MsgClub SMPP server panel and its advantages for your company

We are living in the age of technology advancement, where we prefer to include modern techniques that bring amazing results in a short span of time. The same thing goes with enterprise messaging. Sending timely messages to clients is the crucial part of building brand awareness and goodwill in the market. Thus, it demands a secure, powerful and fast delivery platform to share information with subscribers. MsgClub is offering SMPP services to all other aggregators and big clients. But before moving on its features and advantages know what is SMPP?

SMPP is an industry protocol that is highly used by aggregators for exchanging SMS messages between different entities. In the terminology of short message peer-to-peer there are two types of entities defined:

1. SMSC (short message service center)

2. ESME (external short messaging entity)

In simple terms, an SMSC manages all text messages for a carrier operator network to deliver messages on mobile numbers. An ESME is another entity that wants to exchange texts with these mobile subscribers. In other words, it is the service that sends & receive SMS at the same time. These services are also known as Value-added services (VAS).

Our experienced team members have designed the SMPP Server panel that facilitates the exchange to text SMS over the stand TCP/IP protocol. Our SMPP solutions are designed to be fast and efficient to facilitate high volume of SMS marketing campaigns in a short duration.

However, businesses have various types of methods but business individuals prefer SMPP for the following reasons:

SMPP is quick- SMPP connections ensure guaranteed delivery of messages without failure. SMPP remain constantly while connected with the server it means it does not require validating username and password to send messages through SMPP gateway.      

High throughput- Other messaging solutions don’t provide you delivery up to 100 messages/second. On the other hand, SMPP can send up to 200-400 messages per second.

Less downtime- While other systems have greater downtime. SMPP gateway downtime reduces to only 1% that is very low. Thus, marketers need not have to face downtime server or constant message failures.

SMPP is reliable- The important problem businesses face during mobile marketing is messages remain undelivered to the recipient or get failed.  Such issues will not arise if you start integrating SMPP services into your system.

Support business campaign- Through, SMPP million of messages can be sent successfully in a single day. With our forms of communication, it is not possible to share information without errors. Hence, it completely supports the bulk SMS campaign held by startups, enterprises to promote their brand.

We’re proud to become reliable SMPP server provider in India by offering unique solutions to our clients. We have a team of experts who are available anytime to resolve your queries and issues.

For more information and SMPP packages give a call to our leader on 8349217770.

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