure, placements, scholarship and much more. To help them connect institutes can save their important information with our Olark add-on. MsgClub enables educational institutions to send thousands of messages to parents and new students to admit a high number of students for the session. Moreover, they can send out exclusive event details, achievements and best placements of their college or university to catch the attention of newbies.

Well, there are many other industries like Media, Health, Recruitment etc who can also use our SMS from Olark service for text marketing and communication. Join us today for more info!

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